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Dice Isa's Archive

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Isa's Bag
  • Katsuya

    Magical artist
    Isa’s Items:
    *** Stuff that Isa actually owns. Others need to ask him for these.
    Alchemicals || 1168
    Metals || 317
    RP points || 1/3​

    Smoky, his motorcycle and her updates |
    This marvel of the old age has a hex speed of 4 in the plains and 3 off-road. It can carry 2 people with an extra carrying capacity of 40. Runs on ragnite.

    • Raven staff |Materia: Shadow Claw|+1 Combat |+2 Spell Power | Attack range: 2 | Spell Casting Range: +2 | One-handed | Weight 1. Your afflictions penalize targets by an additional -1 and last 1 round longer. Mage staff. Enhanced by metal braces to not break easily unless hit by a strong or heavy weapon.
      Engraved Runes: Control Weather
      x1 charge | (Requires Knowledge 5)
      You take control of the weather within 5 miles of you for a number of hours = Knowledge. You must be outdoors to cast this spell. Moving to a place where you don't have a clear path to the sky ends the spell early.
      Recharge: 1 ragnite crystal for 1 day
    Shields |
    • Barneclaw scaled shield |+1 Toughness. Wt. 1. Made of a giant fish’s scales and dented metal.
    Gear |
    • Light armor (+6 Toughness. Dyed black leather armor with plated arm and leg guards. Moss’ gift upgraded)
      [*]Slot 1: Shadow Claw: After every long rest, you can cast "Shadow Claw" a number of times a day = Knowledge. This summons a large claw of shadowy translucent force from the armor with a reach of 2 areas. It moves at your command, mimicking the movements of your own hand. In battle you may use Knowledge instead of combat for attack rolls. The claw aslo allows you to add Knowledge to strength rolls with advantage, and can carry two people. It can also be used defensively, adding Knowledge to Toughness, when wrapped protectively around 2 creatures. This claw can levitate, but cannot move beyond 2 areas of you. This claw has an Hp = 3 and lasts for a number of minutes= Knowledge. Concentration spell.
      Sell: 100 Alchemical
      [*]Slot 2: empty
    • Lesser Ring of Foresight (found in the sea)
      Once a day, when you are hit by a creature, you can choose to glimpse a random image of its future or past. (cost: 1 Mp)
    • Sash of Uncontrollable Dance
      Make a Knowledge roll against the spell Power of 1 creature that you can see within 2 areas. The target begins a comic dance in place: shuffling, tapping its feet, and capering , afflicting it with "Don't Move" for 2 rounds.
      You can cast Uncontrollable Dance" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest.
    • Ring of Mending
      Make repairs to 1 non-magical object.
      You can cast "Mending" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest.
    • Necklace of Color Spray
      Make a combat roll against all foes in 1 area. A dazzling array of flashing, colored light springs from your hand, sticking like glowing paint, cancelling invisibility and blinding them, with -2 to combat and perception rolls. Blind lasts for 2 rounds.
      You can cast "Color Spray" for free a number of times a day = Knowledge after every long rest.
    • x4 Traps | there’s nothing wrong with using traps.
    • Kutulu’s toolbox | +2 Forging, building, tailoring, lock picking, and disabling traps. You can also excavate or gather more crafting resources = Artisan Skill Rank.
    • Field Medic Guide |+1 to medical procedures when performing them with this book open. Weight 1. A gift from Moss.
    • Magic cuffs | Liliana gave this to Isa, Sassy, and Moss.
    • x5 Trauma Kit | +2 to Healing rolls. DC 12 Knowledge check removes one affliction or improves health by 1. DC 14 stabilizes dying character. If affliction DC is less than 12, affliction is automatically removed. Every extra 1 hour performing the medical operation gives +1 to Trauma Kit rolls. Uses up a major action when used during battle. A gift from Moss.
    • Manuel’s Grimore | has info on the goliaths from Isa's vision, and many spells. Also has other stuff, but I need to think about it. It's worth 205 alchemical to an ordinary shop owner, but to someone who wants the knowledge in there it's worth more. Isa has chose to burn it once he was done with it. Better that no one has this.
    Potions |
    • x3 Vials of Hellmist
    • x2 Potions of Healing
      Instantly restores 1 Hp.
    Grimore spells and scrolls |
    • Tier I Scroll: Booming Blade
    • Upon successfully hitting 1 target with a melee attack, the target becomes sheathed in booming energy until your next turn. If that target willingly moves before then, it is electrocuted and takes 1 damage. (Can be used to enchant weapon, giving x6 free uses of the spell before needing to be recharged by a ragnite crystal for 1 day)
    • Tier IV Scroll: Tree Stride
      (Requires Knowledge 5)
      You gain the ability to enter a tree and move from inside it to inside another tree of the same kind within 1 kilometer. (Can be used to enchant weapon, giving x1 free use of the spell before needing to be recharged by a ragnite crystal for 1 day)
    Random |
    • x1 oil. 1 pint
    • Ring of 7 ornate keys | These were Manuel’s. For some reason, they look similar to each other in design and there’s no magic in them. Isa is keeping them.
    • Space Book | a book with extra space for six small items. Inside is the Citrus cream Moss gave him and a letter from the thieves.
    • Ragnite lamp | Casts light in a 30 ft. radius. or 60 ft. cone. Has a hood allowing you to lower the light to a dim 5 ft. radius. Runs on 1 ragnite power crystal for 1 year. Can change color of light (Isa is gonna have fun with changing the colors). Can be hung on belt.
    • 4x a week’s worth of food. AKA one person’s amount of food for a month.
    • Camera | a gift Moss has given him and Is will be using that whenever something funny happens.
    • Obelisk piece | works for sealing magic purposes. Found within the dead body of a goliath named Malus. Isa is planning to use this for something. Has made two knives for Vidya and L and upgraded Moss’ knife with one of two pieces.
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