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Fantasy [Isekai Hell] It's only an Escort Quest


Sona Radar

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This RP is part of Isekai Hell, details and lore can be found in the attached links.
(I would request that you ask before joining at this point as it is leaving the beginning and there is already more people than I expected lol, but if interested then feel free to ask)

The plot of this RP will take place in Ryke and involve a 'simple enough' delivery from the City of Azuran to Sootspire Village in order to transport some goods and items, as Milky Teuford (a non-combat worthy individual) is helping oversee the delivery since she was interested in going to Sootspire Village anyway. Tachanka is essentially a bodyguard for her, but Milky doesn't entirely trust that Tachanka can handle everything and be safe so she wants assistance in making sure that nothing goes bad. Especially since there isn't really a budget to fail losing said items.
This will be a simple RP that will last about a month in length that will be primarily character interactions and some combat (because foreshadowing can sometimes be relatively obvious), but if there's suitable placement I'll look for any places to maybe hint at skills people have just to offer some more options. Focused and intended for F and E Grade characters. This is my first narrated RP so bit of a learning experience:specialeyes:
(4 Day posting rotation so looking for posts once every four days, but feel free to message PM or on Discord if missing a post/backing out)

Location: The Gates at the City of Azuran.
Milky Teuford has created and placed around fliers to ask for help, having a little she could pay for the assistance of those willing to come along for the trip although hoping that there would be some do-gooders willing to help out of the goodness of their hearts. She disclosed the time of which they would wait for arrivals and how long they would wait for anyone wanting to come along before they went off.

Character Sheet
(Tachanka Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Canine)
(Milky Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Furpent)

TLDR: Anyone can show up from the fliers that were put up to ask for assistance with the little delivery, mostly hoping anyone would want to travel in the same direction or out of the goodness of their hearts. They have money to pay for a little fee, but not much. Will probably take leave in the next/second next post when people have shown up whether or not people will do introductory meeting, but it's possible and probable to start walking and conversing along the way until something probably happens.

Tachanka was silently pacing back and forth before looking to the cart of different supplies and pieces of things that was now within their care, a four-wheeled wooden cart with only some metal components in order to assure its continued functionality. Their only method of making it move was simply pulling by hand, although Tachanka was fully capable of doing so the entire trip if required despite what annoyance it might prove. It wasn't entirely difficult and Milky still had a functional pair of hands and arguably more than a pair of legs to help pull when she wasn't doing anything else.

"I would've expected I could have handled the problem part of this myself, do you just not trust I can do it?" Tachanka asked as she raised an eyebrow at the very noticeable serpent who was checking that everything was safely in the cart and strapped down where needed be. She wasn't opposed to assistance at all but was pressing the opposite onto the companion she found herself with just to pass time time.

"Extra help doesn't hurt at all, and it might just benefit all of us. Besides, you don't want to be here bored with just me while we go from one place to another. You'll do good having friends to be around!" Milky smiled as she was finishing up on her own little checks, seeing that such a suggestion had struck a nerve within the other woman which only made said fluffy snake laugh at the reaction.
"I'm only joking, if you have nothing to learn from others then I'm sure that they can learn a lot from you" Milky continued, although she knew that Tachanka could use the training rather than believing in the strength of her own pride that overestimated her capabilities. That, and knowing new faces is just helpful for the future when it comes to looking for names that one knows has helpful talents. Milky was also banking on the hope that there might be anyone else who was interested in travelling in the same direction as it was not an order of hers or one of the talented artisans she worked with but much rather a requested order. Much details on the matter wasn't disclosed, but she knew where she was taking it and who she had to take it to but only needed the assistance to actually reach Sootspire Village.

The rest of the city was echoing with its normal noise of bustling and business that was going on but for being next to the gates, such noise was one-sided in the ears as in a way the peace of the country of Ryke was audible in its contrasting silence. Tachanka wasn't a fan of the city and was looking to just get out to walking once available, hoping to enjoy the time she got away from the peace of Milky's own matters just to take something as simple as a walk even if it was for business reasons. Hopefully someone who came along could make an entertaining enough person to poke at out of boredom since Milky was no fun to tease and do so with. That, and she just didn't want to do such to the furpent.
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Griffin roamed through the streets of Ryke. He had his wings folded behind his back since he felt no need to have them open. He would only need them to spread if he was using [Flight], which he hadn't been doing. It was a peaceful day in the country of Ryke. He had been visiting for no particular purpose other than another attempt to find his place in this world, a goal that left him exploring the new strange world. He found himself with only an inkling of how he had died originally. The memory was vague but he still remembered what his condition was. Such a thing wouldn't be too far-fetched. He had his bow, his arrows. He at least knew how to fight a little bit if he needed to. While he roamed the streets, however, he had found some fliers reading them about how someone was looking for assistance with an escort. He stood there for a moment examining the flier, holding it with his gloved hands. He thought about if he should help, it wouldn't be out of the way considering he didn't have much of a destination at the moment and was exploring constantly. They could probably use someone who could target any possible attackers from a distance, so he wouldn't be the most useless person if he helped. It definitely wouldn't hurt if he had assisted. Maybe he could probably use it as a chance to make new friends too or try. He doesn't recall having many close connections in his previous life. After a few minutes of contemplation, he had decided he would help. He met up at the location that the fliers specified location. When he had reached there, he saw two people. One was a woman with purple hair who looked like some sort of canine beast. Her companion seemed to be a fluffly looking snake beast. He walks up to them and asks, holding up the flier.

"My name's Griffin. I saw this flier. Are you guys the ones asking for help with an escort?"


Nox adjusted her gear and made sure her sword was cleaned and ready as she prepared to embark on the escort mission. The city of Azuran bustled with activity, and the Guild Hall's quest board had offered a timely distraction. With her party temporarily disbanded due to complications, taking on an escort mission seemed like a productive way to spend her time and further her guild ranking.

The morning sunlight streamed through the windows of the Guild Hall as she reviewed the details of the mission once more. The client needed safe passage to a destination outside the city, and Nox was the right adventurer for the job. She appreciated the simplicity of escort missions; they were often straightforward compared to the enigmatic encounters she'd faced recently.
With her belongings gathered and her resolve steeled, Nox made her way to the city gate where she was to meet the client. As she walked through the bustling streets, the vibrant life of Azuran surrounded her. Merchants haggled with customers, street performers entertained passersby, and the scent of freshly baked goods wafted through the air.

Arriving at the gate, she scanned the area for any signs of the client. She hoped this mission would go smoothly and that it would provide her with a sense of accomplishment and a break from the mysteries that had consumed her adventures of late.

The Azuran city gate stood tall and imposing, its massive wooden doors flanked by a pair of stone towers. Nox arrived on time, her footsteps echoing in the courtyard as she surveyed the area. She didn't have to wait long before her gaze settled on a figure who seemed to be scanning the crowd.

Approaching the individual, Nox could see that it was a beastman of sorts. A rather odd one at that, did serpents usually have fur? It was times like these that Nox truly came to understand this world was indeed so vastly different from the one she had left behind.

Nox cleared her throat to get her attention. "Are you the one in need of an escort?" she inquired, her voice carrying an air of professionalism. "You posted a request at the Adventurers guild did you not? An escort to Soothspire."

Sona Radar Sona Radar DarkKitsune DarkKitsune

Rieger walks down the busy street, biting chunks off of an entire loaf of freshly baked bread while doing so. He had got pretty lucky, found a great deal on bread, and ya know ya gotta have an entire loaf of bread while in a midevil fantasy setting, everybody knows that. Anyway, the main reason he was walking down this road was for a quest, one of those classic escort missions, though probably less annoying, in his opinion, everything was less annoying when it was real, well not everything but... you get it.

This was the street the listing said it would be on so... ah, yep there's the gate. Near it where the obvious escorties, you could tell by the cart, beast lady, and what appeared to be a ferret-centaur lady, ferretaur? Whatever. Walking up, Rieger makes himself known.

"Hey! I'm assuming your the ones with that escort quest right?" he points in their general direction, "If you couldn't guess by the fact I'm asking, I have come to assist in said quest, and take you all the way down," he pauses, "To Chimney Villiage!" He finishes, misnaming the village, half eaten bread in hand.
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Hi to those who have chosen to join, there's still open opportunity for anyone whose yet to come along.

Character Sheet
(Tachanka Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Canine)
(Milky Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Furpent)


The two awaited for the first of those who had shown interest in coming along on the trip. Noticing the flier in Griffin's hold being one of her own, Milky smiled in delight as she chose to introduce herself to their new companion. Tachanka chose to just let the serpentine woman do her own friendly thing.
"Ah, yes. Hello there, it's a pleasure to meet you. It's nice to see a friendly face who saw the offer and chose to come along. Please, you can call me Milky, and this girl here is Tachanka. She'll also be supporting this trip and is coming with me" Milky greeted as she gestured to Tachanka who was already quite willing to leave and head off. She simply tried not to pay as much mind to those who came to offer their support.

"Don't worry about her, you'll get on just fine" Milky answered in a quieter tone as her focus turned to Nox who had also shown up to lend aid. Clearly, the simple tactic of just fliers that ask for kind support was both cheap and effective.
"Ah, yes. That would be us. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Two people is still more than I was expecting, so it's great to have you along. We'll just wait a minute since we pushed it a little getting here and getting ready, but the trip shouldn't be so hard" Milky spoke in a chipper tone as another individual looking to come along had made themselves known.

Truthfully speaking, Milky wasn't sure whether he was a jokester or a little confused on his introduction, but had to speak up when Tachanka spoke before her about it.
"I don't think that's it. You probably have us confused with someone else" Tachanka answered with a slight smug smirk, Milky giving a small stare in her direction at the teasing canid woman.
"Don't worry, she's just kidding. I think you might mean Sootspire Village, of which since now there's a few of you here and I wouldn't want to leave anyone who got the message but was running late to wonder where we're gone-" Milky began as she started to reintroduce and to ask a little about her new companions.

"So. hello to all of you, thank you all for coming. For those who I haven't said or do not know, I am Milky Teuford. This delightful girl who is accompanying me is Tachanka. We'll be doing just a little simple transportation of a cart of things from one place to another. We might have to make a little camping trip at some point depending on our pace, but it shouldn't be too bad. Unfortunately, something to draw the cart is not within budget, and neither is losing these things, so we'll maybe need help pulling for anyone whose willing to take turne- and to make sure nothing nasty shows up or spoils our mood along the way. I've heard of some not nice things on this route, but with a band of capable people there shouldn't be any trouble!" Milky beamed with positivity as she stayed optimistic.

"So, while we're here, do any of you care to introduce yourselves, maybe you've met before and it's a small world? Maybe see if anyone has any common interests so everyone can get along on the road? I mean- I'm always looking for people to learn from and possibly have future cooperation with if our interests align" she laughed softly, glancing to Tachanka wanting her to feel the same, but the latter in question held her tongue for the moment.​
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OOC: mentioned a few folks that told me they were interested in joining. one of them specifically told me they are going to ER and couldn't post today though ^^;
TLDR: approached the group with a hello and offered to accompany them for safety and business.
Post Listening:

Malik Seraphim
Against the soft background, a figure stood tall and impressive. Malik Seraphim, with his ash-gray skin that gleamed subtly in the sunlight, looked every bit a person of both grace and influence. His tall, athletic frame was accentuated by the fine, tailor-made suit he wore, which hinted at Fae magic and the embrace of nature. The suit was punctuated with a short dark cap that hung off the back, flitting gently in the breeze.

The striking feature about Malik was his eyes, which were a violet color, yet seemed to hold a depth of emotion, an intriguing juxtaposition of fierce determination and vulnerable curiosity. It was evident that he carried a legacy, a mix of the mysterious fae world and the tangible human one. The long silver hair that cascaded down about his shoulders gave off a sheen, making him seem ethereal.

He approached the group that was preparing for a journey, his steps confident but non-threatening. As he neared, Malik offered them a polite nod, "Greetings, travelers. I too am overseeing a transport from the city to a nearby village. Sootspire happens to be on my route. Perhaps, traveling together would not only ensure safety but might also present a beneficial business opportunity."

As he spoke, the emblem of the Silver Star Trading Company subtly shimmered on his attire, a silent testament to his affiliation. The company was known for its various interests across Ryke, and Malik's association with them spoke of his business acumen.

His fingers subtly twitched, revealing the violet crystal catalyst he held. It was shaped like a flower, a symbol of growth and transformation. As the group conversed, he utilized his skills and murmured in ancient fae, manipulating light and shadow around him, creating a serene ambiance as well as cozy atmosphere that would make travel comfortable for himself. (control environment f + focus f + energize f)
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Griffin had found Tachanka's and Milky's dynamics interesting. To him they seemed like close friends, though he wouldn't know if he was accurate or not. More people showed up, which from what he saw and heard, two were humans and, from the adventurer's guild, the other was a fae merchant. Griffin wasn't a merchant or a part of the adventurers' guild. As unfortunate as that was, he was intrigued by the guild. He would probably try to join if he had the courage, but as of the moment he didn't feel he was remotely ready, he was still learning how to fight with a bow and he didn't know how to mix his affinity with his technique yet. He figured he would be better off at making sure he was decent before trying. He had a lot to improve on and learn. Griffin hadn't known or met these people. So, as Milky requested, Griffin introduced himself.

"Greetings, my name is Griffin. I'm not part of the adventurers guild or a merchant, but I'm okay with a bow. Nice to meet everyone!"​

  • Bonnie Blaze
    Offworlder, Fae [Mundane], Tinkerer Apprentice, Gunslinger, Attentive Student F

    Bonnie Blaze, wearing her wide-brimmed hat and an air of confidence, sauntered up to the group gathered at the Gates of the City of Azuran. Her fiery spirit matched her determination to secure this job.

    "Listen up, folks." Bonnie drawled in her thick western outlaw accent. She didn't waste any time with pleasantries. "Name's Bonnie Blaze, adventurer, and mercenary. I heard you lot are lookin' for some help on a delivery to Sootspire Village. Well, I reckon I'm just the gal you need."

    She leaned in a bit closer, squinting at the fliers she'd seen earlier. "Now, I ain't much for readin' these fancy pieces of paper, but I caught wind that there's a bit of coin involved. And I'm always up for some easy money, especially if it means keepin' things safe for the likes of Milky Teuford here."

    Bonnie straightened up, looking at Milky with a smirk. "No offense, Milky, but I reckon a gal like me can handle things if they get rough. Ain't nothin' gonna go bad on my watch."

    She adjusted her hat and crossed her arms, a confident glint in her eyes. "So, what's the plan, folks? When do we get this show on the road?"
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Wow, talk about a party, there were like thirty people here for a meer escort quest; they were about to escort so hard. Taking another bite of the bread in his hand, he turns to the newcomers, swallows, and introduces himself.

"Names' Rieger Tread, an adventurer for the Adventurers Guild, and professional amateur bug exterminator to be. I'm also half-decent at punching things, nice to meet ya all!"

Looking around, Rieger actually starts to take note of those joining him on this quest. We got some kinda chimera guy named Griffin, he can sorta see the resemblance. then we got... ah! the guy from the village! Purple guy, who just did something or the other that made the lighting look weird, classic magic guy stuff. We got a... lady; and then gun lady, how did she get a gun? Dunno. Didn't even know gunpowder was a thing, probably should've asked god more questions, whatever. Rieger begins walking towards Malik.

"Hey, man! Did I ever get your name? How's the," he pauses, "Trading company? Ya doing any good business or whatever?"

Nox watched as more people appeared and offered their assistance on the escort mission. It was a diverse group, each member bringing their own unique skills and presence to the table. However, it was Bonnie Blaze who caught Nox's attention the most. Bonnie Blaze stood out not only because of her distinctive appearance and mannerisms but also because of the way she wielded a rifle that seemed oddly familiar to Nox. It was a style reminiscent of weapons she had encountered in tales from her past life, those used in the Wild West of another world. Nox's curiosity was piqued, and she wondered if Bonnie Blaze was, like herself, a person from another world.

Nox decided to use her Appraisal skill, a subtle and discreet way to gather information about a person's background and abilities. She focused her gaze on Bonnie Blaze, her eyes narrowing slightly as she concentrated. This skill allowed her to gain insights into a person's true nature, including any hidden abilities or origins. As she observed Bonnie Blaze, Nox hoped to uncover whether the woman shared a similar mysterious background, one that transcended the boundaries of their current world. The escort mission was already proving to be more complex than anticipated, and any additional information about their newfound allies could prove valuable in the challenges that lay ahead.

Malik, the purple Fae, indeed piqued Nox's interest as well. His intention to join the convoy and his control over the environment around him were undeniably unique. Nox had encountered various magical abilities during her adventures, but Malik's seemed to be of a different caliber.

As she observed the subtle shifts in the surroundings caused by Malik's presence, Nox couldn't help but reflect on the diverse and enigmatic abilities that existed in this world. It was a reminder that they were not alone in their journey and that there were individuals with powers and skills beyond the ordinary.

Nox, always curious and eager to learn, made a mental note to keep a watchful eye on Malik throughout the journey. His abilities could potentially prove invaluable in navigating the challenges that lay ahead, and understanding the extent of his powers might provide valuable insights into their new companion's capabilities.

With her heightened awareness and a sense of anticipation, Nox remained open to the mysteries and surprises that their escort mission would undoubtedly bring.

Actions 1/3

1. Appraisal F on Bonnie Blaze

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Model ST3-LL4
[Construct], [Android], [Ryken Adventurer E]
Mentions: Malik ( Novama Novama ), Rieger ( Voiremine Voiremine )


Stella arrives late to the party, introduces herself, and explains she was tasked with keeping an eye on Rieger. She then notices Malik and waves at him sheepishly.

Stella arrived at the meeting spot somewhat late due to having to sign some paperwork at the Adventurer’s Guild. Apparently, some of the higher-ups at the Guild had heard of her recent exploits and had offered her a promotion.

Of course, that was just the tall tale they offered her when she reported back. She knew as much as they did that the mission she'd just returned from was executed so sloppily that no one in their right mind would praise her for it, even if it was technically a success for the time being. The more likely explanation as to why Stella was being rewarded was made pretty clear by the first mission assigned to her as an E-rank Adventurer:

"Watch over that new recruit you brought over the other day. He shows great potential."

They could have at least dropped a "congratulations".

Regardless, there she was, approaching the crew that was overseeing the escort mission Rieger was meant to be participating in. The first thing she noticed about this ragtag group was the sheer amount of people in the vicinity. Muttering to herself and sinking her shoulders, she said, "Surely not everyone here is planning on escorting one lady, right?"

Stella let out an exasperated sigh as she approached the party. "Hopefully this means this'll be over quicker," she thought.

The sound of iron clanking against the ground beneath her announced Stella's arrival, and as she stepped within earshot of the group, she waved in their general direction and forced a smile. Promptly, her brain loaded the cookie-cutter introduction she'd programmed in advance.

"Hi, everyone! It's nice to finally meet you! I'm a patchwork Android working for the Adventurer’s Guild. My serial code is ST3-LL4, but you can all call me Stella, because I'm aware that's a mouthful." She faked a giggle as she said this, thinking it'd sell her facade of enthusiasm better. "My prime directive right now—or, y'know, my assigned task—is to watch over and evaluate the performance of my junior here."

As Stella said this, she placed a hand on Rieger's shoulder. She finished by tacking on, "I hope we can all get along and this mission goes as smoothly as I expect it to."

It wasn’t until her introduction program was completed that she noticed another familiar face in the crowd: Malik. To be honest, Stella wasn't sure how to feel about this person, but she was aware of how skilled he was. For what it was worth, she knew she would probably not be alive if not for his intervention in the previous mission... at least, not "alive" in the sense she'd rather be in. What she felt when beholding him was a strange blend of embarrassment and gratitude.

With her free hand, she waved again, this time in Malik's direction specifically, and the confidence in her demeanor had all but faded, leaving behind an awkward, sheepish mess of a greeting.
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Okay a lot more than I was expecting tbh but it's good, we'll try to start getting things moving forward and leaving the city into the countryside so any conversations or such aren't broke.
TLDR: We're just going from Azuran to the outside, stretch your leggies and get used to your new very green surroundings for the time being


Character Sheet
(Tachanka Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Canine)
(Milky Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Furpent)

To both of the beast women that were awaiting the last arrivals to their mission, there was definitely a lot more faces than expected for merely a little escort trip from one point to another. Milky pondered on the fact that she should perhaps seek voluntary support more often for it had a more successful turnout than she would've believed. Tachanka was mildly annoyed by how many had shown up, but it hopefully meant that by sheer quantity alone nobody or any thing would bother to waste their time attacking a sizeable group of people just for whatever meaningless crafts and building pieces they were toting around in their cart.

Malik, Bonnie and then Stella had all proceeded to arrive for their own different reasons in which Milky was greatly surprised to find that Bonnie was the only one who had come along due to the mention of coin being offered.
"Ah yes, thank you all for coming too. It's so nice to see how many of you are willing to show up for such a small chore. Clearly, this shouldn't be a problem at all~!" Milky chimed softly as she looked to Malik and took notice of his emblem adornment. Truly, someone of similar interests had indeed shown up that may offer an opportunity for future cooperation. With two others seeming to have knowledge of meeting him before judging from their reactions, she hoped that those positive past interactions would speak of their capabilities to her. She was also glad to hear that Rieger had a partner to assist them for the trip, since his inability to recall the correct destination name with such admirable confidence was not entirely reassuring.

"I admire your confidence in your own right and resolve, Miss Bonnie, but everyone should also be very capable too and that we might all learn a little bit about ourselves from eachother on this trip. We will discuss little payment matters afterwards if you are interested in so" Milky responded to Bonnie as Tachanka silently eyed the western lady. As for Nox's own appraisal of her, some of what was discernible was very much predictable just by looking at her alone. Although, it could be appraised that she was fae. As for her origin, it was noticeable to Nox that they were of Otherworlder status. Any further details about them are entirely too unclear.

"As for your question on when we'll be heading off, we were just waiting on last stragglers so nobody was left behind. Now that's sorted, we can officially start heading off! We'll never get there having a nice discussion all day" Milky commented as she turned to the cart, meeting Tachanka's gaze in silent request that she begin helping with it. The canid girl simply walked over with reluctance, but not before purposefully tapping Griffin's shoulder for attention.
"Eh, atleast you don't go around with the flashy stuff, pride and duds everyone else is showing up in. The businessy and stuffy professionalism is dull anyway. You're arguably the only normal one here" Tachanka speaks to Griffin as she goes over to help pull the cart with Milky since it was their entire trip to begin with.

Considering they were awaiting next to the gates to make their undelayed leave when ready, it wouldn't take long for them to start leaving the realm of townscape into the more peaceful surroundings of the outdoor countryside. The clear visibility of many others having travelled the same pathway time and time again was visible with the worn dirt road and the cleared paths through peaceful areas of trees.

Milky wasn't wholly fond of the menial travel work, but knew it had to be done. She was atleast comforted by the amount of support they had. Tachanka on the other hand was relieved that she had the time to stretch her legs and enjoy peace in the country, albeit more surrounding strangers than she would have liked.

Milky decided to give some words of reminder to enlighten those who had chose to come whether or not they would be aware of such things.
"So, while we may not see any thinking to come our way this close to Azuran but that does not mean we shouldn't consider the unlikely. I have heard small rumour of such bandits on this route, and I would like to believe that with the power of teamwork and all we have, we should not be affected by said troubles whatsoever. On the other hand, I spoke this but only before all of us were present, but considering the travel time and because I must burden the rest of you with how I am not exactly fit for this kind of long-distance, we will likely take a little break of sorts at aome point. Perhaps one or so people are knowledgeable in camping or outdoorsy affairs for in case it becomes an overnight camping trip" Milky says as she nervously giggles that she might be in her own way a hinderance to the trip.

"It'll be fine. Besides, I think that it'd be more important to think who'd have the highest bodycount of problems dealt with if anything did happen" Tachanka smirked with a small hum as Milky glared at her for such thoughts as they both pulled the cart along.
"Tachanka, you shouldn't joke on such things" Milky spoke in a disappointed tone as Tachanka just looked back at her in confusion.
"Joke? What joke?".
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More people showed up and it was no surprise one of them was
from the adventurers guild. Griffin didn't mind it at all. This really meant most of the group had at least an ounce of experience, which was a good thing if the worst did happen. Griffin counted all the people who would be involved in the escort as a whole. There were two merchants, three adventurer guild members, a body guard and a bounty hunter, an interesting group that might just be effective or so Griffin could hope. Everyone seemed to have some sort of motive for joining, at least from money, to answering a request from the adventurers' guild or a possible business opportunity between merchants. All he could hope was that they worked together half decently and made a good enough team to make it to the destination, which he had hopes, considering Stella and Rieger seemed to have a good history with Malik or it seemed such from the way they spoke. Griffin didn't know what to think of Stella or Nox. Nox was silent and currently she seemed to have taken an interest in both Malik and Bonnie, or at least that was what he was able to deduce from her gazes on the two. Stella, on the one hand, had to do with the fact she's a [construct] he doesn't hate [constructs]. He's one himself. But he does actively try to hide that fact, but that was more personal-as something about the fact that he's a dead sixteen-year-old stuck in a beastman-looking artificial vessel seemed a little bit...it was just a him thing basically. His main concern with Stella was worrying that she would notice. He sure hoped not. He prefers it being hidden. That's why and the others would be capable of discovering it as well. Anyway, he would need to be careful. As they moved to the gate he listened intently as Milky explained the rumors about bandits and if that was their biggest issue he was relieved, but anything could happen. He held his bow in his right hand, then proceeded to use his left to pull out an arrow from his cape. It was nothing but a tiny bit of a prep. It would save a few seconds if they were to get jumped as he would have the arrow in hand ready to shoot. So for now, he fiddled with it. His left hand was twirling it at waist level as Tachanka made her 'joke' about killing people. He would, if it came down to it, but he would prefer not to shoot to kill, he would rather immobilize the attackers by shooting them in the thigh.

"Wouldn't killing be too much? I mean if they are bandits and not monsters."​
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OOC: Malik is prepared for travel
Cooldown: B 4/4 until spell is dispelled
TLDR: Malik would politely greet everyone in the group and then spend time with Rieger and Stella, whom he knew from prior engagement. For peace of mind, Malik would cast another magic to scan the area for the rest of the day.
Post Listening:

Malik Seraphim
Malik, with the courteous demeanor of a seasoned diplomat, extended his pleasantries and professional greetings to the new members of the party, having already introduced himself to the host. His eyes, glistening with anticipation, radiated a warmth and contentment as he learned he would traverse the lands with this diverse group. His tall stature and delicate frame gracefully moved amongst the gathered, radiating an aura of welcoming warmth.

He found familiar comfort in the presence of Rieger and Stella, remnants of a shared past where they united their strengths to liberate the village of Kael from a plague of madness-inducing black bugs. He reintroduced himself to Rieger with a gentle smile, recounting their shared ventures and elucidating his role as a low-level business associate with the Silver Star Trading Company, a beacon of enterprise in Ryke.

“Greetings again, Rieger," he spoke, his voice like a gentle stream caressing the stones of its bed. "I’m Malik Seraphim, a humble associate of the Silver Star Trading Company, bringing solutions and opportunities both here and abroad." Listening to Milky, he would want to keep the ability to travel and talk leisurely, so he pardoned himself briefly "Sorry, could you give me a moment. I wish to ensure our safe travels."

As Malik spoke he held his pink, crystal catalyst out before himself in an open palm. He would focus and recite ancient phrases in fae that sounded like a song but were too incoherent to discern any meaning in the words. The crystal would react by glowing brighter as streams of pink energy flowed into the catalyst before rapidly expanding outward in all directions. The wave would only be felt by those particularly magic sensitive and it was invisible to the normal eye.

With his spell active, he would remain aware of all creatures within the area of his spell all day as they traveled. He would keep his focus on hand, but remove it from sight so he may continue conversing with his new and old allies.

Fae Perception (Flux) - B(F) - 4 cooldown
Magic B(F), Appraisal F, Non-lethal F, Duration F(E) 1 day, AoE(D) 500ft radius, Focus F, Insight F
Allows Malik to spread a light layer of his magic in a 500ft radius around himself at all times. Any creatures that enter the area from bugs to enemies and more will be made aware to Malik. If the grade of the creature is low enough, Malik will also be made aware of the details of the creature as well as its intentions toward Malik and the party.
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  • Bonnie Blaze
    Offworlder, Fae [Mundane], Tinkerer Apprentice, Gunslinger, Attentive Student F

    Bonnie Blaze couldn't help but observe the motley crew that had gathered for this escort mission, each member bringing their own unique quirks and abilities to the table. She took note of Rieger's enthusiastic introduction, appreciating his energy. Nox's curious gaze earned her a brief stink eye, but Bonnie decided to let her be for now. Stella's android persona struck her as strange, particularly the way she spoke, but Bonnie held her tongue. Tachanka's silent, disapproving stares left Bonnie puzzled, but she opted not to engage for the moment.

    As for Malik, the elegant man with his magical abilities intrigued her. Bonnie contemplated whether magic might have some use in improving her guns and ammunition, a thought that lingered as they prepared to depart.

    When the discussion turned to bandits, Bonnie's straightforward nature couldn't stay silent. With a touch of rudeness, she offered her opinion. "Well, darlin', once you choose the life of a bandit, you best be prepared to dance with death. Outlawin' ain't no game. Tachanka's got a point there."

    Bonnie continued to tinker with her ammunition, assembling and fine-tuning it, ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. With her wide-brimmed hat casting a shadow over her eyes, she was prepared for the journey, even if the company was a bit peculiar.

Eila Farland

In the city square the sun seemed to be cheerful and joyous. Not hot and angry, but just right for activities of daily life and cool enough to keep on going. The citizens of Azuran were diverse and some Eila had never seen before. Her parents didn’t exactly have a ton of money, so they didn’t see much of the world except where they live. They saved up enough to surprise Eila to go out on a journey and explore what they couldn’t do.

She did have strange dreams sometimes, like she was in another world...

A voice spoke gently and clear.
Do not cling to the past but to the present and future.

Eila spotted a certain paper caught in the gentle breeze, as if trying to lift itself off its post. Delicate hands picked up a flier from a cork board as a pair of earthy brown eyes quickly skimmed its contents, noting the location: The Gates of Azuran City. An escort request protecting merchandise over to Sootspire.
Placing an index finger close to her mouth, seems relatively easy enough.

Time of the essence twinged in her belly. Taking haste she placed the flier in her book, picked up her walking staff and ran towards the gates.


Eila nearly collapsed as she reached the party getting ready to head out with the cart. Dropping her walking stick, her rose hair shimmered with golden streams over her shoulders as she bent down, hands on her knees to catch her breath.
I… made… it!” Her voice quiet and breathless. She decided to wait a moment and try again. Taking in the moment, she observed the good sized party with many differences in appearance. Some even statuesque and beast-like! For a moment she stared at them like she didn’t know what to do, wasn’t this an appropriate band of protection already? What if they didn’t need her?

Ignoring her inner fears… or was it procrastination? No matter, she was ready to go with them.

Hello everyone! My name is Eila Farland. It’s nice to meet you all.” Smiling her best her eyes sparkled with anticipation to meet everyone and hopeful to make new friends along the way.
Model ST3-LL4
[Construct], [Android], [Ryken Adventurer E]
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Stella gives Malik some space so he could cast his spell. She overhears Tachanka joking about a "body count", notices Griffin looking at her warily, and greets Eila.

Stella couldn't help but crack a smile as Malik introduced himself to Rieger again. She wasn't sure if they'd exchanged introductions properly before, but she had to admit it would have been pretty funny if they had. In spite of his fighting prowess, Rieger didn't really give off the most dependable of vibes to Stella.

On second thought, that could very well be her jealous side thinking, who knows?

Malik excused himself to cast some kind of spell using the magical catalyst in his possession. Stella couldn't begin to understand what he was trying to do or how he meant to do it—the very existence of Magic was such an enigma to her that she'd all but given up on trying to make heads or tails of it. Whatever Malik was doing, Stella had a hunch he wasn't exaggerating when he said it "would ensure their safe travels". If he could remove a curse that should have permanently reprogrammed her operating system, she might as well assume he could do pretty much anything.

The group continued their hike, and Stella took the time to size up a couple of the members of the party she found the most interesting. One of them, Griffin, had the appearance of a young man with a large pair of bird wings, as well as talons and a lion's tail. Stella noticed him looking her way, but she couldn't exactly make out why. She chose not to call him out on it, as it's not like she, with her green "skin" and metal joints, blended in with the colorful cast any better than he did.

What did elicit a reaction from Stella, however subtle, was Tachanka's comment about a "bodycount of problems". She couldn't help but wince in response and look down at the palm of her hand. She hoped things wouldn't have to come to bloodshed, for she knew that should she find herself forced to swing her fists, she wouldn't be able to hold back regardless of how hard she tried.

As if on cue, another new face introduced herself to the group: an exhausted young lady named Eila Farland. Stella winced at the sight of this person panting and gripping her knees as she struggled to catch her breath. It wasn't like she could relate, as she'd been [Resilient] to Fatigue for as long as she could remember. That being said, as someone who was rather slow on her "feet" and often arrived late to meetings, Stella felt a sense of [Empathy F] for Eila. She bent over, picked up Eila's walking stick with her left hand, and offered her right for a handshake. Addressing the young lady, she said, "Nice to meet you, Eila. My name's Stella; welcome aboard."

Yeah, nice guy that Malik... Seraphim? Like the angel? Cool. Oh, and look he's doing an iconic magic thing, very cool. Rieger follows along on the travel, walking absent-mindedly, and finally finishes his bread. Oh, are we talking about murder now? Right, bandits, hmmm, yes he would have to agree with the lady with the conveniently alliterated name, those bandit guys sorta chose to risk their lives doing this stuff; ignoring tragic backstories, the guys basically walked up to the tutorial mob offices, and asked for a job as fodder. With the the way this world works, he was fairly certain you could quite literally do anything if you put your mind to it, guess they just didn't think about that.

Oh, new person! Generic girl template B, pretty cool. She seems real exhausted, plus she has a staff, probably a wizard. Rieger went to the girl with Stella, introducing himself.

"Hey hey, you're late! Pretty relatable. The names Rieger, I'm an adventurer and stuff, who woulda guessed?" he pauses "Ya look like you tried beating a light beam to its destination."
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Character Sheet
(Tachanka Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Canine)
(Milky Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Furpent)

Milky saw that they were joined by another in their large group of diverse specimens, giggling softly to herself at the thought of how powerful her mere cheap advertisements were that there were still stragglers showing up.
"Well it's very much nice to meet you, but I hope you're still capable of walking for the rest of the trip and that you didn't burn out getting here" the white furpent smiled warmly as Tachanka chose not to comment on the lateness of Eila as she turned her attention to hearing the contrasting takes on taking the lives of bandits that might become an obstacle.
"That's exactly what I mean, without the over-the-top accent obviously. It's one of the occupational hazards of the job as the walking carpet says" Tachanka says as Milky eyes her disapprovingly over the snarky nickname.
"Killing- well it's not necessary by any means, but it's their responsibility to run away with their lives and give up. If they intentionally try to take you with them, it's just self-defence by that point. Ergo, kill or be killed. Unless nobody is being killed in the end, then... " Tachanka muttered as she pondered on the phrase, before beginning to lose what point she was coming to and giving up on it. Milky just believed that things should be fine for a while as they still had much ground to cover.

After some time of travel, Malik's use of his own magic to detect other presences in the area was met with the meaningless presence of little bug life that lived in Ryke's forest as well as the presence of a group of what was recognisable as some lowly bandit thugs had intent of intervening and stopping the transport due to their 'potential big loot'. They likely correlated such a travel party to a major haul, of which in their greed they seemed interested in risking it for the potential gain. However, such a matter may have had to wait whether or not he had an answer or wanted to bring it up since something else had decided to appear in their path after a while that his magic would also alert him to. On the other hand, it was noticeable by anyone.

Milky silently urged Tachanka to slow with the cart as she looked to the left of the road they were travelling, where just ahead of them was a group of multiple large wild boar who were attracted to dropped food product that seemed very much abandoned. A crate and a sack of old fruit and vegetables had lured a family of 4 large wild boar, all around 3'3" tall except for one: a male who was abnormally larger standing at around 3'8". They were also accompanied by 6 little young, of which made Milky smile at first at the family of chonkers before her nervousness skyrocketed.
"What? It's just pigs" Tachanka asked once she noticed her expression.
"Shh, please stop everyone. I'd like to not make this a problem if we have to, but... " Milky murmured as the sight of a group of amused goblins edged one another to go and try to poke the creatures with shoddy spears that looked easily breakable and stolen daggers to steal the food from under their noses once provoked. It would have been easier said than done, but she didn't want to get into fights with the wildlife itself if there was a misunderstanding.

Apart from the little display of a ridiculous tactic of distraction on an unintelligent animal family in front of them, there was visibly another small goblin group ahead of them distracted by a disturbance in the local forest. Somehow none of them were alerted to the group stopped to witness the sight.
Milky was entirely apprehensive to do anything, having hoped that things could've been much simpler.
"If anyone has a smart idea, I would be inclined to hear it out... " Milky asked to the more combat-capable of the group. Tachanka sighed and rolled her eyes.
"You're just being all feely for the animals" Tachanka murmured as she looked to the party.
"Hey, it's just a little goblins in the road. If you can deal with that, Teuford'll probably want to do her little paranoid supply check while we're not moving so, I'll keep an eye on her fluffy hind" Tachanka commented as she was noticing Milky already wanting to distract herself with something else other than violence.

Being rather curious, Tachanka glanced at the group.
"This is probably stupid to ask, but you guys have actually... hit anything before right? You're not all those pacifistic pansies?" she asked, her slight smug smirk as if she was teasing for people to try and show off. It was just a simple everyday obstruction, nothing more. After it was dealt with, they could so simply go back to the travelling that needed to be done.
"Think of this like, a bonding experience. Hooray, brutality" Tachanka hums softly in smugness.


As the group departed from the town and the conversation shifted to the morality of killing bandits, Nox found herself deep in thought. Her steps matched Milky's pacing, but her mind was elsewhere. The topic at hand resonated with her on a personal level, raising questions and doubts she had grappled with since her arrival in this world.

She had faced her fair share of monsters and beasts in her adventures. Dispatching them was a matter of survival, a necessity in the dangerous world she now called home. But taking the life of another sentient being, even if they were bandits, was an entirely different matter. Nox's past life, the memories and values she carried with her, made her question the morality of such actions.

Nox wasn't sure if she could kill a human or a creature that walked and talked like one. The very idea of it sent a chill down her spine. Her moral compass was still firmly rooted in her previous world, where taking a life was considered the gravest of sins. Her reluctance to harm other sentient beings was a source of both strength and vulnerability in this new world.

She mentally acknowledged Milky's preference for nonlethal approaches with a subtle nod. It was a relief to know that her employer shared a similar outlook on the matter. The idea of working alongside someone who valued life, even the lives of bandits, resonated with Nox's principles.

But there was another aspect of the conversation that tugged at her thoughts—the revelation that Bonnie, one of their companions, was also a person from another world. Nox had assumed she was alone in this regard, a lone traveler from a different reality trying to navigate the complexities of this new existence.

The realization that there were others like her raised a myriad of questions. How had they arrived in this world? Were there more individuals from different realms, each with their own unique experiences and challenges? The possibilities were endless, and Nox couldn't help but feel a sense of curiosity and intrigue.

Perhaps, in the company of Bonnie and potentially others like her, Nox would find a deeper understanding of her own situation. They could share their stories, offer insights, and provide a support system that transcended the boundaries of this unfamiliar world. It was a glimmer of hope in a world filled with mysteries and uncertainties.

As Nox continued to walk alongside Milky, she resolved to keep an open mind and remain adaptable to the ever-evolving circumstances of her new life. She might not have all the answers, but she was determined to navigate this world with integrity and compassion, regardless of the challenges it presented.

In the end, Nox's journey was not just about survival; it was about discovering her place in this extraordinary realm and forging connections with others who shared her unique journey. And as she pondered the complexities of morality and existence, she couldn't help but wonder what other surprises this world held in store for her.​

The forest road was alive with the rustling of leaves and the distant sounds of wildlife. Milky had signaled Tachanka to slow down the cart as she spotted a peculiar scene unfolding ahead. A group of wild boars had gathered around a crate and a sack of discarded food, their grunts and snorts audible from a distance. It was an unusual sight, but what caught Milky's attention more was the presence of a small group of goblins nearby.

The goblins, despite their makeshift weapons and comical attempts at provoking the boars, were still potential threats. From Nox's point of view and understanding, Milky didn't want to escalate the situation and preferred a peaceful resolution. But as the group observed the odd distraction in front of them, Milky's apprehension appeared to grow and she inquired as to any plans the group may have

Tachanka, on the other hand, had a more straightforward approach. She didn't share Milky's concerns about the goblins or the boars. To her, it was a simple obstruction, and she seemed eager to demonstrate her combat prowess. She looked at the group with a hint of smugness, daring them to show off their skills. Going as far as to taunt the group into action.

Nox, however, needed no goading. As her eyes settled on the goblins closest to the group, something inside her shifted. Her hand instinctively moved to her sword hilt, her fingers wrapping around it with a sense of purpose. Her bloodlust began to manifest, a crimson aura subtly enveloping her as her eyes glowed with an ominous red light.
[Piercing Glare F]

Her gaze pierced the goblins, and in that instant, she saw their vulnerabilities, their weaknesses, and the paths to their swift defeat. It was a predatory instinct, honed by the former owner of this body, an aspect of her vampirism no doubt and very useful in her line of work.

Before Tachanka could finish her taunt, Nox had already started moving. She stepped forward, her footfalls unhindered by the uneven terrain or the foliage that surrounded her. Her moon-blessed katana, a blade of ethereal beauty, rested in its sheath by her side.

With a single, practiced motion, Nox drew her sword, the blade singing as it left its sheath. Her movements were fluid and precise, a testament to her mastery and experience. She advanced toward the goblins, her presence commanding and unwavering.

Her voice, which had been silent until now, broke through the forest's serenity. It was a single word, a whisper carried by the wind, but it held the weight of her determination and the promise of impending action.


As the word left her lips, Nox's attack began. The katana sliced through the air with unparalleled grace and speed cutting in an almost beautiful horizontal crescent arc. But what that ability brought with it was anything but beautiful. Were it to succeed, the forest would be painted in blood and those boars too would suffer the same due to their proximity and Nox's clouded mind.
[Eclipse E]

Actions 3/3
1. Movement 20ft toward Goblins

2. [Piercing Glare] - F- [Perception F], [Intimidation F], [Sixth Sense F (Weakness Vision)] - A piercing Glare that reveals weak points and has the possibility of intimidating those it meets. 0 Turn Cooldown/1 action.
Reveals weak points for [Hotshot] and intimidates F-grade foes with narrator discretion.

3. [Eclipse] - E - [Selective] [Area 15ft], [Blight = Bleed] [Incurable] [Continuing = Bleed] [Penetrating] [Hotshot] [Penetrating E] [Accurate E] - Swinging her blade in a crescent arc Nox cuts opponents within a 15ft area in front of her dealing sudden as well as continuous bleed damage into the next turn. Wounds caused by the slash are incurable by normal means. 1 Post cooldown/1 Action.
[Moonblade Sword] D + Strength C + [Eclipse] E = 9 Combat Effectiveness +2 effectiveness from (penetrating) + 2 damage from (blight), x2 damage from (Hotshot)
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Griffin hadn't been surprised to have heard Bonnie's perspective on the killing of bandits. She was a bounty hunter after all and in a way he understood, but he also didn't. He was capable of fighting stuff like monsters without a second thought about it. Monsters were dangerous forces after all, but to willingly attack someone and possibly kill them seemed excessive to him still, yet another reminder of how different this world was from earth. A world he had still yet to find his own place in. What role was he meant to play? Griffin was currently learning archery. He was working on trying to learn magic. He had found a connection to an affinity. Did he have a role to play? A place to belong? He wondered that often and was wondering that silently as the group ventured on into the woods. He was human once, a human who lost his fight with cancer. He would have to get over it. He was no longer Aurora. but that didn't mean he didn't miss his family any less. And he would be stubborn. He would persist. There was no way [god] had put him there for nothing, right? Though...he still can't remember much of that discussion. As they walked, he looked at Eila, lifting his gloved left hand, he waved at her, still holding the arrow, giving her a silent welcome to the group. The group had quite the variety. He continued spinning the arrow until they had come across the hogs and goblins. Goblins, which just so happened to be known for violence and pillaging, if they were to get the cart safely through the forest past them, the group would have to do something about the Goblins. The hogs were less of an issue. While Tachanka made her taunt, he used his ability [Gust Cloak [F] ] to disguise any noises he would make with gusts of wind. He walks to a nearby over behind a near by tree as to not be seen. As Nox made her own advances, he already had his arrow positioned against the arrow rest and pulled back with his left hand, he held the bow with a firm enough grip with his right hand. Using the [Fighting style Wind archer [E] ] he shot five arrows aimed at five different goblins moments before Nox had said her perished line. While he had made sure she wouldn't get hit, he was still impressed by her swordsmanship. He was also concerned for her safety as he had released some arrows, so he silently hoped she didn't accidentally get in the way of the flying arrows.


SUMMARY: Griffin silently welcomes Eila into the group, he then remains lost in thought until the group comes across the goblins he shots five arrows just before Nox's [Eclipse]

Gust Cloak- Undetected[F] , Affinty Wind [F],-Grade F- 0 post cool down-
Griffin makes himself undetectable with the use of wind gusts making him temporarily undetectable by sound, -1 post duration
Fighting style [E]- Wind Archer- E - Selective + range- allows Giffin to shot regular arrows at selected targets with precision that are within range
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Cooldown: B 4/4 until spell is dispelled
TLDR: Malik visibly seems to be holding back and staying reserved. Reflects on the past with Stella and Rieger while maintaining vigilance and keeping back from the fray.
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Malik Seraphim

Malik maneuvered quietly among the party members, his mind a canvas painted with reflections and strategies. His gaze drifted towards the sudden appearance of the goblins and boars, his brow furrowing subtly. A torrent of thoughts raced through his mind, their trails laced with an undisclosed desire to keep the creatures alive. He knew of their presence early thanks to his magic, but he was not able to communicate his intentions to the party before they acted. Such was life he could think with a shrug and sigh.

Malik perceived Nox’s immediate actions against the goblins as unfortunate, a dance of blade and fate he found somewhat regrettable. However, he sealed his lips tightly, encapsulating his thoughts in a crypt of silence, a decision born from a need to conceal deeper, more intricate reflections. His eyes were keen, analytical, scanning the surroundings and members of the party, silently calculating the echoes of their actions in this intertwined reality.

With measured steps and a demeanor of casual inquiry, he approached Rieger and Stella, engaging them in hushed tones. “What are your thoughts on our current situation?” he queried. His voice carried a hint of curiosity mingled with a shade of contemplation. “I find these enemies less troubling than our previous encounters, with those dark bugs and the villagers overtaken by madness, don’t you think?” His words were a bridge, an attempt to gauge their perspectives and perhaps, find a mirror to his own sentiments.

All the while, Malik was subtly maintaining his mana flow for the spell he had conjured earlier in the day, a magical sensor that allowed him to detect creatures within a 500-foot radius. His intentions were clear to himself—while the group contended with the goblins, he didn’t want any surprise ambushes threatening their position. His stance was one of heightened alertness, body poised and senses honed to perceive the faintest of anomalies in their environment.

While maintaining his magical vigilance, Malik was also taking various precautions to minimize the chances of the enemy engaging him. While his appearance and aura stood out too much to blend with the party, he would at least not stand so forward that he risked blood splatter from whatever Nox intended, which seemed obvious.

Fae Perception (Flux) - B(F) - 4 cooldown
Magic B(F), Appraisal F, Non-lethal F, Duration F(E) 1 day, AoE(D) 500ft radius, Focus F, Insight F
Allows Malik to spread a light layer of his magic in a 500ft radius around himself at all times. Any creatures that enter the area from bugs to enemies and more will be made aware to Malik. If the grade of the creature is low enough, Malik will also be made aware of the details of the creature as well as its intentions toward Malik and the party.
Kindness returned to Stella, Reiger and Griffin. Eila keeps to herself while observing the group and happenings. Something in the forest makes Eila uneasy.

As soon as Eila’s arrival the group was finalized. She literally made it in Godspeed. Her heart felt as though it could beat through her chest.
Why am I cursed with such low speed? Then again, I have quite the knack for information and magic. I’ll take that over speed any day.
While she conversed with herself, her walking staff was given back to her as she bent over her knees. Taking the walking staff Eila peered upwards to see a girl with green… metallic-like skin, holding out her right hand and greeted her with a welcome to the group.

Thank you, Stella,” Eila’s heart and spirit lifted at the kind gesture and greeting. “I appreciate your help.”

There was also another with her. A man called Reiger who seemed to have a flare all his own. Eila couldn’t help but laugh about the “light beam” comment, not realizing the irony in his statement. Reiger was quick to point out her lateness as well as himself. Eila didn’t feel too badly as she was not the only one who was nearly left behind.

Thanks,” Eila giggled out. “You know, you’re a funny guy.

A flat voice startled Eila. There appeared beside her a furry, serpent-like creature. She had never seen anything like this one before and all she could do was stare as the creature slithered off toward others of the group. Eila was left with another stab of regret, a heavy laden heart and dampened spirit. The last thing she wanted was to be the group’s chink in the armour.


Walking through the forest, the lush green trees towered over her like giants, making her feel small and insignificant. Nevertheless, beautiful. Eila couldn’t help but feel a gut-biting twinge, the feeling of lateness and how close she was to missing this opportune moment in her travels. Thinking of all the fun activities of the city of Auzran before the flier caught her notice, Eila continued through a list of regret and battling to better herself.

How can I be of use to the group? The only thing I can do is heal, for now… maybe I should take up a weapon of some kind? Or stick with magic?
Eila’s thoughts wavered to and fro, like waves of the sea. Planning ahead was like scattered treasure on a map.

Suddenly the cart slowed its pace and ceased movement. Confused, Eila jogged toward the head of the cart to see what was going on. Catching sight of a large family of pigs surrounding some crates of old fruits and vegetables. immediately ceasing her steps from coming any closer, she did not want to disturb them. Even animals need to eat.
Up ahead a small band of goblins seemed to be distracted by something in the forest. It appears as though they are backing away from something… causing them fear? She couldn’t be sure since she did not know how goblins behaved, other than pillaging - of course.

A man with wings waved at Eila with an arrow in his hand. She waved back before he shot five arrows at the goblins. A gust of wind blew passed Eila which caused her to spin around. A woman with dark hair passed by her like a torrent. Before she knew what was happening and well before having a chance to say anything, the woman unsheathed her luminescent sword and finished off the goblins in one crescent swing. Such beautiful craftsmanship for a devastating act.
Eila cupped her mouth so as not to disturb whatever might be lurking in the forest. Getting a hold of herself she took out her red and golden laced book from her pocket and kept it close.
(To the Hospital I go, here's the post before I æœ)

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Character Sheet
(Tachanka Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Canine)
(Milky Titles: Otherworlder, Beast, Furpent)

Tachanka kept track of Milky who was checking on the things in the cart. She was rather interested to see where the prodding of tneir companions would end up getting themselves into. She was more focused on Nox's preparation in stepping forth to consider what others of their party were planning to do in which amidst her own distraction she hadn't noticed Griffin's attempt to take a more calm approach.

Whether or not Nox's Piercing Glare managed to strike some fear into the heart of her targets didn't matter at all in the slightest, for the capability to recognise their weakpoints and the attack that had yet to follow was about to be blatant overkill anyway. On the positive, it did help Griffin land his arrows on such intimidated targets.

Griffin's shots found their marks on the goblins, with the unintentional synergy from Nox, had precisely struck three goblins while a fourth took significant injury which caused it to fall on its knees clinging to life. The fifth target was hurt and standing, amongst two other goblins in the first pack of which the boars had taken notice at the sound of bodies falling. There would probably be a following description of what was to follow up with this first group of goblins and wild hogs, but Nox proceeded to decimate the remaining goblins with Eclipse. Blood had painted the ground and splattered onto the wild boar, of which were also not spared from her attack as it had proceeded to cut and kill the majority of them. Two, the largest and another of the adults, were kicking and squealing with no opportunity to fight back as they attempted to flee only to bleed out further into the forests off the path.

Milky was extremely disheartened once her attention was drawn to the bloodshed that was spilled, of which she wasn't the only one. The noise of dying wild animals only attracted the attention of the further group of 7 more goblins. However, they were both apprehensive and threatened by the sight as they chose to flee with their own lives.
"We could've been nice about this..." Milky sighed as she was disappointed by the violence, noticing arrows in the bodies as she just used her own brainpower to discern whom they came from.
"I thank you for trying to be somewhat reasonable about this, but it's a shame things couldn't have been resolved better" she spoke to Griffin, quite disgusted by what was present.
"We should try to move... past all this, it'll make me sick thinking about it" Milky mumbled as she and Tachanka were about to pull the cart before the furpent didn't want to get any part of her in the blood of others as she chose to let Tachanka pull it herself past the problem as she went very much around it and waiting until after it was passed with the cart to continue helping.

Malik's own continued usage of his powers to keep track of what was present in the area would tell him of the same bandits from before who had noticed the demonstration of the potential group strength as they chose to retreat for the moment yet not having entirely given up on their motives. By all means, they would likely come back at some point. They had left in the same direction as the fleeing goblins, which was also the same way they had to go. His ability couldn't sense anything else of importance at the moment, but with both goblins and bandits being alert of their presence and now the fresh scent of blood in the air it was likely this was not going to be the high point of the trip.

"Tachanka, while I would enjoy a peaceful rest, we have daylight and reason to keep going still. Besides, what if they come back? We'll keep going until the consensus asks ror a break" Milky chided to a question Tachanka felt like she never asked. Pulling of the cart would soon resume as Milky chose not to dwell too much on bickering with her partner in work as she smiled warmly at the travelling group.

"Please, do tell if you have any concerns about feeling tired or wanting a break. From my knowledge of researching this route, things are likely to be bumpier the closer to Sootspire that we get" Milky spoke as she knew she was likely to get tired at some point from pulling the cart, although she didn't want to hassle anyone much with taking over for her. Her expression from having to keep putting in the labour was visible of her own difficulty however as she wasn't built like Tachanka. She gave a smile and nod of acknowledgment to Eila considering she had shown up last and the furpent hadn't much given time to thank her for coming before. She was concerned about how weary she must have been considering the girl had pushed it to show up in the first place.

"How far do we have to go exactly?" Tachanka asked.
"Hm, well. I think we've got a little bit further to go before we hit some deep forest, and that's when we've atleast passed halfway. Past the halfway point is where the road may get troublesome, so perhaps if anyone knows anything about camping then we'll either set up on the outskirts or... well, I suppose we could potentially continue through sundown to get there" Milky said, although clearly not confident about the idea.
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Griffin was able to watch briefly as his arrows hit the goblins. Three had hit their respective targets the way he meant to, thanks to Nox's [Piercing Glare], but two arrows, whilst still hitting their targets, managed to hit them in the wrong places. One was hit in the knee and the other simply ended up injured and still standing. Not that it mattered as Nox's [Eclipse] had sliced through everything nearby. Including the hogs and their farrows. Which ultimately made Griffin's metaphorical heart drop. He hadn't felt remorse for the goblins but the wild animals who had been unintentionally caught in the cross fire, so for that reason he could agree with Milky. He understood what she meant about a peaceful way to go about it, not against the goblins but to make sure the Hog family made it. If they had been noticed by the monsters, they would have been attacked anyway, so he had no reason to look at the goblins and think about being sorry. The next few hours they would walk into the deep woods marking their journey half way to soothspire. Griffin felt like he needed to start a conversation. He would go with a simple ice breaker, as if they got along that well it would possibly spark a number of targets. He went with something simple.

"What is your guy's favorite hobbys?"

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