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Multiple Settings In search of a 1x1!

Winter Kakyoin

"I could've saved them... I really could've..."
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Hello everyone! Lately, there's been a few different fandoms and original settings I've been looking to do, but it's hard to find anyone that would like to do them. I do double up for fandom rps. I don't feel comfortable when I can't play as at least one of my OCs

Now, I am going to say now, that the original setting are just... As I said... settings. There's not really any plots for them, it's mainly just a list of settings/locations I'd like to do some original rps in.

Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit


Star Trek

The Lost Boys (1987)


Silent Hill

Harry Potter

The Crow
Original Settings:

Haunted Forest

Abandoned Hospital

Heavy Metal Concert



New Neighborhood

Horrorwood (based on the Ice Nine Kills song)

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these!

(More may be added later!)
hello! if you are still interested, I would love to do an original story with you. are you comfortable writing with minors?
If your still looking for a partner, I'd love to roleplay an original setting with OCs.

I have an idea based off your setting ideas, if your up for it.

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