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Multiple Settings Infinite Verse - Arc One: The Town For the Blissful Doomed (Demo)


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Who, truly, are the Gods?
To say they are the “most powerful” beings to exist may not be the best description. A more fitting word would perhaps be…”Omnipotent.

How omnipotent, exactly?

Enough to see through the infinite universes that exist across our infinite timelines…To interject into each of them, play among the parallels like strings between their fingers. Naturally, they rule over us - occasionally hearing out some prayers to give a helping hand, or maybe throw a natural disaster in with a snap of their fingers. That’s really how their lives consist of, for billions and billions and billions and…well, infinite years.

So naturally, they got bored.

Thus, on one fine day when several of these omnipotent gods gathered around to ruminate on the sameness of lives and the blandness of natures…One of them eagerly spoke out:

“I have an idea! Why don’t we…”

You are not ready for death yet, but life is cruel and unpredictable.

For whatever reason it is, your consciousness was slipping away. It was far too soon for you to bid farewell to the world you grew up in, to recognize that you may never see your loved ones again (if you have any). You were upset, devastated, powerless. There are things you still need to do, dreams you still wish to achieve. Yet fragile you were against the fate of demise, your vision slowly faded as you let out your last breath…

Ah, but worry not, the gods have heard your pleas.

When you regained consciousness, you found yourself floating among a space devoid of any presence and light. Enveloped in complete darkness, the only source of illumination is a piece of glowing paper that you would find yourself holding. The paper, as you began to read, seemed to be some sort of consent form:

Dear guests,

Congratulations! Your strong desire to return to the living has deeply touched us. We are honored to have you as our first-ever participants for our brand new survival show, Infinite Verse! In exchange for your participation, you may be rewarded a second chance of life.

By signing your name below, you agree to be a part of the
Infinite Verse survival game. You will be participating in a series of challenges, each in a different parallel universe that we have selected for you. Your goal is to complete the assigned mission without dying—or at least, last as long as you can. Surprises, hints, or rewards may be provided along each journey based on your performances. Note that specific rules will be imposed with each challenge, with corresponding consequences if there’s failure to comply.

A successful completion to all challenges will allow you to return to the world you come from in a perfect, healthy state for a second chance in life. It is inspirational for us to sense your utterly strong desire to live. Do not disappoint.

If you deny this opportunity, you will be returning to finish your last breath.

We await your response.

Yours truly,
The Gods You Saw Back When You Looked Up At The Sky
(Or You May Call Us:

You may have been baffled, frustrated, hesitant. You may have gone through an entire mental battle in that strange dark place in your struggle to sign the mysterious paper in front of you. Regardless…

You ended up signing.

And the next time you blink…You are in a different world.

Arc One: The Town For the Blissful Doomed

…Perhaps, to be more accurate, you don’t really have the chance to see what this “different world” is yet. After all, you woke up to find both your hands and feet cuffed, lying in a dimly lit room with seven other people you do not recognize.

Before you can comprehend things further, a blue transparent screen popped up in front of you. There were a lot of words on it. You could choose not to read it. But maybe it’s better if you do.

Year: 2030
Your role: Eager outsiders, potential sacrifices (?)

The Town of Persico has always been an urban legend among people. It is a mysterious town that apparently only shows up on July 7th every seven years. The only way to access it is to embark on a journey into the northern woods on the outskirts of the city, to locate a specifically tilted tree in the middle of the forest, where a strange peach-like mark is engraved…If you’re lucky enough to have the tree present itself to you, legend has it that it will bring you to a beautiful town, where fruits and vegetables prosper by themselves with little care, where all life-forms stay healthy and strong, where resources are infinite and people are eternally happy…

Eight curious adventurers decided to test out the legitimacy of this rumor by embarking on the journey to discover the Town of Persico. They were overjoyed to discover that the legend is indeed true as they found themselves transported to this so-called beautiful town. Soon, however, they would learn that their decision may perhaps have been a mistake.

We have swapped these eight curious adventurers with you. Do not worry. only you and us, the System, will know. This swapping is oblivious to everyone else involved.

Your current location: Persico Church Basement

Escape The Town
Save The Town

To be updated! Be patient~Tehe!

Roleplay Genre: Fantasy, Action, Mystery, Horror, Anime
[Discord OOC]

Hey everyone, admin here. Thanks for giving this a read.

The inspiration of this roleplay is inspired from a very popular Chinese web novel genre 無限流 (Multiple Transmigration/World Hopping). But ultimately, it is sort of an isekai + multiverse genre where characters, under the control of a so-called “System,” are isekaied away from their original world, to travel to different universes to complete missions for an ultimate reward. These "missions" in different universes may be interpreted kind of like how characters isekaied into online games - "pop-up" screens will appear once in a while, and with story progression, your characters may work with the system to level up, obtain things, become stronger, to help complete each mission or prepare them for future arcs. More will be explained as the roleplay starts to formalize with confirmation of interest.

I would like to state that this is only a “demo” roleplay to test out whether my roleplay idea will work. Meaning, only “arc one” has been prepared for now that will last, hopefully, the duration of the upcoming summer. Because I am mostly busy, I really only have this summer to try this roleplay out lol. For this reason as well, I am mainly looking for active roleplayers who will be able to reply often and consistently so that hopefully…I can finish the roleplay by the end of August. Yes, it is kind of a short roleplay despite the big plot due to limited time of me as an admin. With this said, if you are still willing to go on a short roleplay journey with me and try this out, I will be...I will be very happy *sobs*

Your characters, essentially, are people who have died from whatever worlds they came from, before our omnipotent gods decided to ask if they wanted to participate in their little survival show game. If they win, then hey, they get to go back to living! But participation may mean they have to face obstacles that may be even worse than death…Anyways.

What will they choose to do?!?!

Yes, the roleplay will include action on top of mystery solving. If your character lacks any skills or powers - don't worry, the System will help them along the way...

I hope the plot so far is enough to pique your interest in this little demo. If it is a success, then future arcs may be prepared under the premise that the roleplay turns official. Alas, that is a talk of the future. Let me know if you are interested in the roleplay based on what you have now, with this first arc plot.

I am only planning to include eight members to participate in this role play for now, and the characters may each come from a different world. The eight spots are shown below:

- 2 characters from a modern/normal world (0/2) (the world of you and me, no magic or supernatural skills, ordinary)
- 2 fantasy characters (0/2)
- 2 sci-fi characters (2/2)
- 2 wuxia characters (1/2)

You are free to create whatever world setting they come from that eventually leads to the character you have now.

A lot of things may still seem very vague for now. More description and setting will be provided once the actual roleplay begins. It is set (ideally) to start by the beginning of June.

Yes.,.The more I write the less formally written they become…Perhaps it’s time to peace out…For now…until interest is shown….

Anyways, thanks for finishing this whole thing!

Co-admin: Dawnsx Dawnsx
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Sounds audacious,I was just thinking of an idea for a fantasy character who was on a quest but died/got isekaied before they could finish it. I could fill that role.

Thinking about it,I have a sci-fi character idea that might fit,too.
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Oooo this sounds fun! I love multi transmigration stories~ I'm down for this !!
Since we've got more than 8 people with some overlap in interest of the roles, we're gonna ask that anyone interested submit a blurb of your character in the link below by 5/20 so that we can pick the best fit for this roleplay!

I just want to say, I have seen/read too many of this specific chinese web novel genre, and you are so based for making a roleplay about it xD

Have fun!🏃‍♂️(If any room opens up in any future arcs or anything, lmk!)
In terms of the modern setting, how much are we allowed to deviate?

You are allowed to deviate as much as you want as long as it stays within the border of modern setting (and not reaching sci-fi) for the sake of it being a modern world character.

Just note though, and this particularly applies to sci-fi/fantay/wuxia characters, that no matter how powerful and strong your character may be / how wild the world he/she comes from - the system will automatically equalize everyone once they get into the world they isekai-ed into.

Although this is more for later when the character thread is up, maybe it may be helpful to know now since brains are already being activated to make characters. Quoting from our character thread (and crediting Dawn for writing this up for me):

"It is important to keep in mind that the System will equalize your character's powers. You can feel free to create a powerful mage whose powers can easily nuke a city, but once they are brought to the other world, their power will be scaled down so that they can't throw anything more than a fireball. Similarly, a regular human with no notable ability could get a physical boost to make sure that they could keep up with the other characters. This equalization applies to weapons and equipment as well. Your character has a big ol' laser gun? It won't do more damage than a regular gun.

No need to worry though! As your character progresses through the roleplay, they will be rewarded with level-ups that will slowly restore their abilities. We will leave it up to you to appropriately nerf your characters (or buff them, if they start as a regular human)."

Hope this helps!

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