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Multiple Settings I Am Bored

Hello all!

I Am Bored. I am finally on track to getting a job in a local law enforcement agency but I won't be starting fore likely another month. Guess what that means! Just staying home, working out, and being a Susie homemaker (which just means I get to keep on cooking for hubby, mmm... New recipes to cook!). So I am looking for a partner to help this month go a little faster along, plus I've been having a writing affliction that has been biting at my backside for a week or two now.

Some General Rules...

1- No erotic
2- Please no one liners, I respect that some people use them as their style but it just doesn't fit the bill with me.
3- I guess I don't have that many rules.

Another thing about activity. I get that life gets in the way a lot, I am guilty of that. I'm not expecting replies every single hour, if there is a day or two gap in between a reply? I'm cool with that, I'll survive because I'm busy with training and house keeping so I may not reply cause I'm tired. We can discuss it on a case by case basis.

Some stuff about me and what I'm looking for...

I like older characters, that's mainly what my library is made up and I play a lot of males. All of my characters are based in military-police-emergency response backgrounds because that's what my life is like so I write about what I know very well.

Alright everyone! That's a wrap. I Am Bored, I'm sure you are to! SO come and get me!
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I have two superhero prompts .

Prompt A ( a sidekick or hero partner to your electrical hero)
Character start seeing lines connecting one object to another, and its everywhere. One day, they hold up a rock, planning to skip it. They accidentally blurt out the word “cut” while thinking about something. Suddenly, all lines attached to the rock disappears, and it vanishes from existence

Prompt B (sidekick, civilian friend to your electrical hero)
Characters super power is efficiency. When the super hero teams go out, they are there to take care of basic tasks for the sheltered supers, such as buying metro passes, ordering food, taking phone calls, and sometimes saving the day.

Would you be interested? Favorite superhero is Flash I guess?

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