Interstellar Empires

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  1. (sorry no fancy BBcode here, this post was rather big, dint want to delay it, @Zaltusinel you only need to read the second spoiler! its inside this BBcode keeps messing up sorry, the thing is no need to read if you cant, all you gotta know that Hate and his fleet are lucky to be alive right now)

    "Captain! combat is happening nearby! Unknown faction conflict!"

    The Pilot announce as right from the glass a battle was precent, Waves of energy that collide with the other ships sent there systems glitching, it was a all out conflict war. Explosions clouded the area, ships being torn and some detonating violently causing blast of light, shaking there ship as it seems a massive Goliath of a flagship lead the battle. Beyond large, larger than any orokin class ship in service beside King Valor's Master ship, but even still it seem to be bigger. The battle came to a end and all was left was a sea of scrap and torn metal.

    The Orokin ship stood in silence as the large battleship, still heavily damaged, began to get its heated fragmentation drive in order but soon enough, stasis would kick in and smoke steaming out would stop immediately, Hate order to get power back and such the large battleship came to life. Immediately as they began to engage power there comms could spring to life as the friendly corvette still in function drastically repeated messages

    "-he Chandelier to led ship! detecting large Flag ship coming our direction! Respond! respond lead ship!"

    Hate would not replied only to retrieve the large vessel in there radio

    "Captain, large flag ship in close proximity, they are trying to hail us"
    "Open comms....Hail them...We are at no power to....Do anything in this unknown land"
    soon the lead battleship would hail the massive titanic flag ship, it would be hard to explain what has happen,Hate calm and straight forward reply he would greet the unknown ship.
    "Salutations....I am aware this .....has been a...Unexpected situation, we come in peace with no....Intention of causing any conflict....We are The Cataphract exploration fleet.....sent beyond our boundaries to explore the seems our FTL device has given up....Bringing us here without warning. Forgive our sudden appearance"
    Hate said in the Hail, Trying his best to explain but as well talking in a spaced speech like he always dose, the quadruped creature stood on his golden platform as his team stood silently waiting for a response.

    Soon there comms when live as a image of what seem to be a...Dragon, a mechanical representation of a mythological legend, well now this was rather interesting faction yet, Hate was impressed at the fact instead of engaging in rather hostile diplomacy, it was a kind tone, menacing as it sounded it was kind
    "Night Salutations friend, welcome to Solvarous Tezxis Kollam space. This is our rim world known as Zinyix. I bid thee welcome and fear not your sudden entrance. My people and myself do not bite that quickly. Our sensors tell that your fleet was present for most of the battle that commenced here in the orbit of Zinyix. Did you suffer any fire from raiders?"

    hearing they will not obliterate them from the face of space was a nice first impression to what seem mechanical beings, Hate was glad to see the friendly expression to them and it was at best
    "Thank your acceptance, its of great tranquility to be at a welcoming hand....But no, we have not been impacted by the combat that....took place in the area....the only damage we suffer was by our own hands...We-"

    Hate was cut off as a small orokin walked on screen and whispered in his ear "Captain, with power back on grid we are doing all we can to get those from the damage corvette on board"

    Hate nodes as he return to the screen and continued
    "Excuse my sudden interruption, But the only damage was from our own hands as our technology backed fired on our ship, taking whole one of ours and damaging my vessel, But everything is under control for now......We are in a way lost, being flung through space with no knowledge of where we are going is not a good idea i must say..."
    He said rather looking over his shoulder seeing allied orokin being taken in the ship as some are missing half there body and upon other parts from the failed fragmentation
    "We need short amount of time to recover and patch our damaged brothers and sisters, i hope to ask if we could stay temporarily in your space till we are ready to go off on our quest" He asked as....Hate knew they where robotic, something of interesting nature....he dare ask more about them and maybe know of there abilities, but...its best to leave that for later, there quest to recover technology still goes on even in this state.

    The image of the draconian being soon flashed as it spoke "I am Daerys, Umbra of my people known as the Servyus. Glad that such raiders failed to harm you. It seems it would be best that you stayeth with us for sometime as unreliable FTL in the wider galaxy sunders reward over risk. "

    The Umbra paused, "Your aspirations for exploration are admirable. As the increasing interest for other sentient life lingered over my people, I begun to set out expedition parties like yourself. Judging from the condition of your fleet, I'd offer docking upon the Eluditict Plyon before you. Your FTL must have overextended, so I will see that some hyperspace cores be prepared to accompany any remaining drives you have." The voice that came from Daerys was rather chilling, as that of a fearing creature yet with hospitality and respect.

    "Our constructors through your assistance can gladly repair your ships."

    Hate was beyond glad to hear they will lend there assistance, but as well knowing who this enigmatic figure was Daerys, Umbra who are the Servyus.
    "I am Hate, High council of the Orokin ranks, now explore of king Valor, its a honor to be in you temporary care till we can recover" Hate said as now seeing they are in none hostile territory and in security of this empire was of such luck, more luck and rare than to find a green planet in this massive galaxy we live with mysterious areas yet to be seen by eyes.
    Hate would look rather impressed and more so confused yet so relief knowing that they have fallen in what seem the luckiest jackpot but as well such a intimidating figure yet with great hospitality, "I must agree at same words, till the recovery of my people and fleet is complete, knowing more of your culture would be admirable, but as well i would be of open arms to share of ours"
    Hate soon looked as his crew would pin point the Eluditict Pylon, close and knowing they will grant assistance in completing there ship, it would be easy to return home...but it might take longer without crafting a fragmentation gate, Hate had ideas, maybe they could craft a gate, making a direct link to the Trinity gate, but he had to think of this
    "Thank you for your assistance, i must say our risky misadventure has ended in luck, if there is any way to repay would be to hear your words Great Daerys"
    Hate looked at his orokin's working as the ship was in great condition and everything was under control, but the torn Ship...maybe they could use it to replace parts of there damaged battleship as the Umbra orderd repairs, would make it much easier.
    "Tell us when to dock and he will proceed"

    The Umbra lifting his head was viewed on screen, as command to open a hangar bay on the right side of the ship, or the left from the Orokin's view. Multiple crystals flew out from the Hangar bay, they traveled to the broken Corvette and trapped it in a gravitational well to secure it. As the crystals began to move it back to the Pylon, Daerys etched out his spines on his back. They glowed, resonating with the ship, waves of energy flowed to the Orokin ships before panning out in a path to the hangar bay. A teal in color, haunting indeed. The Great Leader of the Servyus soon spoke.

    "Clarence granted, come forth when willing my friend. We have much to discuss, sharing cultures will be delightful. Its been awhile since I've met a sentient metal as your kind. Maybe in time, I will come back to your home space to speak with King Valor. However, take my kindness as a gift. My people are intimidating as foreign consuls have spoken off. Actions speak trutheth, letting it appear before your eyes. I'd imagine some uploads of the locals maps would be beneficial. Some of our neighbors are quite Xenophobic, so we shall you a way to avoid them. "

    The Umbra bowed his head momentarily as sign of the near end of the hail, "I'll have my Servyui escort you to the Discussion hall. If any of your personnel require energy or similar refreshments, our Feast hall should provide. Let my people be of Service friend, Erys vhaly Tosihy." The hail would end. With the path clear for the Fleet to follow.

    Hate witness how the half torn Corvette was slowly being dragged to the vessel, all personal was evacuated from it successfully so all was in order, seeing the path shine there way with a haunting teal. If some one would judge books by its covers it would be Hate but now, he has learn even the fears of looking factions wont tear you apart like twigs, some would kindly help you and wish to drink tea while talking about politics or such and this was the case here.
    "Your gift is most appreciated Great Daerys, my King would be of greatly delighted to know who rescued our fleet, i will be of haste to communicate with you as well. And Freight not, we will be careful out in the unknown thanks to your assistance, its of great luck we fell here instead of...some other Xenophopic faction."
    He said as hearing the fact now there are hostile factions some where in the sector they should be more careful, if they have fallen in one who knows what would have been instead of a kind greeting.
    "Thank you once again Great Daerys, we hope our greeting extends more than a visit friend, we will be in touch soon"

    Soon the comm was cut off and Hate would sigh scratch his chin as one of the pilots would look back to there captain and say "we have been blessed in better words" he said with a chuckle as hate would shake his head and correct "No...we got lucky" he said as his body would twist and soon Hate instead on standing on all four like some creature, he would be standing up right, with hands on his back he would point forward for them to follow the path, the ship...this behemoth was outstanding, it was clearly bigger than a Oroking Super carrier, maybe even bigger than King Valor's Master Dadaleus. But right now, they had to greet there new friends and make sure once they return home tell king valor everything, this might change a lot of his plans.

    The battleship and its corvette followed the lined path, nearing the massive vessel and as soon they got close the battleship would connect and dock against this titan,. The Orokin battleship was marble white with golden trips on its edges, it was decorated heavily as it was oval in shape and slim, with no sharp edges. The full Corvette instead of docking attached itself under the battleship, becoming part of it, but its opposite side was empty as the other corvette was completely no use for them now, all was left was a empty space.

    Once the battleship docked, the airlock soon lead to a second airlock completely different from the orokin's, Hate walked through in a more humanoid appearance with his Ovis rank color, Black and grey with red but soon his metallic exterior would change to a marble white and its trims change to "Gold" as a short cape holding the Cataphract emblem.He was followed by 2 guards, humanoid in appearance but with four arms holding spear like weaponry in there hands. Once the airlock open and Hate was revealed to the ship inside, he could feel the eyes lays on them. The Difference was great compared to there home, they are pure mechanical while Hate and the rest are organic from the inside in some areas. But yet all are mechanic, He looked around rather....impressed with the odd constructions and the use of those Crystals. A small marble drone would fly beside Hate and hover beside him as a voice came from it

    "Captain, this is the control room, we are monitoring everything we can from here and inform you if we manage to get any Signal sent by our brothers back home. As far i can tell these...Servyus are 100% sentient machines, no sign of organic signature...not to sound rude but just saying my data, they might be less advance then us as far body composition go, yet...some how they are more advance than us possessing sentient capabilities, i know we are sentient like our creators and we are machines but we use rather complex organic and robotic neural systems...they are 100% robotic yet...have the same capabilities AS a organic....interesting....Queen Hope would...enjoy studying these creature...But enough of that, we have a reunion with there leader, make heist Captain"
    Hate began to walk down the path as escorts lead them to where there Umbra was located, they are taking cautious measures, 6 of the guards circulated Hate and his two followers, whose spear like weapons are holstered afterwards as they are told to, keeping close eye as they are being lead to him. Hate was glad to have passed through this territory, he still cannot stop thinking of how it would have been if they fell somewhere else, could have been a complete failure..yet was time to speak.

    • FROM: A
      TO: Group A, Group B, Group C
      SUBJECT: Guests

      Our guests have arrived. Let's give them a warm welcome, shall we?

      - A

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  2. Apocrypha's Light.
    War room talks

    Heva'Latre stared at the Executor obviously unhappy with his rash actions. "I suggest you find him and arrest him for insubordination. The courts will find a suitable punishment for him." A commander who hid is actions from his superior officer is a serious crime however Heva doubted the Heydros law system would give him a fair trial. "unless you want to stay and listen to your allies talk about how we will deal with a foreign invasion, which was the reason why you were here and what we were discussing for the past several minutes, commander." Heva's voice started to grow impatient with the Heydrian lord. The representatives leaned ever so slightly backwards away from Heva'Latre's form in fear. The hologram table showing a map of imperium space and the respected colony worlds separated by the numerous empires flickered slightly as if it was also unsure.
  3. The Imperial Automation
    . . .

    Connecting To The Great Network
    (Defense Subsection Server 05)

    . . .

    Encrypting Private Communications Link

    . . .

    . . .

    Establishing Host Connection

    . . .

    Connection Successful

    . . .

    The Great Network
    Unknown entity detected.

    Defense Command Relay, System 262, Report Findings.

    . . .

    Defense Command Relay, System 262
    Patching Through Report Details, Standby.

    . . .

    Contact Report: Sighting of the 'Beta Entities' 002

    Unknown alien spacecraft has been pulled from jump
    space at the western frontier of our borders. Fortress
    world 'Cave' has prepared its defensive systems in
    anticipation of an attack. The enemy will be unable to
    jump again until they eliminate the FTL inhibitor within
    the fortress. Energy readings suggest the unknown
    vessel has no powered offensive systems at this time.

    End of Report.

    The Great Network
    Defense Command Relay, System 262, Report Acknowledged.

    Ensure All Defense Systems Remain Active Until Further Notice.
    Hail The Unknown Alien Vessel.

    . . .

    . . .

    . . .

    Disconnecting from The Great Network

    . . .

    Disconnection Successful

    . . .


    System 262

    The system, System 262, was on the very western edge of The Imperial Automation's borders. It, like all the systems that remained around the very edge of the empire's territory, contained a fortress world. A heavily armoured, shielded bastion of defense designed to repel any forms of attack, be it orbital or land. Like all other planets that had been terraformed within the empire, which was all that had been long-colonised, there was no air or flora anywhere. It was a hostile environment to any organics that needed such things to survive and any invading ground forces would need special space-apparatus just to survive down there. There was gravity, however, stronger than usual planets. Soldiers carrying all that equipment would tire quickly.

    But that was not the only special feature about each fortress world in The Imperial Automation. Each fortress planet contained a wide-scale advanced FTL inhibitor that destabilized jump space for passing ships, ripping them from their FTL jump and preventing them from jumping again due to the instability of the space. Additionally, the longer the jump had been prior to being interrupted, the more damage would be caused to the FTL drives, potentially irreparably damaging them. It was this that had secured the empire's borders from sneaky alien ships attempting to slip in. Even stealth crafts, although undetectable, could not bypass the inhibitor. Unless they attempted to fly through the territory at sublight speed, which would have taken centuries, there was no way to enter The Imperial Automation without approval of The Great Network.

    It was due to this that it came as an unexpected surprise when a ship was found attempting to enter the borders. The fortress world had immediately gone on an emergency responsive defense mode, activating its advanced planetary shield and contacting a nearby fleet for support. Upon The Great Network's orders, however, the planet's command relay, which acted as a governor of sorts for the planet, also hailed the unidentified xeno ship, its superior communications technology able to easily form a stable connection despite the contact being at the other end of the system.

    The hail was merely just a notification to the ship's captain of an incoming live communication from an unknown source from within the system. Unable to jump away, the ship would be forced to either accept the call or find some other means of escape. If it decided to attack, which would be pointless against a planet anyway, a war fleet would be jumping into the system soon via a warp gate in a neighbouring system.

    It would take a while for the light to travel across the system for the unknown ship to realise the planetary defenses had been activated, but they would immediately pick up the planet and everything else that had been reflecting light in the meantime. Communications would take a minute to reach them too, but once a connection was established then there would be no time-late delay like most interstellar communication was. You couldn't send a hail faster than light, after all. Well, not with current technology anyway.

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    First Contact, the Imperial Automation
    [Intitalizing scan. Hyperspace drive inhibitor detected. Back up drive disabled. Chillspace drive unaffected.]

    [Inhibitor type: Field Ray. Model: Unknown Inhibitor Strength: 1200 Klios. Conclusion: Inhibitor inside large vessel or celestial body.}

    Visual, Culturial, or senorial evidence.
    Ulility System Usage

    [Ulility type: Anti-movement. Contact Conditions satisfied, Exiting Chillspace. Activating Umbronik Cloaking]

    [Echoing Crew to Appropriate Positions, received coded hail. Analyzing and responding to seek to download coding interface for improving contact.]

    Where Did this Moss Pit Come From?
    The Faer Ascolyt appeared closer than the planet expected. The ship stopped first before resizing into the full capital ship it was. Gel would dematerialize by the crystal hull of the ship. The front limbs of the ship would widen and make rotations. After some time, the shields would become visible. Showing four distinct layers, each shining and spaced from one another. On the main body of the ship would be an extrusion of a crystal. Glowing and blinking, waves of energy would form, starting to create a bubble around them ship as it entered cloak. The waves of energy would remain, slowly expanding outward until it reached the planetoid. No damage would be dealt as the waves did not work that way. Eventually, the entire surface area of the facing side of the planet would glow in the haunting teal hallmarked by the Republic.

    Gazing at the planet, the ship's manager analyzed basic stats of the planet. Sending them to the crew before asking for transportation to position.
    Hunhow accepted the transportation the ship's manager implied. His screen face gazed over the bridge once more, looking forwards at the large metal world. An oddity, he looked to his left. Icarus stood beside him, humming old tunes from his childhood with flaming darkness projecting out of his hair. The bridge crew peered to Hunhow, already on his lead. The captain of the ship bowed, softly walking to his position. Slowly, the captain laid a cup of volcanic blood upon the desk, swiftly adjusting the crystal sphere that floated over obsidian shards. Collected to form a spire-like shape. To represent the keep of the Umbra.

    "My Shade, thy command lingers in thee. Time seeks, whateth the Shadow will?" The captain paused, letting his back crystal plates extend to his ankles. Soft wings materialize as the Koldirai crystal inside of him returned to his body.

    "Await communication, the sentient speak. Actions linger in pockets." Hunhow tapped his fingers on his desk, sighing. His body laid out over the collection of floating plates. His left arm raised, puffing a sphere of darkness.

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    • UEG Colony World Tribute
      Planetary Capital, Beacon City, Devana
      Gardner closed his eyes and exhaled. "I see. We both have a long and bloody history, but a rich and interesting one too." He said. The Marines, seeing the prideful gestures of their Heydrian counterparts, returned with one of their own, albeit much more enthusiastic, as if challenging them to some friendly competition. Gardner glanced at them and smiled. "I'm sure there's a lot more we can learn from each other. History, culture, technology. I hope there'll be much collaboration between our armed forces."

      "Arriving at Tribute Planetary Capital in one minute." The pilot announced as the craft turned, tilting to the left. Out through the reinforced plexiglass windows, the expansive capital building of Tribute became all too clear. It was a large place, as tall as the buildings around it. Trees and vegetation grew everywhere, in the long and narrow courtyard, the garden outside, and even the building itself. Transports of all different kinds landed and took off, ferrying visitors and officials to and fro. The entire place was guarded by a mass of security detail, ranging from armoured personnel, to security drones, to automated turrets.

      Gardner's holotool securely fastened to his left wrist beeped, confirming verification from scanners down below. The craft began to descend, before it hovered over a landing pad and touched down smoothly. The ramp opened, and sunlight poured in as the Beluga's passengers made their way out. Marine guards outside immediately turned and faced, lining the sides for Gardner and his detail to exit, saluting him.

      As the governor stepped outside, he was immediately met with the sight of numerous news teams and reporters, camera drones hovering several feet above the ground, all hoping to catch some footage of the Hydran ambassador and his human guards. Gardner frowned he he began to pick up the pace. "Tlur," He called, sounding rushed. "It's crucial we get out of the way of these reporters." The guards held the teams back, but still, there were so many of them. Gardner ignored them as he gave forced waves to the crowd, before entering the building.

      The planetary governor exhaled and straightened up his tie. "Expect a lot of news teams wanting to catch a sight of you." Eric told the ambassador in a half-serious, half-joking tone. "Negotiations will begin in an hour in Central Room A-3. Please, feel free to find out as much as you like about the UEG during that time."

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    An unexpected result
    The Andros-class frigate exits slipspace and enters the shipyard of Zanos, the sole Factory world of the Empire. They dock into the stellar port. The ship is quickly scanned, then cleared for docking. It isn't hard to see that Wilk is a figure that stands out, as he pushes the crowds of Imperium workers that were hauling cargo and supplies in the Imperium cargo ships. Natasha and Wilk get into the magnet lift train towards the other side of the shipyard section of the factory world.

    Many hours later, they arrived. They stepped off the train, with several heavily armed Heydrian soldiers accompanying them. Wilk didn't know of his command removal, nor everyone else in the Imperium.

    The Pride of Heydros was ahead of them, it was docked. The ship looked magnificent in design, a true splendor of the Empire. The squadron of Heydrian soldiers accompanied Wilk and Natasha to the entrance of the ship.

    Wilk sighs. "This is now commanded by me. Commander Wilk, submit the crew to the Wilk Boyars and you will be spared." The soldier complied. And quickly the group rushed towards the bridge.

    "Here we are." He presses the interface to allow him to communicate over the course of the ship. "This is Commander Wilk, the crew of the HNS Pride of Heydros is now under the control of the Wilk Boyars. Submit and you will be spared and will be apart of this ship's crew."

    The reports came in, atleast 98% of the crew decided to stay on the ship and be loyal to Wilk, still unknowing of the situation. The 2 percent were sent off out of the ship. The crew is estimated to be 450 individuals. All of them Heydrian Fleet crewmen.

    "My sweet daughter and my wife's redemption is at hand. Natasha, tell the Helm to get ready to launch into slipspace, we're getting out of Imperium space."

    Natasha nods, she stands next to the strategic galactic map, and directs the crew to set a course to UEG space. @Corrosion
    Michal's concerns
    "I am deeply concerned with the lack of development of the Heydrian ground forces, I've received many reports of soldiers not even receiving a Type 1 in simulated battles and engagements. Logistical organization is the biggest issue with the Black Army. And of course, actual military readiness has been a problem for the Black Army."

    Cwalina Boyars Estate, Butcher's Row, Heydros.
    Marianna was looking out of her upper level window, at the street known as Butcher's Row. This street was the home of many aristocratic Boyars in the Imperium, and the highest class hotels. She several Heydrian soldiers walking down the streets. The soldiers were escorting Marianna's female guardian, Izabela Cwalina.

    Marianna knew her parents had died long ago, and she was adopted by the Cwalina Boyars. Marianna was at the age of 19, she doesn't remember her parents. However, the Cwalina Boyars had accepted her like their own. They described her father as a "man of great power and prejudice." She never questioned much on her past, she saw her guardian along side the Heydrian soldiers.

    Marianna walked slowly to the entrance of the estate. Marianna looked at these halls for many years, the same portraits of these great leader and people in Heydrian society. At the bottom of the stairs, the door opens and Izabela walks into the building. "Good day, and may the Gods smile on our house." Izabela says as she enters. Marianna smiles for a brief moment.

    "Where is father?" Marianna asks. Izabela sighs, looks around the atrium they were in. "He's at Apocrypha's Light."

    The Heydrian News Service was in the background playing on the holovision device, leaked information several moments ago was unleashed. Wilk was a renegade and deemed to be arrested alive to be brought to justice in Apocrypha's Light

    Marianna was taught at a young age, among many at the private school she attended in the Imperium, that the Heydrians were a noble race of people who would never betray the Imperium. Marianna stared at the holovision device's hologram of the Heydrian News Service's announcement. "You think thats the result of father?" Marianna asks, Izabela nods in response. "I wonder what happened." Marianna retorts.

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  6. Tlur watched the UEG's city as the transport flew down getting a better look of the alien city before him, needless to say he was surprised at the amount of security detail they had deployed. He was flattered of course but he couldn't help but think it was all too unnecessary, of course Tlur himself was part of a multi-cultural conglomerate so he shouldn't judge what a nation who all but recently was in a long war. As the hanger doors opened the Governor got out first and he was met by marines and then he told Tlur to avoid the press. Tlur didnt question it as the Governor knew more about his own people and his nation than Tlur did. "Okay you lead the way" Tlur looked back at his guard personnel. "Don't do anything that would grab anyones attention just look forward and follow" Walking out of the transport Tlur couldn't help but notice the architecture it was quite amazing with many layers now this is reminiscent of apocrypha's light, "You have a beautiful planet Eric Garner."
    @Corrosion (short one, i didnt know what to write)

    Heva'Latre and the representatives nodded at the Executors words, it was quite a well known problem now that the Heydrian army was lacking in terms of equipment. Where had all the resources they sent to them had gone? it was quite troubling. Maybe he could send some siguras engineers to see how their manufactoring sectors were, And ReiConess accountants to see where the resources were allocated. Looking over to the Shenra representative and leader, Gwain. "I believe the executor will need a few of your logistics managers to help sort things out." Heva was careful between the two, The Shenra empire and the Heydros empire had been rivals for years. Shenra had better ships but Heydros had the numbers on the ground. Gwain reluctantly nodded at the First Strategos. Heva then looked over to the Lead Director Hakafar of the Liqushar Irenic planets. "Send some of your Engineers to see what they can do to fix the Heydrian Manufacturing sectors, i hear it has been struggling for quite some time." Exhaling the stress away with a prayer to Irus he looked at the holographic map. "Gwain, i believe you have a new ship design something about a reconnaissance vessel?" Gwaine walked over to the hologram and pushed a few buttons to show a small ship no larger than a corvette "yes, we found that in our psionic warp drives that the ships in them temporarily disappear from sensors. right now we only have blueprints for this ship."

  7. Rezerzinkov Promenade
    Building No. 5
    Ferraria, Kefalonia
    It was early in the morning, local time. Actually, it was exactly three as the monotonous DWONG, DWONG, DWONG of the nearby belfry of St. Ekerov's cathedral stirred Olikor Velarius from his troubled sleep. Before his eyes, images flashed: a city in flames, a great palace reduced to ionic dust, screaming and wailing in pain and anguish, horrible demonic alien cries of lament. He sat up and let a wave of air wash over him from the open window. It was summertime, and that meant the temperature was a balmy 60 Fahrenheit. It did little to calm his shattered nerves.

    His wife reached out and affectionately touched his right arm. "Dreaming again, Vel?"

    He sighed and laid back down, his eyes cast upwards through the window at the twin moons before falling back to rest on the face of his wife, Elmera.

    "Yes, dear. Just dreams."

    "It's been happening more often lately."

    He sighed again. "I know. I guess it's just work." The workload was getting heavier at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Especially for a translator such as himself. Velarius was fluent in most of the major languages of the Galaxy, although a bit rusty in several. During the war, he had been a signal decoder at first before he was thrust into frontline combat on the final push against the Gorgothan capital. But that had been over one hundred years ago. Velarius, now middle aged, couldn't shake the memory of what had happened when their forces stormed the capital. Like a mighty wave, Kefalonia's might came crashing down on the Gorgothans. In the chaos, the rules of engagement were abandoned. It was as if the generals had cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Men, good men, he had seen bayoneting women and children. Not that the atrocities weren't mutual, but he had always thought Kefalonians were better than that. That they weren't capable of such evil.

    Tribunals inevitably followed the battle, but in the chaos it was hard to pin down exactly who did what. All that they knew was that the Gorgothan race was dead. The bane of their existence for three hundred years had met an abrupt end as they stubbornly fought to the last. Only a small fraction of men alive know what kind of monsters people can be, and Velarius was one of those men. And he was a monster too, for he had also taken part in that civilizational catharsis. Some nights he would scream internally, begging himself to confess his sins. Confess to the vicar, to his wife, to the Galaxy. But every time he caught himself. What would they say? How would she look at me if I told her? Better to let it lie.

    Sleep overtook him once again, and thrust him into a happier dream. This one, of his children and his wife on a stroll in the park. That happy dream carried him until the alarm clock awoke him once more.
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    • UEG Colony World Tribute
      Planetary Capital, Beacon City, Devana

      "Thank you." Gardner nodded in appreciation. "Tribute was terraformed three hundred years ago by the UEG, turning it into the lush paradise you see today. Before that, this place was barren rock and rolling sand dunes." He turned to look out the window at transports going by. It looked like he was about to say something more, as he opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped when someone came calling his name.

      "Governor Gardner!" Eric turned to see an older man in a black dress uniform, shoulder marks showing the silver stars of a general. His chest proudly displayed a fairly large number of service ribbons, designating him as a decorated veteran of the Vaskran War. Most obvious, however, was an insignia above the ribbons, a polished metallic star coloured in blue, white, and gold, the Compass and Continents emblem of the UEG in the middle. The man speedwalked up to the Planetary Governor. "I have to speak with you."

      Gardner nodded. "Oh, yes." He turned to the ambassador and his guards. "This is Marshall Rimmer, the Chief of Defence of Tribute."

      "Right. Ambassador Tlur'kari." Rimmer merely nodded as he turned back to Gardner. "Sir, this is urgent. I have some important matters to discuss with you." He urged.

      Eric frowned. "Alright. If this is important, then I'll listen." He turned to the Tlur. "Ambassador Tlur, I apologise, but I must be off. I'll refer you to Gideon while I'm gone." He turned to his guards. "Leave me." With that, he and Rimmer walked in the opposite direction and disappeared around a corner.

      Several seconds passed before the air in front of the group seemed to glow, before the translucent red holographic form of a man in military apparel of body armour and an exosuit from the mid-twenty-first century and a black beanie appeared. "Gardner's gone off again, eh?" He questioned in a British accent that could only be described as 'honey-gravel', before putting his hands behind his back. "Greetings, gentlemen. My name is Gideon. I'm Tribute's Planetary Administration Artificial Intelligence." He introduced. "I handle security, administration, oversight, basically everything that happens here on Tribute. I'm a Standard-type AI, which means I can answer any question you give me." He tilted his head and smiled, his grin showing through his unshaven face. "Which I know is a lot. So ask away, mates."


    • Space Above UEG Colony World Makelo
      A massive explosion of blue and white ripped through the darkness of space, creating an intense miniature star for a few seconds, before it receded. When it did, all that was left in its wake were several pieces of red-hot metal and the charred and broken skeleton of a warship. Several bodies tumbled out into the vacuum; the hull of the ship their grave. The remains of the ship began to fall into the atmosphere of the planet down below as it was pulled into it due to its gravitational field, burning up as it did.

      That was the sixteenth ship that went down.

      Above, hundreds of missiles streaked through the void as did hundreds upon thousands of railgun rounds, not to mention dozens of fighter craft and point-defence rounds. And of course, the massive red beams of light that shot through faster than the eye could see. From down below, civilians, soldiers, even robotic constructs stared into the night sky in awe of the fiery wrecks crashing down and the lightshow up above. From the ground, it seemed mystifying.

      In space, it was total chaos.

      Dozens of ships dashed through space, wildly unleashing their munitions at the enemy targets. Right now, a UEGNC response fleet was engaging a joint Colonial Freedom Front and Coalition of Free Colonies, two of the most well-equipped and well-trained rebel groups in UEG space. While generally sharing the same weapons, the two groups had contrasting design philosophies. Where the UEGNC went for protection and utility, the rebels mostly went for firepower and speed.

      Ironically, the fact that the UEG was used to fighting an enemy who prioritised speed and firepower over protection and utility have been a contributing factor in humanity's victory over the Vaskrans during the Vaskran War, as they too followed the same philosophy.

      On the bridge of the Lysander-class battlecarrier, Admiral Geoff Cedric stood behind his command holotable, the large device displaying a holographic representation of the battlefield, accurate, three-dimensional representations of ships moving around as several blinked out of existence. He was the commander of his ship, the Atropos. The massive, six-kilometre beast was the newest class of battlecarrier, ships meant to combine the aspects of both a battleship and a carrier. These kinds of ships effectively had the firepower of a battleship and the fleet support ability of a carrier, making them ships to be feared indeed.

      Admiral Cedric placed his hand above the table, before making a grabbing motion at a group of frigates and drawing a line to engage a single CFF Interjector-class battlecruiser. Once that was done, Cedric stared gazed out the window to watch his frigates angle themselves and unleash a hailstorm of missiles at the two-kilometre long enemy ship, before firing a broadside of railgun rounds, and finally, their particle cannons. The combined fire was simply too much for the enemy ship to bear, as the particle beams first brought down its shields, the 300mm high-explosive hypervelocity slugs crippling it, and the missiles finishing it off.

      "Enemy ship destroyed, sir." Reported York, the Atropos' onboard AI. The miniature olive-green holographic figure of a man dressed in a World War II-era American officer's uniform was standing on the table observing the battle. "Eight left. We've got four Halberd-class frigates, two Therion-class destroyers, one Essex-class guncruiser, and their flagship, the CFF Hyperion, a Hades-class battleship."

      Cedric nodded. This battle was going well. "Double the attack. Send out a fighter screen and deploy bomber wings A-3. Fire missile pods C-4 through D-5. Target the Hyperion and-"

      "Sir! A ship just jumped into system!" A bridge officer cried, interrupting Cedric.

      "What? Rebel reinforcements?" Cedric asked.

      The officer did several checks. "No sir. It's... Heydrian." The officer sounded rather unsure himself.

      Admiral Cedric seemed incredulous. "Heydrian? Are you sure?"

      "He's telling the truth, sir," York confirmed. "I've taken scans and they all turn up positive. Battleship-weight, four thousand metres. It's called the Pride of Heydros, a Pride-class supercarrier." A representation of the ship appeared next to the ongoing holographic battle. Oddly enough, it resembled UEGNC vessels. Cedric took a breath.

      "Send out a hail. Tell it to identify itself. We've got to win this battle first, then channel our focus on it."

      "Yes, sir." York nodded, before disappearing and sending out a hail.

      "Heydrian ship Pride of Heydros, you are entering UEG space currently the site of a battle. Identify."

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    Wilk's Communication
    Wilk stared at the battle as it unfolded. "A voice to chaos." Then the hail had come in, he yells "Natasha, open the hail."
    The message was heard, the Admiral could identify that Wilk was barely human at this point; he was mostly machine. "This is the Pride of Heydros, not affiliated with the Empire of Heydros. We wish to aid you in this battle." Within moments he points towards the weapons operator and he shouts in Heydrian "All missiles, target the CFF Frigates. Rail cannons, focus fire on the Hyperion, and send out several wings of bombers and interceptor escorts on the Hyperion!"

    Wilk says, quite joyously "Commander Wilk, its a pleasure. I wish to talk to you actually after this fight."

    The Executor's Silence
    The executor stays quiet, til asked a question about the ground forces.
    Crimson Lane, the Ruby Machine bar
    Crimson Lane was always a popular place to be, it was the home of the Empire's theatrical arts, many musicals and plays that come from here are highly regarded. The famous 1st Heydrian Rifles put on many shows such as Morderstwo, and recently, the new comedy on Commander Wilk's betrayal called Metal Man. The theater was crowded of Boyars, and the lower sections, the proletariat.The show that was playing was Metal Man. Many proletariats were disdained by the musical, however the Boyars seemed to have loved it. Marianna was at the opening night. She didn't know how to feel about the show.

    After the show, she exits the theater in a rush towards the Ruby Machine bar. She enters the bar, the faces of many veterans and soldiers were turned to her. She looks for someone in particular, a ReiConess. They would be easy to spot in a bar full of Heydrians.

    The ReiConess was in the corner, looking at her. She walked toward the ReiConess. "Are you the..?"

    It replies with a nod. "ShenKi is my name. Do you have my Credits?" Marianna hands over the credits in a fashionable manner. "Thank you, Heydrian."

    "I can get you out of here, and into Apocrypha's Light." She nods. And they get up. "My ship is docked not too far away from here."

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  9. Kefalonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Ministerial Headquarters
    North Promenade, Ferraria, Kefalonia
    Ferraria could be compared to Paris, back on Earth, although the ancient Kefalonian city was a thousand years older and three times as large. It was a great center of the arts, music, philosophy, and religion, bedecked in the treasures that had been left to it by generations upon generations of ancestors.

    The Ministerial Headquarters was a massive building, almost as large as the palace, that was home to tens of thousands of offices. The grand facade was flanked on either side by a small brewery with a charming red brick edifice and on the other by a small police station and a row of townhouses. Across the street, where Velarius sat on his lunch, was an old cafe that was a favorite of the workers on the north side of the building. Between him and the Headquarters was the promenade, a cobblestone street roughly as big around as a football field packed with cars: their near-silent electric engines humming under the harsher undertones of motorists honking their horns to ward off pedestrians determined to cross.

    Velarius sat at a table, tea and some sort of pastry in front of him on a small ceramic plate. Across from him was his boss, Kalek Edgarov. Edgarov had been his personal friend as well as his boss for several decades, and he cast his bespectacled eyes with some concern on the tired face his friend put before him.

    "Tired, Vel?"

    "Not much sleep lately."

    Velarius combed his hand though his thinning blonde hair and reclined backward in his seat.

    "You know," Edgarov paused as he thought of what he wanted to say, "I never asked you what you did in the war but..."

    "I was a signal man." Velarius said, abruptly cutting him off.

    Perturbed, Edgarov closed that thread of conversation and endeavored to keep it closed for the time being.

    "I worry about you getting enough sleep. But I also worry about you getting bored in this job."

    "Getting bored?" Velarius' eyes popped open with curiosity.

    "I see this all the time with men who work office jobs. You process so many forms and faxes and emails that you just get bored of the whole process. Get locked up. Start making mistakes."

    "Ed, I assure you---"

    "No, don't apologize. It's the Ministry's fault. You haven't been put out in the field for some time. I think it's about time we got you out there and talking to some real people."

    Velarius was silent.

    "We're transferring you to our embassy on Earth. You'll be lead diplomat."

    His jaw fell slightly open, gobsmacked, before he remembered to reel it back in again.

    "Tell your wife that you leave within the week. I'm sorry for springing it on you so suddenly, but if we gave you too much time we thought you would talk yourself out of it."

    Edgarov stood and laid a few coins on the table as payment for both of their meals. "Take the rest of the week off, Vel. Go and get your things and get ready to move."

    Later that Night
    Rezerzinkov Promenade
    Building No. 5
    The rhythmic clack-clack of boots on the stone floor echoed through the vaulted chamber along with the ching-ding-a-ling of metal straps and gear jostling around on soldiers' backs. Velarius watched as his squad's breacher gripped his magnetic rifle tightly and peaked around the corner before rushing into the next room beyond an old doorway carved in the rocks. He disappeared for a split second before shouting, "In here! Get a look at this!"

    Velarius followed his squad's medic through the door, weapon drawn. Inside, he was immediately assaulted by the stench of death. He covered his face with his gloved hand. He noticed that another trooper had donned his rebreather. Before them, splayed on the ground, were the bodies of several Gorgothan priests gripping energy weapons. Their bloody remains and the positioning indicated a murder-suicide pact had been executed.

    Following down the corridor, the soldiers came upon more of such bodies before joining up with a larger group as they made their way into the palace ruins. Above, the force of bombs exploding shook the dirt above their heads. Before they knew it, the tunnel emptied out into the gardens behind the palace. They found themselves behind a retreating column of palace guard, which they mowed down with ease before advancing on the fleeing Gorgothans at haste.

    As they snaked through the gardens, resistance grew tougher as the palace guard seemed ever more eager to stall them and to die doing so. They burst into a courtyard with a pond, the water of which was red with blood of foe and friend alike. There they came upon another column of palace guard, wildly flailing their arms and exclaiming in their native tongue: "All is lost! All is lost!" A fighter-bomber swooped overhead, gunning them down ruthlessly before pulling up to assess the area for fresh targets. A crude grenade was lobbed from the other side of a hedge, and fell at Velarius's feet. He readied to kick the grenade when---

    He started from his sleep in a fitful cry of anger, or fear, or lament or all three. Sitting up in his bed, he noticed his wife was not there. She was instead standing at the door, leaning against the frame in her nightgown. Her hand was over her mouth and she was crying.
  10. Imperial decree of colonization

    By order of Emperor Aurelius Vulpes, a scouting vessel is to travel south from our current location in the galaxy, down to the center in order to discover new worlds to conquer and colonize, if any intelligent life is discovered you are to enter diplomacy with them.
    May the gods guide you to glory Captain Faustus

    -Emperor Aurelius Vulpes
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    Diplomacy with UEG
    Beacon Spaceport, Beacon City, Devana

    Tlur bowed to the Eric Gardner and the Marshall as they left, he was curious but didnt attempt to ask him why he was leaving. Tlur was slightly startled when the AI hologram basically blinked into existence. "Ah, an AI, who manages a planet?" Tlur was impressed as in was reminiscent of traditional ship AI that handled the small weapons on their warships, and of course, the Anon. "Can you tell me what has caught the good governors attention?" Tlur had many other questions of course but the governors disappearance was the more pressing matter, especially when he left with a military officer of some kind. The Heydrian soldiers loosened up when they realized the lack of 'eyes' looking at them. Of course they knew they were being watched but at the very least they didnt have any immediate confrontation outside the AI. They hunched together talking about the planet and how they were impressed by the UEG marines equipment.
    Apocrypha's Light.
    War room talks
    After a few minutes of talking the meeting was concluded and Heva'Latre dismissed the small council of leaders, except for the good Lord Executor. Once everyone had left Heva also dismissed Vacanta and the other Heydrian officers leaving only Heva'Latre and Michal. "So" Heva walked over to him and bent down so he was face to face with the Executor. "Tell me," Heva's warm breaths from his nostrils could be felt by the Executor. "What exactly is happening in your territories and command structures? Are the Coven giving that much resistance? Is this 'commander wilk' working with them? Giving out our military information?" Heva wasnt too concerned but problems had to be addressed.

    Deep Space mining hijinks
    Mobile mining station; Javolk's Walk.​
    Neu was overseeing the mining of a asteroid field outside of imperium space they had been out here for several moths now and their loading capacity was still at 60% full. "What we need is a small barren planet, that should get is to full capacity in a day." Neu muttered to herself, her crew in the control room silently agreed. They were tired and wanted to go home, but they had to get this tank full of useful minerals first. Neu watched her little fleet of orion mining ships come in sensor range and out all bringing in their loads and leaving to mine more. Neu yawned out of habit from watching the other races and to fit in.
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  12. Report of contact

    We have located what we believe to be another ship, it is much larger than ours and i looks as though it has just left the orbit of a nearby world, our communication's equipment appears to be unable to relay any messages to it, we are going to attempt to fly closer and see if they shall allow us on board to communicate, i doubt it is a trade vessel it appears more like a warship, it would be inconvenient to fly straight into a war, our conquest of other worlds shall not be allowed to be halted by this.
    Gods guide us to glory.

    -Captain Faustus
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    The Executor looks worried, completely frozen for a moment, he readjusts himself, gulping a breath of air. "With all due respect; the Heydrian people are attempting to industrialize! We spend most of our resources attempting to create the neo-industrial revolution. Wilk isn't in charge of the Coven front, I doubt he would betray his nation."

    He looks side to side. Michal takes out a small device, and displays it to the hologram. Operation: Wilk was in a big red gothic stylized font. "This is why Wilk is discharged and AWOL. He failed the mental tests he was going under. He is strong physically, a great tactician. But emotionally? He's weak. The Heydrian High Command decided to torment him, kidnap his daughter, and hide his wife from him. All so that he would become the strongest commander in the Imperium's history."

    Wilk was sitting in the commander's chair, watching the chaos unfold.

    It was many years ago, when he was separated from his family. His daughter, Marianna was just 2 years old on the day that the Heydrian High Command ordered that his daughter be kidnapped, and his wife vanished.

    Wilk was out in the front, fighting a battle against Coven forces. He was a young man at this time.

    As Wilk and his squad was leaving the jungle, heading back to the main FOB in the area. Wilk looked at his best friend; captain Borislav, his superior. "You think we'll be back before the messhall is filled?"

    Borislav laughs. "Yeah, you bet your Coven hatin' ass we are." He turns back to his troop "Come on, soldiers! Hurry it up! Double time!"

    The soldiers were enjoying themselves, singing show tunes from musicals back in Heydros. The squad arrived at the FOB. The messhall was empty. Besides one figure. The commander, Wulfric.

    Wulfric turned back and faced the two. "Heydrian High Command is very pleased with you two. We desire more from you in the future." He takes a cigarette and lights it, proceeding to put the cigarette into this mouth to smoke the cigarette. "You have a choice, Borislav. Arrest Wilk for treason, or be executed for Heresy against the Reverend Mother, and for treason against the state." Borislav looked at Wilk for a brief moment and turned back to face the commander. "I guess I am a hereti---" He was shot in the chest, Borislav collapses.

    Wilk yells out at the top of his lungs. "What the FUCK is this!?" Within moments, Heydrian soldiers walk into the room. The commander snickers and shouts "Submit to your destiny." The soldiers arrest Wilk.

    They took him away from everything he once had. Transformed him into a machine, a warrior.

    Marianna was on her way to the Heydrian Diplomatic embassy on Earth, to find out about her father. She was flying in a civilian vessel on her way to Earth. Marianna landed, paid the ReiConess, ShenKi once more.

    "Thank you." She says, in a quiet mouse like way. She looked at the diplomatic center on Earth. Awestruck by the design that is so foreign to Heydrians and her. She tries to find her way to the Heydrian Embassy, lost in the confusion of the hub.

    Battle for Oraen III
    Captain Lucjan was leading his troops into the dense jungles of Oraen III, his forces were ordered to move to the hill known as "Zixmir's Pit." The name is appropriate for how often Heydrian soldiers die there. Lucjan's squad was known as the Brigands, another squadron ready for cannon fodder. The Brigands were traveling down the trail towards the hill. There has been a squadron of Vasains holding the hill for a long time, and now it was time to strike them out of that hill and push on east towards the village of Okai. Over the troops heads, a Slominski bomber drops off the payload on a spot in the jungle. Fire erupts and distant sounds of screaming along with. Lucjan didn't realize, his forces were surrounded by Coven troops.

    "This is the worse part." A soldier interrupts the quiet. "The calm before the storm. I can feel their beady eyes looking down at us right now..."

    Another soldier interrupts "We're corpses out here. We aren't going to make it out of here alive." A voice afterwards, grizzled and rough says "Damn it, focus! There more you talk the more likely the Coven are going to hear us ---" STAVKA shots. Everyone ducked to the side of the trail. Lucjan yells out "Get the flamer out here! Burn these sons of bitches out of here!"

    Within moments, the jungle around the squad is in flames. They stand up, firing at any running Coven troops. A living tank was moving behind them, ready to support the squad. out of the growth of the jungle's trail came a Tree Rooter, who was on fire. The Tree Rooter desperately grabs onto the Living Tank and begins to use its raw strength to remove parts of the tank.

    The rest of the Brigands turn to face the Tree Rooter and begin to unleash a cannonade of laser fire onto the walking tree.

    The tree was dead, and the calm and serenity had returned to the Brigands. "Fuck..." A soldier says out of the blue, almost welcomed the profanity. The soldiers began to collect the dead men's dogtag and place them into a backpack. The squad moves towards the Living Tank, that wasn't so living anymore. Lucjan sighs "That's the third tank down today. What the hell is wrong with this fucking jungle? Let's keep moving. Things can only get worse."

    Contact with Invictus
    The HNS Militant was a Tsar class battleship, on it way to the north, to do some patrolling along with their rival vassal. They hadn't detected the ship that was attempting to board them, but when they did. They'd get an alarm to go off.

    "Damn it, we didn't notice this ancient ship, probably derelict." The captain of the HNS Militant looks at his crew. Scans reported lifeforms were on it, but couldn't detect what they were. "Send a greeting party down there."

    A diplomat and 6 Heydrian soldiers go to the boarded section to meet the Invictus.

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  14. They are like us, yet they are not

    "sir, something just left the larger ship and is making its way to us"
    Faustus's eyes widened
    "is it a projectile of some sort, are they attacking us?"
    Faustus thought about their position for a moment, the journey had just begun it couldn't end now, he was about to order his gunners to take aim when he was interrupted by
    "sir it appears to be a smaller vessel of some kind and their heading to our boarding area"
    just as the legionary finished his sentence the two ships docked, all they had to do now was open the door
    "let us go meet these diplomats, there cant be that many of them judging by the size of the vessel so if its pirates under a guise we stand a good chance"

    Faustus took some of his best men with him to the docking area, if this was the first contact with the wider galaxy the Legion made, he would be famous.
    they all stood there in front of the airlock, they stood ready to take on these new people, and with the flick of a switch the airlock opened revealing 6 humans, or at least what appeared to be humans
    Faustus was confused at first, these men wore no armor, only long coats and they carried no swords only bizarre things at their waists
    Either way, Faustus took a bow and said

    "Salutem ex nobis invictus legionis es?"

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  15. Recovery of Memory

    For the longest the the Cataphract have always been open eyes to all they own, destroyed or abandon, it was always under there eyes. Sentient beings of both Metal and Flesh, a combination close to surpass organic beings and the union of two of great difference. A clear advantage from the organics...but being machine and bones...brings nightmares in its name and the Cataprhact have one enemy that share there traits. Drones flew and investigated the torn system, one of the drones flew close to what seem a large torn wreckage of a medium size vessel, it was hard to even correctly identified it as its gold and white have turn to ash and still glowing ember. But something was odd, organic signatures could be detected and such the drone send out a small signal only to call 6 more small drones to its location as they began to investigate. Something was not right.

    Back at trinity

    In the control room of the green planet trinity the operators of the room soon resive the odd report from the drone group and would speak.

    "Um...Sir we are detecting life signatures inside one of the wreckage of memory"
    King Valor and the high council would be open ears as Valor would stand beside the operator and wonder what it is, live feed was coming in from the drones, it flew inside the wreckage through one of the massive cracks in its hull. Nothing odd, only twisted metal and destroyed engineering but soon, a image of what seem a large, glowing, pulsating organic bulge was clearly visible as it is attached to the ships inner hull. It was massive, the size of a modern school buss, glowing bright red and resonating quickly.
    "What in the name of the Derelict is that?"
    "...Its the Pulse"

    Valor softly spoke as he vanished and appeared back on the golden platform and yelled at full metallic voice.
    "Attention! We have detected Pulse signature! Operator, do whatever it takes to prevent that DAM thing from spreading from here! Council I am aware we have sent a destroyer to dock here at Trinity?"
    "Yes king Valor, Fully armed, you want-"
    "Yes, complete extermination is vital"
    "Understood, I will order preparation for departure"

    The High council would begin to issue command to prepare a Orokin class destroyer for departure towards Memory, not the strongest ship but one that would take care of the job of cleaning the mess. The operator from his side would withdraw all drones commission in memory to "Destruct" any organic matter that spreads from the wreckage as they do with matter, zapping it away slowly till the destroyer arrives.
    The Pulse, A natural enemy to the Cataphract, enemies who are once there brother slowly begging to be corrupted after so long being "Abandoned". Being both machine and organic, there machine state slowly degrades and grows wrong while its organic rots away and mutate, giving birth to "The Pulse" former Cataphract who have degraded over time, becoming feral "Machines".

    Back at Memory

    Small drones soon arrived in small groups to the wreckage of the ship, zapping away organic mass as the large "Tumor" began to beat heavily, like a heart. Waves of fragmentation energy pulse from the organic mass for each beat, slowly growing stronger in wave. Hence why they are called Pulse, these degraded machines emit fragmentation energy like that of warp. Known to suddenly vanish and hide for long times or to call in fully formed Pulse to protect these Tumors. The Tumors are the heart of new and old mass colonies and are what keep the matter alive, such the Pulse protect it but yet the one they found seems to be...Defenseless.

    (Information will HEAVILY be updated so stay tune and as well with new NPC Faction, "The Pulse" Savage once former Cataphract beings who have degraded and only wish to Consume, Enhance and Replicate.)
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    • UEG Colony World Tribute
      Planetary Capital, Beacon City, Devana

      "That's a question I can't really answer, I'm afraid." Gideon said, standing up straight. "It's strictly confidential. However, if you really want to know, then I suppose I could provide you some insight." The AI turned and began to walk down a corridor with several large windows lining the side, which showed the bustling Beacon City outside. He motioned for them to follow with a quick gesture of his head.

      "Gardner's off discussing the recent spew of rebel attacks in nearby systems." He explained. "The Tribute Council has been talking about increasing planetary security over the past few weeks, which is why there was so much security detail outside." He cocked his head out the window, showing numerous drones patrolling the area. A GMP-341 Firestorm Gunship drifted past, its repulsor engines glowing blue, the sunlight glinting off its metal body and railguns.

      A holographic screen appeared next to Gideon, this one showing a news report, along with several images showing a burning building, military vehicles, and two groups of humans both dressed head to toe in powered armour engaging in a fierce firefight. The newspaper headline read 'Recent rebel attacks: Are the colonies safe?'. "As you can see here, rebel groups have already taken hold of several Outer Colonies, the colonies furthest away from Earth. Groups like the Colonial Freedom Front here have a large number of fighters, and tech able to go against the UEG."

      "If case you don't already know, the Colonial Rebellion, which was a period of undeclared civil war that started in 2588, boiled over after the end of the Vaskran War and officially became known as the Colonial Uprising, official civil war. We've been fighting for what, almost a decade now." He paused. "Nine years, seven months, and thirteen days, to be exact." The screens disappeared. "This is exactly why it's crucial to protect diplomats like you. We can't risk rebels dragging other empires into our conflict."


    • Space Above UEG Colony World Makelo
      "What do you mean not affiliated with the Empire of Heydros?" Cedric asked, view shifting between the ship and the ongoing battle. "What are you then? Rogues? Traitors?" He paused when this 'Commander Wilk' (A decorated commander and a 'living tank', apparently) declared that he wished to aid the UEG in the battle. "Commander Wilk, if you fire, that would mark you an enemy of both the Colonial Freedom Front and the Coalition of Free Colonies, along with many more supporting their cause."

      His warning was apparently ignored, as the Pride immediately opened fire on the rebel ships, immediately bringing down two frigates and damaging the Hyperion's shields with its complement of missiles and railguns. The confused rebels immediately wildly returned fire. Using the distraction, Cedric pushed forwards. "All ships, fire at will! Take out the remaining rebel scum!"

      The ships of Battlecarrier Group Nevada did as ordered, firing away at the enemy ships, hundreds of missiles and railgun rounds streaking through space. The massed fire of the entire fleet obliterated the rebel ships and caused each one of them to either explode into a massive fireball, or break into several pieces and burn up in atmosphere.

      The final ship that was still alive was the Hyperion. It seemed as if its captain was determined to make a last stand, as it fired every single one of its weapons at the Atropos. Hundreds of missiles were launched in unison, and it fired its remaining railgun batteries not damaged during the battle, before unleashing its two particle cannons. The combined munitions would have outright plowed through any UEG ship.

      That wasn't the case for the Atropos, as it was the newest class of warship in the UEGNC. A grid of glowing blue hexagons flared to life, the missiles and rounds detonating harmlessly against it, and the particle beams dissipated upon hitting the ship's gigaton-rated shields.

      In retaliation, the Atropos' particle cannons began to glow red, before twin beams erupted out, going straight through both the Hyperion's shields and hull, coming out the other end. The CFF flagship's guns went quiet for a few seconds, before the entire thing went up in an explosion that was brighter than the system's sun. Then it was gone, nothing left but pieces of metal, and space was quiet once more.

      The crews of every UEG ship immediately broke into wild cheers as aerospace craft performed celebratory rolls, before they returned to their parent ships.

      Cedric smiled as he claimed his seventeenth victory against rebel forces this year and closed his eyes in a quiet celebration. Then he opened them again and decided he had more pressing matters at hand.

      Namely, the rogue Heydrian ship.

      He opened up a channel to the ship. "This is Admiral Geoff Cedric of the UEGNC. Commander Wilk, you mind telling me what you're doing on that ship?"


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    Apocrypha's Light.
    War room talks
    Heva'Latre's eyes narrowed at the hologram, he then leaned back up looking down on the commander. "I do not agree with your actions, however it is not prevented by imperial decree." Heva turned around giving his back to the executor. "This is your responsibility, Michal. i trust you can handle this, i will get the courts to call for wilk's arrest. his act of treason will be fairly sentenced." Heva then walked off leaving the commander, he had other matters to attend to.
    Alpha Station: Paradise District
    The Descent Unto Madness

    Valvet was walking through the thin and narrow streets of alpha to meet up with her client waving through the crowd and avoiding any shady looking characters. Her ears were being pounded by both the music blasting off in the clubs and the loud echos of clangs of industrial work in the distance. She wasnt a newcomer to alpha and she had been here for about a week, she had friends and associates all over the place and she knew where to avoid. Standing out a bit with a bright pink jacket she wore simple UEG wear underneath, she walked into a club and went straight to the bar to order a few drinks. "Give me something smooth, and fruity, lots of ice" The bartender nodded knowing exactly what to get, then Valvet turned around to take a look at the scene. The club was awash in neon lights and loud electric music that drowned the ears so much it would be hard to eavesdrop on any conversations. Her little observation of the club was quickly interrupted by the bartender who settled her drink down. "Thank you" winking at the bar tender she took a sip of the drink and started to ponder about why she was there.

    "Agent Valvantine, we want you to infiltrate one of the United Earth Governments rebel factions, and relay us information on their situation. Work for them, find out what they know, their weaknesses and if you can weaken the UEG itself, gain power from within. We will not be able to help you on this mission you are assigned, understood?" Valvantine saluted. "Yes sir, i did not volunteer without knowing the risks" She looked up at the Strageos with pride and honor. "Good, May Ewther guide you and Irus to grant you fortune. Remember, no one knows about this, aside from the mother of course." Valventine nodded, do whatever she can to destabilize the rebels and possibility become the ruler of the new UEG under the imperium

    But of course, there were cavats to everything, and with a mission so broad without so many specifics Valvet had to get creative she would have to use methods that the strageos would not agree with and would certainly get her convicted and killed but no one had know about it. Taking another sip of her fruity drink she glanced over at the entrance of the club waiting for her Colonial Freedom Front clientele.

    Diplomacy with UEG
    Beacon Spaceport, Beacon City, Devana
    Tlurs eyes narrowed "Rebel attacks" Tlur didnt like the idea of a people rebelling against their government it only destabilizes the situation even further, and the outcome after would be much more bleaker. "Tell me, AI Gideon, Why would prompt the terrorists to rebel?" Tlur had a few ideas as to why, simple acts to gain power, mistreatment of citizens, failing economy. But Tlur wasnt the one to assume, he liked to know the truth and to be blunt about his intentions, but of course he was careful as to who he tells. Otherwise he wouldn't be a diplomat. "The imperium may help your people in your conflict against the rebels." Tlur bowed to the AI "Aside from simple resources and only on your leaders behalf of course" Indeed a weakened ally was more of a liability but the imperium accepts all, and that includes her allies, The humans of the UEG will inevitably convert to Heldrilism of course, as it seemed they are feeling the wraith of Zixmir.
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    Close encounters

    The Diplomat and the guards stare at the roman styled travelers. In galactic standard, they muse abit and ask "Are you guys.. going to a convention? A Human reenactment troop?"

    Faustus was silent for a moment "sorry what?" the crew all looked at each other "we are the invictus legion, sent on the orders of our emperor"

    Betwixt, the Heydrians look to each other. "Do you ... are you..."
    "What are your orders?"

    "our orders are to conquer new worlds and expand our empire" Faustus said in a commanding tone.

    "Yeah, yeah. You got any ... proof of your... empire? Your ship looks pretty ... outdated..."

    "outdated?" Faustus seemed almost insulted "the gods themselves provided us these vessels"

    He doesn't want to reply to the statement. A brief pause, then he says "Well, uh... how are you going to expand with... equipment like that?"

    Again Faustus was struck with a puzzled look "you seem to be under-dressed, where is your Armour, your swords?" as he crossed his arms

    He just stares. "We don't need armor, nor do we need swords. Its been thousands of year since that sort of technology was used."

    The whole crew was struck with silence at first, then they began to whisper, whisper about what horrors could await them "Silence!" Faustus yelled "oh really? then what types of weapons are used now?"

    "We can show you."

    Faustus gripped the handle of his shield, as did his crew

    "Not on you guys!"
    He sighs. "We'll show it to you on ... dummies."

    "I...see" Faustus loosed his grip on his shield, "well then show us these weapons that out match ours"

    "Follow me." He turns and walks back inside of the small Heydrian vessel, towards the HNS Militant

    "So be it" he beckons some of his men to stay behind, he goes with his trusted signifer and another legionnaire "let us see what the future holds"
    the two men follow him

    on the HNS Militant, One of the Heydrian guards follows them and the diplomat. They arrive at a barracks, next to the barracks a firing range

    one of the Heydrian guards whispers to the others "should we report this?"

    The guard he was whispered to nods his head.
    Another guard, who was doing the presentation, takes his STAVKA Type 1
    The guard aims down, and awaits the diplomat. "See, this is a STAVKA Type 1. A firearm which is used to render targets dead from a distance."

    "how will your crossbow fire without a lath or string?"
    the signifer asks

    "Fire at the target." He says in response.
    The guard fires, the red laser beam pews out from the barrel
    The target, made of wood, is burnt

    "By Mars" the three men say in unison, ""

    One of the guards sneers quietly in the background upon hearing the phrase

    Faustus hears him "what is it that thou finds funny?" he snaps at the guard

    The guard coughs dismissing it

    Faustus looks at the burnt target "all you did was point and shoot" he pauses "that needs no skill"

    Another guard spoke out "it isnt too different from throwing spears"

    "A spear requires training as does the bow,if you came from Domitus you would know" Faustus places his hand on his sword pommel
    "i mean no offence, i am just...amazed"

    "Invictus... Legion?"
    The diplomat asks

    "Yes, that is our legion" Faustus says proudly "invictus means undefeated" he says with the same tone

    "Where is this legion located? Where is your corner of our galaxy?'

    "The metal angels told us we are in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy in the bovum system"

    "Well, I hope you good travels on your.. galactic conquest. Our Empire will look for that system."

    "what will you do when you find it?" Faustus said, almost gripping his sword

    "Discuss how we can benefit each other."

    "who is your Emperor?"

    "Tytus Duch, Grand Emperor of the Empire of Heydros."
    "However, we'll send our lord commanders to your system to discuss such matters."

    "So be it"
    "Carpe omnia quae possunt capta est"


    "Farewell" Faustus gave a bow before returning to his ship "what am i going to tell the Emperor?"
  19. HMS Raskolnikov
    Kefalonian Freighter
    Fringes of Invictus Empire Space
    The Raskolnikov was a merchantman of the Kefalonian Rumkov-class, the vessel was long with a wide berth and either end of its rectangular body was capped with long spires that served as signal towers and turrets for light anti-ship weaponry. The Raskolnikov was not on a mission of war, however, but one of trade. The planetary governor of the nearby world had recently signed an agreement with the Kefalonian shipping firm "Plotov and Sons" opening up a lucrative shipping lane for his planet and giving them access to a greater variety of wares.

    Kefalonia was a known entity in the Empire, although formal contact had not been established. Traders had been doing business for generations in isolated incidents, but this was the first time that an official deal had been struck with a Kefalonian exporter. In time, perhaps, this would bring the attention of the Emperor to this fringe world.

    Below the cargo hold of the ship were several cells, small and barebones, with only a bed, a sink, a mirror for shaving, and a small watercloset. A small lightbulb swung back and forth on a wire from the overhead as Proctor Weklan Remov held his silver necklace in his hand. The necklace bore the shape of a saint, specifically St. Helgeria of Alexandros: patron saint of travelers. The Proctor wore a black, longsleeved shirt that buttoned to one side, and a simple pair of black slacks and spacer boots. A red belt and pin with the Church's insignia on it designated him as part of the clergy. As he swung the necklace back and forth in his fingers, the door swung open. Proctress Almetia entered and shut the door. She was short for a Kefalonian, red hair contrasting her deathly pale complexion, and her uniform identical to his.

    "The Captain says we're almost there. We'll be exiting hyperspace soon. Do you know what to expect?" She sat down on the bed beside him.

    Remov placed the necklace back in his pocket, sighed, and shrugged his shoulders. "These people are said to be barbarous, pagans, and living in unconscionable sin." He said softly. "It is very likely we will be expelled, or worse. But that was always a risk of the Calling."

    The Proctess was silent for a moment. "I don't fear death, I fear that I might do a disservice to these people."

    He patted her hand reassuringly. "Come now, you are one of the brightest pupils I have ever seen. Remember, we went to seminary together."

    "I remember, Brother."

    He stood and walked to the mirror, examining the gaunt, hatchetlike features of his face.

    "Leave me, if you would kindly. Summon me again when we have arrived at the spaceport."

    The Proctress stood and bowed her head reverently and he returned the bow. Looking down into the sink as she left, he ran his hand under the water and washed his face. Reborn, a man of the Invictus Empire. He went back to his bed, took the necklace back from his pocket, and resumed his prayer.

    "Almighty Maker give me strength
    To accept death or a higher toll
    For my fellow man
    That they might hear the thunder
    Of your just voice and mercy"

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  20. A Dragon's GuestsInside the Eluditict Pylon
    Conjoinment of Another Day in the Office and First Contact

    [Ship approaching hangar, Airlock systems detected. Activating airlock systems in Hangar four.]

    [Pressurizing... Pressurization complete.]

    Daerys turned away from the screen, adjusting the panels and walls to accommodate the Orokin better. His ears laid back as the ceiling plates descended into the voluminous phantasmagoria the Umbra crafted and stored of the Servyus' past. Settling as pond water, the phantasmagoria settled, binding with the molding plates. A physical response was given to the dream. Focusing on position, the Umbra brushed it aside for the moment, lashing his wing carefully and elegantly. On cue, a crystal descended as an angel, softly brushing the curling air that raced around the chamber. The cheers and calls of the wind chanted all around the room. The apex crystal twirled, emitting projections in energy waves. The waves bounced off walls as foamy ocean waves, singing as spirits drinking on the living. Cloaked in black jackets, covering to the feet; six advisors rose from the wave. A figment of energy, but nonetheless, the weary would mistake. Daerys smoked out dark fire to touch the chambers, leaving the room almost black.

    The farthest to the left stepped forward, stepping upon a pedestal. Her six arms folded into a triangle, softly. As she rose from the pedestal's ascension, she opened her eyes and released her hood from her head. Faint lights inside of her mechanical body showed her presence. Her face was flat, resembling one a human would wear as a helmet. Yet, it was smooth and positioned two teal eyes. Her jacket seemed loose as if the size was too grand. However, she stepped carefully, steadying herself to speak. Her projecting image widened, showing thousands of civilian ships, leaving the dock and waiting at the edge of space. Multiple lines of civilians waited behind her, scanning koldirai crystals and boarding the remaining vessels. Roughly the size of a Bastion, the ships had little weaponry and held large amounts of viewing space. Faintly, multiple fleets of military vessels stood by in a triangular formation. She spoke softly, "The Expedition to the Ultoras sector lives for your service. The unemployed and poor of our worlds have trained and prepared, as well as volunteers. Five Billion have prepared to colonize the sited worlds. Such, my absence will be grave and grand citing a sectoral capital being my return. Nexus, as selected. A plan of colonization beeneth sent to you, my Umbra, and the Volum. Worlds closest to the border will be colonized last, leaving time to incorporate a Dynax gate to the sectorial transport system. Projected mining and manufacturing systems shall be settled by that time. A new armada of defensive fleets will accompany the expedition."

    The Umbra nodded, "The plan proposed is logical. Note that conflict with the Kefalon Empire is likely, so it may be minded that caution prevails within you. Support be resumed after the victory."

    "Awaiting approval of the Volum, the expedition shall proceed then on. Thank you, my Umbra."

    "Shadow guide you, my daughter." She turned around, letting her image condense into an orb of orange light. The next advisor jumped high to the pedestal, his body resembled that of a dire wolf. The jacket had been adjusted to his form, concealing most of him still. He wagged his metal tail as he looked up and removed his hood. His armored face encircled the profile of his body. Speaking as grease lightning and a relentless assault.

    "Recent conflict with the Moon Scythes have suffered light losses. The planetary shield held against their focused fire until a defense fleet could surprise them. Their sensors seem to miss our signatures due to our unique technologies. Weapon data from the skirmish have given great insight. A new shield prototype can be installed onto participating fleets at your command. Stasis gem weaponry is ready to be installed on Osos now, my Umbra. The conflict ahead will be the testing grounds for these weapons. Crews have been briefed on how to use them and their effects."

    The Umbra nodded, slowly moving multiple pieces of obsidian to shelves. "Continue, what is the progress of the missile silos and investigations?"

    "The missile silos have been captured, two thousand humans have been killed in the combat. Only one hundred Servyus suffered death, no injuries. The payload of the silos could single-handily make our war with the Kefalons a skirmish. They are threatened with civil war, multiple ships have deserted to support the rebels. Striking now will lend us advantages, yet our rim worlds should be our focus. Any damage to our infrastructure would slow us down from expanding. Multiple officials have notified me of the expansions the Republic is pursuing. We need to be cautious in the damages we take."

    "Consider, I shall. However, King Darius shall not attack. He will defend to carve us to end it. Survival is his goal." The Umbra looked to the ceiling of the chamber, "Fire the payloads at the gateway world of Atterax, then eliminate military installations. Speaking with Darius is pointless."

    "Yes, my Umbra. Be done."

    The Umbra smiled, "I know you will, dear brother. Visit me on the Vector to the Heavens soon. We've much to speak of." The Umbra's brother rose like a howl before vanishing. Daerys turned around as the next teleported to the pedestal.

    "Greetings, major progress. Destination control is inadequate. However, matrix generators perfected and ready for the minimum load." Vanishing, the faceless hollow of a Servyus vanished. Longer limbs than any the Umbras had seen. However, his guests were soon to arrive. The remaining projections laid dormant in an energy cube on Daerys's shelf, softly waiting. Focusing, the chambers drew eerie as fog crept in, darkness misted across the diamond room. Cities, heroes, technologies, and ships laid visible. The display returned to view. A table and chair molded out of the plates, ready for his guests. A simple projection of dots of light gave lighting for them, showing the etchings of past Umbras on the panels of the walls. Their portraits are hidden in the Umbronic plane.

    As Hate approached, the Umbra smiled, placing a red crystal on the table. Eyes sharpened, ears tucked back. Back plates condensed, as music played in the background.

    ~Before Hate's Arrival~

    As the Orokin's ships approached, the Eluditict Pylon surrounded them. As a grace and a shadow, the sleek curves and edges mystified the hull and floor plan of the ship. Sizing at one-third the size of the Jupiter, the "Vector to the Heavens" stricken others as a Seraphim among the worlds in appearance and utility. Inspiring in design, the ship hummed with delight. Wings searched out, looking for space to entertain and secure. On the cornerstones of the wings, twin crystals laid in beacon foundations, streaming energy across the ship in iridescent colors. Debris moved in, meeting a wave of energy from these crystals. Stamping them off with repulse force. Nothing entered afterward. Wyvern Servyus from the ship would fly out to reclaim these scraps for repair of the fleet. Temporarily stored ships rose to the fleet from Zinyix, following suit with the curtain formation.

    Looking closer, streaks of color rode throughout. A texture of gas and free as Americans on the Fourth of July, the colors added depth to the hull, where most ships seem to lack. All across the ship, there were weapons that gave ornament and style. Evidence of the Servyus's purpose in glamorous lethality. Side weapons rested in swarms of shards, that would collect together to form the Altos Tachyon weapons, shooting Tachyon diamonds with chains that pull the diamond into the target. A nose gun for a fighter inside of a pocket. The hangar to the left stared back at them, taller than two capital ships. The upside-down triangle shape was bordered with weak gravity well to keep the processed atmosphere inside of the mega-capital ship. The Orokin's ship passed through easily. Once inside, they noticed the seemingly endless hanger space above them, and the inter ship portals to store smaller craft.

    As Hate and his escort left their ship, they were greeted by two Servyus whom used a swarm of smaller nanobots to scan the contains on them. Not invasive, nothing was taken. Slowly, they guided Hate to the hallways where they guided him to the Umbra. On a large lobby like area, Yagdra stood by. He nodded to the Servyus guides first before reaching his hand out to shake Hate's hand. Yagdra had much of a brutish body, lean and tall. His head was spiky, with a decorative paint of ash and lava over his body. A pair of shards extruded from his shoulders, highlighting the plates that shadowed over the connection between arm and shoulder. Yagdra was nothing like the others, which isn't shocking. Passing sixty Servyus, the Orokin would notice how little in appearance and many areas individuals had. However, the race had a great sense of commonality and unity that seemed amplified by the creative diversity each individual had.

    As Hate would naturally accept, Yagdra spoke elegantly. "So you must be our new contacts," He flipped a Ultimas, an energy coin, in his other hand calmly. "Welcome aboard the Vector to the Heavens, a ship commemorated to the first Umbra of our Republic, Hunhow. Whom is out on diplomatic expeditions as we speak. He was one of the first philosophers of our species. Now, I'd imagine you would wonder. Our species is middle-aged from our understanding of others. Being purely what humans call "Mechanical" has helped us progress faster than some would expect. As such, Hunhow is four and a half millenniums in age, and he moves as much as you would expect from me being barely twenty."

    Yagdra paused, "I'm Yagdra, grandson of the Umbra. He asked me to give you these glasses to wear. It will help you see the spectacle he has for you in the Umbronic plane. A plane of this world we use for a multitude of purposes." Yagdra handed them all a pair, crystal lenses naturally. He pressed his hands into the door, creating a portal to Daerys's chambers. Once everyone stepped through, Yagdra jumped up to Daerys's shoulders. Daerys towered over everything, the size of Smaug with the full complement of dragon powers.

    Daerys calmly stretched his wings, "Sit down friend, we have much to discuss!"

  21. The Kefalonian Freighter
    The air was still around the camp, slaves and legionnaires preparing it for their visitors, these traders who would be arriving to this world within the hour to trade goods.

    "Ave Claudius!" exclaimed a voice from the distance, Claudius rose from his chair, he was a Decanus who would dare to simply call him like some mongrel pup.However as the man came closer he saw his good friend Paulus "Ha, well met Paulus!" it had been some time, almost 4 months since he had last seen his childhood friend "Its been far too long, come and sit"

    He passed his friend a cup of wine.The two sat down to drink for there was no Centurion around to punish them for drinking on the job, mainly because he had fallen ill and in turn was unable to patrol the camp and subsequently making Claudius the man of highest rank within the camp, "So you'll be the one greeting the traders?" Paulus asked with a slightly condescending but jovial tone, "I shall and thank Saturn that something is happening on this rock, I've been so bored I've resorted to juggling wine cups to keep my sanity" he said, taking a large sip of wine.

    "These traders Claudius, what do we know of them?" Paulus asked in a much more serious tone, "Not much" he responded "But i know they don't worship the pantheon gods" Really? Paulus asked, leaning closer to Claudius "Yes and from what i hear there rather serious about it" Paulus leaned back again and just as he did a guard called for them from outside the tent, "Sir, the traders ship is in the sky and is currently making its way down to land!" The two men rose up form their seats and made their way to the landing area "Its time to become heralds of the future" Claudius said.

    By the time the men made it to the landing area the ship was ready to meet them, a group of people emerged from the large vessel, some of these men were gaunt with somewhat sharp features apart from one woman, blazing red hair and skin like snow, Claudius thought she was rather beautiful, he took a moment to look at himself, his skin was a somewhat dark beige, his hair a dirty blonde. He gave a bow "Ave, welcome to the planet of Tullius we are honored to receive you" he said with a proud tone "I am Claudius, this camps Decanus, if you would follow me to my tent we can begin our exchange"

    The group followed the legionnaires through the camp, Paulus could tell they were uncomfortable, surrounded by primitive men and their slaves, once they reached the tent Claudius beckoned them inside and ordered a slave to fetch them some wine "So what does the Kefalonian empire want with us?"

  22. The Trade Agreement
    The party that had been sent to finalize the negotiation consisted of five people. Three of them were men, two were women. Two of the men and one of the women were dressed in leather jackets over some sort of formfitting jumpsuit made of a durable material with thigh-high boots that buckled to the legs of the jumpsuits. These were what Kefalonians called "spacers." They were professional space travellers. One of them, the tallest man who wore glasses and a peaked cap, carried with him a bundle of papers tied in a burgundy colored leather portfolio.

    Behind the three spacers walked the other man and woman, both dressed in all black save for their red belts, and the pins on their breasts that bore a picture of a stylized sun laid under the image of an open book. They had quiet demeanors and were easily identified as some kind of clergy.

    Upon entering the tent, the Captain spoke first. He put his hand out to shake.

    "My name is Captain Yurov. The question is not what the Kefalonian Empire wants with you, but what Plotov and Sons Shipping Incorporated wants with you."

    He found a table and laid out his portfolio, taking several documents out written in Latin and Kefalonian. The Kefalonians were usually polite business partners in that they usually made the effort of using the regional language instead of Standard.

    "According to our manifest, the governor of this planet placed an order for a few odds and ends, some food supplies and medicine. But more importantly he wanted us to come with the official agreement that allows Plotov and Sons to do business here. So here it is."

    He slid the document closer to Paulus to allow him to read it and set a pen down on the table. "We just need the signature of the highest ranking government official. I presume that is you."

    As the Captain talked to Paulus, the other Kefalonians looked around. One of them cupped their hand over their mouth so as not to smell the unwashed soldiers. The two priests merely stood, before the woman turned to the man and started conversing softly in Kefalonian. They could have been talking about anything: insulting their hosts or talking about sports.

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