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Hogwarts Role Play

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Just a heads up - I'm not deleting everyone's posts, I've just now moved them to our OOC chat, so please don't panic

Posting order: It's been a little hectic with the new arrivals (please don't panic, it's a pleasure having you here) but I think it should go something like this before returning to usual:

@AquaMarie (Heidi)
@NivieApple (Soren, All, Emma)
@L0ck0n (Tefor)
@avocadosNbravado (Anna)
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Just a heads up - I'm not deleting everyone's posts, I've just now moved them to our OOC chat, so please don't panic

Posting order: It's been a little hectic with the new arrivals (please don't panic, it's a pleasure having you here) but I think it should go something like this before returning to usual:

((Got it Dark, let's do this y'all))


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Heidi quietly whispered baby talk to Archimedes as he lovingly nibbled her finger. She smiled looking over to Allowicious wondering if he was going to let out Finnley from her cage. "aww" Heidi heled in a giggle as Finnley hopped out of her cage and went over to All and pecked his leg affectionately. "that must feel so much better to be out, I know Archie loves it" she said towards Finnley as gently scratched under her owls chin. Archimedes look over towards Finnley and returned a friendly hoot to the barn owl.
The brunettes attention went back towards Allowicious and was about to speak when all of the sudden an orange cat came running into their compartment. Archimedes got spooked and flew up onto Heidi's head and squeaked angrily towards the cat as he covered Heidi's face with his wings. "Archie! come down, big guy!" Heidi yelled out moving the owl's wings from her face "your going to get tangled up on my hair again!" she said trying to calm her owl down as she watched the running out of the compartment. That's when Annailise popped her head into the compartment "Anna?! hi there " she said giving a small wave and laughing as she now figured out who that cat was.
Heidi quickly got up from her seat Archimedies holding on to the girls poofy curly chocolate brown hair as she ran out towards the door of the compartment and looked down the hall. She was about to call out to Anna to see if she was going to need help trapping Vincent when she spotted the girl holding on the big orange cat. The brunette shrug as it seemed Anna had already caught her cat, so she walked back into her compartment. She stopped by the entrance and covered her mouth, covering her giggle to the mess of their compartment and remembering how shocked they all looked when the cat had jumped and spoked everyone.


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All had given a slightly forced chuckle when Finnley had nibbled at his leg. He wasn't used to affection from the bird, but apparently, he wasn't totally averse to it either. He gave Heidi a small smile and it looked as if she might say something again, but was interrupted by an orange cat. The suddenness of its intrusion shocked the small owl near him and it took flight, landing on the luggage rack above All's bench. The boy gaped at the scene. Two owls in a panic, one in the fluffy hair of his new friend. Next thing, a girl, one he only recognized after she spoke his full name.
"Annalise?" He said in a bewildered state. Had she really... winked at him? What a strange girl. He stood up abruptly when she took off, followed a bit by Heidi whom he stood behind to catch a glimpse of the chaos, but then he backed off and turned to try and coax Finnely from her perch on the luggage rack. "Come on you will bird, " he said, hands outstretched to the small barn owl, "if I leave you up there Soren will definitely not be too pleased with me." He wasn't too worried about his brother's anger though, it's not like he had ever been cross with All before. The more he thought about that, the more he realized he couldn't remember a single moment in his life in which his brother even raised his voice against him... Strange. Still, he continued to attempt to coerce the bird down.

The tall, ginger-haired girl had been having a huge debate with another Ravenclaw girl over their house emblem for what seemed like an hour when a commotion outside drew her from her seat. She slid open the compartment door and stuck her head outside, despite receiving a few confused remarks and glances from her friends. As she peered down the corridor and her eyes landed on a familiar pair near the back of the train. She stepped out and hurried in their direction.
"Anna! Trevor! It's been so long!" she cried cheerfully. Her smile was brighter than a pair of headlights as she reached the two, and she looked between the Gryffindor and fellow Ravenclaw, glad to see more people she knew.


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Trefor glanced from one person to the other as the guy had suddenly changed his mind. It was a mutual understanding without having to actually say anything between the two. Because of that he was beginning to wonder if he's ever butted heads with the guy before. Trefor remembers seeing him around and having a class or two with him, but nothing more than that.

Before he could get one word out a cat suddenly stopped at his feet. He had Sypha with him, so his automatic reaction was to take a step back, and raise Sypha up as if the cat was going to try to get the guinea pig. Taking a good look at the animal he recognized the cat as Vincent, Annailise cat. "Oh, Vincent, hey-" Right after Vincent was Annailise as she came to grab her pet cat. As vibrant as she always is she came into the conversation without much hesitation. He gave a small chuckle as he was somewhat glad his friend had showed up.

"Yeah, everythings fine Annie. I'm just looking for a place to stay for the ride, but I really don't want to get thrown up on by a Slytherin." Trefor said the last part a little louder to make sure they heard. "I see Vincent's still causing you trouble?" He changed the topic quickly to not start a fight on the train. His grades were already not enough for his father he didn't need a report sent home of him getting into a fight.

Out of nowhere came another female he recognized as she was someone who was also a Ravenclaw. "Emma, it's Trefor not Trevor." he chuckled. It seemed like a regular thing to correct her on his name. He had to do it often anyways due to it having an F instead of a V. He wasn't bothered by it though since they were friends after all.

Looking from one friend to the other he smiled."Glad to see both of you are as cheerful as ever."

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