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Fandom hogwarts sol rp interest check


a nightmare to you specifically
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)

hogwarts + slice of life || lgbtqia+ friendly || real fcs || lazy lit

Looking for buddies to tag along in a long term hogwarts rp.
The world is pretty much a sandbox and I'd love to explore that with other people!
This roleplay is character driven.
Comment if you're interested and what roles you'd like!

Here's some guidelines to see if this is a good fit for you:

Canon accurate, setting: current day hogwarts.
Canon characters' children are void.
Hogwarts now uses college/university system:
year 1 (18/19), year 2 (19/20), year 3 (20/21), year 4 (21/22)
Void themes: Blood purity, anti-semitism using goblins
Any other things we can solve together!~

Follow RPNation terms of service.
Be over the age of 18.
No godmodding, auto-hit/win, gangs, criminals.
Long term but very casual. just write like 200 words and we're good.
Real face claims: no unknowns or anyone under 350k followers.
max character per writer: 2.
ooc will be on discord most likely.

(reserved) & first middle last & more
(reserved) & first middle last & more
(reserved) & first middle last & more
reserved) & first middle last & more
(transfiguration reserved) & (astronomy reserved)
& more
I'm interested! Will there be some action or will it just be a chill slice-of-life?
I'm interested! Will there be some action or will it just be a chill slice-of-life?
Definitely leaning towards slice of life, maybe friendly competition and drama, but we don't want anything too heavy!

I'm here!!
Also, what do you mean by "void themes"?
These are just elements in the source material we don't like and would prefer to avoid.
Ex: Talking about visiting Gringotts is okay but we don't want a monologue on goblins.
I'll be AFK this weekend but I'll be working on an ooc ♡
update: I have a family emergency so I will be putting this rp on pause. if you'd like to join the plotting server, please dm me! we have things slowly working but it'll be slow for some time.

thank you

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