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Advice/Help How do I create a Character profile here?


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Hello! Bas here!
I'm new to this site and I've been looking around some profiles and I'm wondering how do you display characters on this site?

I'm used to going to a user's profile and being able to find a character gallery (containing pictures, name, bio, backstory etc) but I can't seem to find that option here??

Can anyone help me out? I've already looked through the F.A.Q and wasn't able to find anything...

Thanks in advance!❤


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There are two places to put your characters. The character feedback subforum @official clown business mentioned is one of them, and where you put your loose characters or those you want for multiple RPs.

However, the general practice here is that RPs have their own character threads located in Extra Pages . The GM makes the thread there, and then the players make their character for their RP and post them in that thread the GM made.

In 1x1s that can also be done, or other methods can be used but those are more personalized for the specific players in the 1x1. Some prefer to put the characters in a thread, others offsite. Personally, I usually PM my character to my partner.

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