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    he first truth in life is that you will die. But some things transcend this truth. For nine souls of varying luck, honor, and inclination, death is only a facet of their existence. They endure and gain a sort of immortality from the god or goddess they serve. They are known as the Vindex, Champions of the Gods. Whether it be of the great Greek pantheon, the mysterious overseers of the children of the Nile, the battle-born divinity of the Nordics, or the avatars of Eastern lands, they have blessed(or cursed) these individuals to enforce their will upon the Earth. This group of warriors has fought war after war on behalf of the Gods, and being their errand runners between conflicts.

    It has been a long road, but a kind of prosperity has come to the world. But, even still, the wickedness in the hearts of man has runneth over, causing the scales to be thrown to and fro. The cycle of witnessing life and death has been endlessly exhausting. A millennium of mistakes and regrets is a hard burden to bear for anyone. There is only so much a heart can hold before it becomes bitter from the burn of this reality.

    The times have come for a change from this misery. An opportunity to be free has arisen, though it is uncertain if the task can be achieved. To break the cycle and unbind themselves from this conflict the Vindex must do the unthinkable: they must kill the Primordial Titan only known as "The First". It rises, feeding off the suffering of the world that has grown into a resounding chorus. The gods worry that if this fiend isn't managed everything will fall to it. It does not want to rule; it wants everything to decay and cease to nothing. Their best warriors have everything on the line to defeat it. Now is the time to see if they can be something more than the divine.

    Some of the Vindex want to obey their orders and earn their right to their own lives, but some are eager to use this as an opportunity to betray their God and rise to their station in their own right. Either way, they're in search of the greatest deaths ever.

    Hello again, peeps. I have wanted to do this for a long time, inspired by an RP I was a part of in 2022 ( @a z u l a gets all credit for the amazing RP that gave life to this one, thanks bunches if you remember me!). It has elements of some of the TV shows, movies, and anime I've been into lately. As for the inclusion of different deities from all over the world, I feel like they ruled the area of the world that they are in, still having some influence to this day. As for the reason they're connected under one banner, it will come up as we progress in the story. Each role has a different flavor and feel free to include any sort of world deity you want your character to be the champion of. Some are blessed with this position and some are cursed to it. But, all of the characters are under the thumb of something bigger than themselves and it can affect them diversely or not at all. The choice is yours on how you'd like to portray your character.

    The characters will also have two special abilities: one mundane and one supernatural. They will also have a weapon imbued with the power their host deity gives it. Choose wisely what these are for your character. Every detail counts. You're creativeness will be your friend in this situation, so don't hold back.

    I hope you guys like the RP's potential. A character sheet page will be made with appropriate interest, so don't be shy. Let's see what you've got!




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song checks out, I can tell this will have me in a chokehold
I'll be opening the discord and character sheets in a little bit. Thanks for all the kind words❀️
I would like to point out a change in the rules. 15+, for there will be some mature topics but I would like to give some "younger" writers a chance to grow their talent and be involved. So, no ultra heavy /too graphic stuff.


The character sheets can be made here! Thanks again for all the interest! 8/9 spots are officially open for the taking.
Interested! I love stories that explore immortality and gods and men.

the applications are still being accepted. Please refer to the links above to join the discussions and get your character in motion.

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