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Fandom i can bring you in warm, or i can bring you in cold 🌌 [star wars]


pookie is missing!
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about me

[NAME] pookie
[NICKNAME] kiki / po
[PRONOUNS] she / her
[TIMEZONE] gmt-8
[MISC] here, queer, older than dirt (25+)

bienvenue power bottoms, and welcome back to yet another roleplay search! though i've got a bigger one in the works for some nebulous time in the future, i'm not currently ~around~ enough to post that big multi-fandom mess (that and i really need to get a little further into one of the medias before i recklessly blast an ad out into the void)

so today we're simply going to post a star wars ad (though in fairness i should probably have waited to post this one too but shhhhhhhhhhhhh it's fiiiiiine) because who doesn't love a good old fashioned space romp? now normally, in 99% of all fandoms i ad for, i look for canon x oc.
and while i'm still looking to write a canon for you, we've hit a snag in that i don't. uh. really have any canon star wars love interests askjdhfgk

so what i'm going to do is ask you to make an oc for me unless otherwise stated. and if you'd be so, so kind, i'd appreciate it if you were open to faceclaim requests.
(there's also a secret second option where if you're feeling spicy and up to cross overs/alternate universes, i'd love for you to write tony stark for me in a sw au)

rules and limits

all potential partners should be at least 20+ if not 22+, as i'm legit staring 30 in the face here kids

i am a multipara/novella writer. i am largely a flow/vibes based writer in that i follow the general narrative rhythm, but i do have the ability to write at least 3,000w (if not like 5,000 since some of my profiles have gotten that high) and very rarely do most my posts dip below 250w.
you do not have to match me, i think that puts undue stress on you. but know i write a lot, and i am asking you to be able to write a minimum of 250 words or so.

my mediums are private messages, discord, and email!

doubling is required.

although i require doubling, i do offer tripling if you'd like an ot3 or love triangle on your side 👀

i'm fine with all pairing types! m/f, m//, f//, canon/oc, canon//, oc//, are all fine with me! my pairing will be m/f (in a queer way), but i will write whatever you like for your side!

my limits are smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol, substance abuse/addiction. i don't want to read about it i don't want to write about it i don't want to see it in images (memes, faceclaims, etc). yes, before you ask, this means i don't want any discussions of the in universe "spice" that comes up frequently in the canon. there are a million and one other things we could be using for outer rim scuffles and criminal backgrounds. it's not that important to the story, i promise. my other limits include sexual assault, pedophilia, incest, and the basic "don't be fucking weird" blanket limits of the community.

star wars

[MOVIES] episodes i - viii, rogue one
[SHOWS] mandalorian s1-3, book of boba fett
[GAMES] swei: racer
[WIP] jedi: fallen order (chapter 6), kotor (dantooine after taris)
[FUTURE] obi-wan kenobi, andor, ahsoka, solo: a star wars story, jedi: survivor, kotor ii, clone wars, rebels, bad batch

alright so! what do i want? who will i play? all wonderful questions!

i can play probably any era that i'm aware of, but i'm most interested in the mandalorian/book of boba era. i'm also exceedingly interested in kotor, but seeing as how i'm only on my second planet, i imagine i'm not far enough into the game to responsibly ad for it aslkjdhfg

some [canons] i would love to play for you:
din djarin
boba fett
bo-katan kryze
fennec shand
cal kestis
luke skywalker
han solo
poe dameron
an original character w/ fc of your choosing
whoever you want except maybe hux i don't know much about him or remember him very well​

and since i don't want a canon, i'll instead tell you a little bit [about my oc]

mandalorian era:
  • former resistance pilot
  • captain for the yellow squadron (and/or gold squadron, i'm up for calling it either)
  • turned down the new republic's offer to become a patrolling police force
  • still kept her x-wing after the war tho
  • was relatively close with leia, in the sense that she was a captain and leia was her commanding officer as a general and they both respected each other
    • so i sort of forgot leia isn't a general in the original trilogy alksdjfg she just felt so integral to rebellion politics in the orig tril to me that i was like yeah, of course she's a general. of course she'd be called that in the sequel tril, that's what she's always been? i still stand by this character beat that they mutually respect each other as officers in the resistance, and while leia might not have the title of general she still acts like one so i imagine my oc still treats her like one
  • force sensitive but doesn't know it, and to what degree is unknown (but it aids her piloting ability)
  • headstrong, valiant, paladin-type selfless hero-material, gutsy, self sacrificing, wildcard, stubborn, constantly getting into trouble trying to help someone
  • loves droids and will defend them from anyone who is rude to them
  • is the kind of person to see some horrible feral monster beast and coo over it, wanting desperately to give them treats and pets
the other eras aren't fleshed out enough in my mind sorry aksdfjgh but that doesn't mean the others are off the table! it just means i don't have something already prepared​
ending thoughts

alright, that should be it! if interested, please private message me. from there i'd be happy to give you my discord for ooc once we can perform the ceremonial vibe check on each other :3

kindly do not post in this thread. i will delete it. private message me if you have something to say. i like to get a good first impression of you when you message me (the aforementioned ceremonial vibe check), and just waving a flag in the comments "i'm interested!", while well intentioned, is not a good first impression. tell me about yourself! what you want, what you're thinking, who you want me to write for you! i don't bite, i promise.

see you in the stars!
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