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Hogwarts Role Play


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Heidi smiled as All shook her hand "nice to meet you All" she replied happily "oh she is beautiful..." she said her eyes sparkling as she spotted the owl. Quickly moving over to were All had placed Finnley. "hi there Finnley, she is a very beautiful barn owl" she said as she kneeled next to the new owl's cage to get a closer look. 'not his?....it might be a family owl then' she thought to his statement on Finnley. She talked softly to the barn owl before looking up towards All as he comments about her owl. She turns back towards Archimedes, he did look a bit annoyed more so because she had just been butting her attention towards a new owl. "oh don't mind him..." she said standing back up "he is a bit protective.....but he is just a big baby" she whispered the last part so her owl could not hear. The girl walked over to sit back next to the window. "soo?...how was your summer?...are you excited about a new year at Hogwarts?" she asked softly kicking her feet back and forward as they did not fully reach the ground. He looked somewhat familiar, she had never talked to him before but she was sure she had seen him around.


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The tall boy smiled politely as the girl, Lizzy, greeted him, but once she was gone he nodded at Lileath's remark. He could see them being cousins. Then a goofy grin grew on Soren's face and he nudged the dark-haired girl with his elbow.
"So we're officially friends now, yea?" he said playfully. He knew why she had said it, but he was definitely planning to hold her to it, even though she hadn't really meant it.

All pursed his lips uncomfortably as she spoke about the owl, but he knew she was right. Why wouldn't his parents' gift for their golden boy be a beautiful new owl? When she talked about her own owl he couldn't help the smirk that came onto his face. She was so earnest and it seemed almost silly to him how casual she could be around someone she just met. Being the competitive person he is, though, he determined that if she could do it, so could he and he forced his smile bigger as she asked him questions.
"Summer was fine. Not too much happened, really." he paused as he reflected for a moment on what had happend over Summer. More of the same really. Trying and failing to surpass his brother who could do no wrong. "Goodness, I'm bitter. I really gotta give myself a break." he thought to himself, though he knew that he wouldn't be doing that anytime soon. "And as a matter of fact, yes, I think this is going to be a pretty good year at school," he said thoughtfully, "What about you? Summer? Hogwarts?" he asked her.

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I laughed a little, shaking my head "Soren, you wouldn't want to be my friend. We are too different."

I point out, and it was true. We were so different we might as well have been in different houses. You were confident and outgoing, I was guarded and suspicious. You preferred to be in the centre of the room, going out to parties while I preferred to sit back and read a book or contemplate. It'd be hard to find two more different people. Apathy was something that made me want to punch the walls, and you swanned round the place like nothing ever mattered. I walked along slightly, looking until I found an empty compartment and I placed my cat box down, opening at as he sprung out, testing his paws on the floor as he howled loudly.
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Heidi's smile never left her face as she looked over to Allowicious her full attention on him as she waited for him to tell her about his summer and what he was looking forward to the new school year. "glad you had a fine summer" she replied hoping that at least he had a relaxing summer. Though he did seem more enthusiastic about the new school year which made her smile that he was looking forward to a new year at Hogwarts.

"my summer was nice, ...got to visit my grandparents and oh! did get to go to Scotland...My dad had a business trip there. Though did not get to see him much, I did get to explore Scotland with my mom." she replied as she stopped moving her legs and move them up on to her seat to sit crossed legged. "I am looking forward to Hogwarts, some classes I just can't wait! and I'm excited to see what new things ill get to learn.......though...." she paused for a second "....not looking forward to potions class..." she replied squinting her eyes and sticking out her tongue.


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Soren's smile only grew at the girl's words, and her laugh.
"I beg to differ, " he started, as he followed Lileath into the empty compartment, "I believe the common phrase is 'opposites attract'. I think we could be great friends, Lil, " he set his own luggage aside before sitting opposite of his new friend, and observing the cat with a comfortable curiosity. Seeing it suddenly made him remember his own pet. Allowicious must still have Finnley. The thought sent a little guilt into his heart, for his brother being forced to carry the owl that Soren was given, and for Finnley who he knew would be unloved for the ride if she was left alone with only his brother for company.

All listened carefully to each thing she said, smiling at her mention of Scottland which he had always heard good things about, but giving her a curious look at her apparent dislike for potions class. He chuckled a little at the silly face she made.
"What have you got against potions?" he asked, genuinely curious. He had never had a real problem with the class himself. In fact, it was probably one of his favorites, but that was beside the point.


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I sat down as I chuckled softly, putting my bag down next to me as monti jumped on my lap.

"I think you'd get frustrated. I'm not exactly an outgoing person."

Quite the opposite in fact. Having spent huge swathes of my time in my own company, I was more reclusive than most, calculating things I did before I acted. If there was anything I wasn't, it was impulsive, having learned long ago how to reign in my behaviours. One of the consequences to having parents in higher society I guess. It wasn't that I was overly shy, but I preferred to stand back and tug on strings from the background than get directly involved.


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"well...I don't really have anything against potions...per say... I um..." she softly started to say as she messed with her hands. She paused for a while trying to avoid saying anything "I cause explosions!" she squeaked out before covering her face with her hands. She hated bringing up her faults in potions she was already teased from it. But it was not her fault no matter how hard she tried she would always do something wrong "...did you ever hear about the giant rainbow oose that engulfed the classroom....and the students...." she said peeking out from her hands "well that was me.....you don't know how hard that stuff is to get out of curly hair. one time I even had blue hair with green and purple swirls for two weeks..." she added as she started to giggle, even though she was embarrassed she could not help but laugh at her own misfortune.


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Soren laughed, his thoughts on his brother and bird replaced again by Lileath's words. At this point, he was simply having too much fun to let it go, and besides, you can always use a few more friends.
"I don't know. I can be very mellow when I want to be, " he said with a wink. To prove his point, Soren opened up his case and pulled out the one book he had brought, a favorite of his that he had gotten three years ago when it first came out. The Giver. He opened it to a random page and held it in front of his face and stayed silent for a moment, then he willed his ears to grow to look like an elephant's as he lowered the book just enough to see over it so he could watch the girl across from him. It was his favorite trick, elephant ears, and if he was born with a gift, why not use it? He was pretty sure she would have known about his being a Metamorphmagus, many people did, but if she hadn't she would now.

At first, when Heidi began to speak, the boy across from her merely quirked an eyebrow, unconvinced, but when she let out a squeak that sounded strangely like the words 'I cause explosions,' he nearly snorted. Luckily he was able to control himself, that would have been embarrassing for him. Still, she continued and he had to stifle a laugh as he remembered stories about the strange girl that had buried an entire potions class in colorful goo. He couldn't control his own laughter at the thought of the pretty girl in front of him with vibrant colored hair.
"I'm sorry," he said between a laugh, "I shouldn't laugh. Obviously, potions are, ahem, not your strong suit," he finished, finally composing himself and clearing his throat, a little embarrassed himself. "Maybe this year I could help you a bit." As soon as the words left his lips his eyes widened slightly, shocked by his own boldness in saying that. It might have seemed like a normal thing to say, but he was never the outgoing one, that was all Soren, he, on the other hand, stayed inside practicing piano or studying. As a matter of fact, this whole conversation was new for him. He honestly couldn't remember the last time someone had made him laugh that much.


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I laughed a little at your trick, and I raised my eyebrows.

"Oh? Wouldn't you be bored?"

I smirked as I did a trick of my own, of a far subtler but darker nature as I focused on the books and what I'd seen in Harry's mind, as I'd been curious as to whether he'd been telling the truth. I made you believe my skin had paled in fear, and that the dark lord was stood opposite you, leaning against the window. I wanted to see if I could, and judging by your expression, it'd worked. I glanced over warily, and made you believe his attentions had turned to me, his red eyes narrowed as he looked into my widened ones.


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The brunette blushed as the boy sitting across from her started to laugh from her mishaps in potions. Though she was quite embarrassed by him laughing, she did not mind, after all just thinking about the rainbow goo made her chuckle herself. "its alright don't be sorry.....hehe....its funny...." she smiled catching her breath from laughing. "but no...its not really, ...my strong suit is Magical creatures and Herbology" she said happily sitting up. Her smile went away to one of curiosity, he was really offering to help her. "you really mean it?...your not scared ill fry your eyebrows off...or turn your hair into a weird mix of colors?... " she asked truly curious but unsure why he would offer to help her, everyone was afraid to be her partner in potions.


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The boy with the elephant ears practically leaped from where he sat, dropping his book as he did, and stumbled across the compartment, his eyes the size of saucers and the blood drained from his face. His ears shrunk as his thoughts of fun completely vanished and were taken over by an overwhelming sense of fear. This was impossible, completely and one-hundred percent impossible! Why on Earth would the Dark Lord be... here? Of all places? And leaning against a window like a smug little brat? And why wasn't Lileath moving? Was she currently paralyzed with fear? Then it clicked into place. This wasn't real. No way it was. She had to be doing it, with that occula-something or that legilimen-stuff. It took him a moment, but he composed himself enough to take a deep breath and turn to face Lileath once more.
"That's not very funny, Lil. I thought we were closer than that," he said, forcing a false-hurt tone to his voice. Even knowing that it was an illusion didn't stop him from feeling a sense of dread from what he saw. Thinking that 'he-who-must-not-be-named' was out there like he had been a long time ago sent a shiver down his spine that he would rather not deal with at the moment. So he wouldn't. Soren wasn't embarrassed by his moment of fear, but the fact that she had done that to him made him think twice about wanting to be friends with her. Still, he was determined, and he would not be deterred.
"But that little stunt really just proved that you aren't as boring as you make yourself seem," he said, still standing in the corner furthest from the window.

All pursed his lips and shrugged a little. Sure, he hadn't really thought about the consequences of helping Hiedi with her potion work when he had blurted it out, but now that he had said it, he was almost glad.
"Yeah, why not. Who knows, maybe I can pull off some colorful hair. And besides, with me helping I'm not sure how something could go that wrong," he said, a friendly smile on his face. He wasn't sure when he got so bold, but he was starting to enjoy it. He hadn't even really thought about his worthless brother in... there it is. Somehow, Soren always managed to wiggle his way into All's thoughts and bring up the bitterness he tried to keep down. His smile wavered for only a moment, before he shook it off and looked into the girl's eyes. Maybe this year would be different. Maybe he could actually have a little fun this year, instead of spending the entire thing wrapped up in trying to be the better son. "If you would want me to help you that is. i gotta warn you I can be a bit of a know-it-all." He rubbed his neck awkwardly and looked away from Heidi, out the window.

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I smiled a little and made him bow deeply before making him disappear, dispelling the illusion.

"Sorry" I said, biting my lip slightly "I wasn't expecting it to be so... accurate."

I glanced over to the window and had a horrifying thought, that what if he knew? If he had some way of telling, even though reason and logic told me there was no such way. I looked back at you.

"Are you okay?" I asked, my own heart beating a little fast despite knowing it was an illusion from the start. Not because of his physical form, although that was pretty harrowing, but because of his mastery of mental penetration and shielding.


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Heidi never moved her eyes off All after she asked her question about him enduring the side effects of her potion making. She smiled as he insured her that he did not mind and would even rock the colorful hair color. "Well, you would be the center of attention for a while with the crazy hair..." His response made her giggle, as she imagines All with poofy rainbow colored hair.
She looked over at All as he rubbed his neck and then looked out the window. "I wouldn't mind your help at all....even if you're a know-it-all, that means I'll get to learn extra well," she said with a genuine smile at him. She was truly grateful for his offering to help her.
Heidi bites her lip thinking for a bit. Quickly she unfolded her legs and reached down picking up her blue messenger bag that was on the ground. Opening it she pulled out a circle and rectangle tins to which she placed them on her lap "All?... would you like a biscuit?... I baked them last night.." she asked holding out the circle tin to him. The tin contained chocolate chips, shortbreads, black and white cookies, and a few toffy cookies. "I have brownies too if you prefer that " she offered with a friendly smile now holding out both tins too him. She had decided to bake a batch of treats to share with others on the train, as an offering of friendship and in hopes, it was alright for her to sit with them in the full compartments.


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Soren shook off his nerves. He liked being the carefree guy. And he was pretty good at it. Or at least acting carefree. So that's what he did. Especially when Lileath suddenly looked so worried. Was she scared for his sake, or something else?
"I'm good Lil." he said softly, "Are you?" The scene had freaked him out, but what did she have to fear? He sat down across from her again and leaned forwards, resting his elbows on his knees, concern etched in his face.

All's head snapped back to her as she spoke again. He smiled a little when she mentioned that she would like to work with him and then, before anything else could happen, she was whipping out a tin and offering him... biscuits and brownies? He gave her a lopsided grin and raised his eyebrows at her.
"You just happend to bake all this for the ride to school?" he asked, with a small chuckle. Still, he gladly took a biscuit at random, not having a ton of experience with them coming from a household where he was quite underappreciated, and looking at it carefully.
"Looks like your baking skills are better than your potions skills." Then he just gave her a small smile again.

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I smiled a little, weakly. My parents were sympathetic with the Dark Lord, although they tried to hide it, and it'd been a concern all summer that they might come calling.

"Yeah I'm fine. Looking forward to our new year?"

I asked, slightly muted compared to a minute ago, even as I made an effort to light heartedly change the subject. In all honesty I wasn't looking forward to it, worried about my parents and for my own safety. Malfoys parents knew mine were sympathisers, and I didn't doubt that he'd manage to sneak people into Hogwarts, to gain the support of the slytherin youth. What if they tried to recruit me? I swallowed slightly nervously. I didn't want to join the death eaters, but I'd do it if my parents were going to be tortured, as that was apparently what happened to people who refused to join.
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Heidi happily smiled as he took a biscuit, taking one herself before placing the tin to the side of her. "yes....I wanted to make something to share with anyone that wanted to let me sit with them during the ride to Hogwarts" she softly replied, unsure how to explain her wanting to just be one people good side. It had been a huge plan of hers to spend her last day at her home in the muggle world baking away. In hopes that the group of people she would share a room with during the train ride would not feel annoyed that she interfered. But she had backed out of joining a full compartment and ended up finding this empty one. Though she was glad that she did end up having someone to share her treats with.
"thank you..." A light blush grew across her cheek "...but yep no explosions from me in the kitchen.." she chuckled at her own comment.


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The boy across from her ran a hand through his hair in slight frustration as she tried to change the subject. He could tell something was bothering her, but if she didn't want to say what it was, that was up to her. After all, he hid things himself. He forced the corners of his mouth to rise and shrugged in response to her question.
"I always look forward to another year at Hogwarts," he said simply. And that was true. Anytime he got to get away from his parents. Though thinking about his family now made im once again remember All and his holding on to his precious little girl. He couldn't help but hope she wasn't being completely ignored, but at the moment it was either search door to door for his own or wait until we arrived and hope she wasn't too upset with him later. So he let his mind drift back to his current conversation. "What about you? Looking forward to anything in particular? Maybe, oh I don't know, hanging out with your new friend?" Soren asked with a sly grin.

All thought about what she said for a moment, a little confused that she would go through the effort to make all these cookies for whatever random people she sat by on the train. He just couldn't comprehend doing something like that. But after a moment he smiled.
"That's actually very cool of you." His opinion of this girl had grown immensely in the short time that he had spent with her thus far, but from what he was understanding she seemed like an ideal friend to have. Though she probably had loads already. She was funny and thoughtful and can laugh at her own mistakes, which was something All had never been good at. He took a bite of the biscuit in his hand and his eyes shut on instinct. To top it all off she was a pretty darn good baker as well. So why on Earth would she be hanging in the back of the train with a proud, unfunny, know-it-all like him?
"And this is really good. How did you learn to bake?"

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My eyes narrowed slightly at your masked frustration, and I sighed through my nose at your question, laughing a little as you teased me.

"No, not really" I admitted "The Dark Lord returning has put me quite on edge, I must say."

I'd done the illusion both to see whether I could, and to gauze your reaction. To see if my own fear of him, and his followers, was justified. It turned out that you agreed it was. I looked down and held my cat, his cream fur shedding slightly unto my black outfit.


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Heidi played with the ends of her hair, a bit embarrassed at him saying it was cool of her to have baked the treats. She was not hoping for attention she just wanted to make friends and make people smile. And well biscuits and brownies always made people smile.
"thank you..I'm glad you liked the biscuit.," she said looking down as she lightly moved her feet back and forward a bit. "I learned from my mom....its her favote hobby. I would always beg to help her when I was tiny...so she decided to teach me...." she replied looking back at him, a smile on her face remembering all those times spent with her mom baking away all kinds of treats. Baking was something she had a close understanding with her mom as she had magic with her dad.
Archimedes was becoming frustrated being in his cage and loudly squawked at Heidi, to which made her jump almost dropping the tin of biscuits that she was holding. "Archie! geez gave me a heart attack..." she said placing the tin down before turning to his cage "I'm sorry big guy I know I promised to let you out..." she said as she opened her owls' cage. The large Egal owl waddled out of the cage, stretching out his wings before he perched on her lap. "there you go....better?" she asked as Archimedes nuzzled his face into her hand as she patted his head.
She looks over to All "I hope its okay that I let Archimedes out...I promise he will be no trouble.." she ensures him before looking over to white barn owl next to Allowicious. "you can let out Finnley if you like too,... I bet she would love to stretch out her wings" she suggested looking over to Finnley with a smile.
[IMG='width:319px;']https://em.wattpad.com/afdc2cf48f17e53faeb32b260cda9e325121f13f/68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f7a446e492d5065533579676f54413d3d2d3539363530353535352e313533636361396135336132383334313537323736303136303833322e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720[/IMG]full name; annaìlise "annie" marujènia armàs
nickname; annie//by friends & family, maru//by family, baby dragon//by her close friends
age; 16
gender; female
sexuality; a heterosexual, demisexual
ethnicity; central american//Costa Rica and brazilian//Brazil
nationality; british
personality type; INFP
zodiac; gemini

year; 5th
blood status; muggle born
house; gryffindor, a.k.a, the best house
wand; 121/4", surprisingly swishy flexibility, chestnut wood, thunderbird tail feather core :
she proccured her wand at a small wizarding market in costa rica
[which is where she was when she received her letter]
patronus; a lusitano horse
pet//familiar; vincent//"vinnie"- a ginger and white main coon cat -
grades; on a broad scale they are definitely above average.
up there, but she's not exactly with the high-achievers. never has been.
she'll take what she can get.
current classes, etc;
- Transfiguration // EE
- Charms // O
- Potions // A
- History of Magic // A
- Defense Against the Dark Arts // EE
- Astronomy // O
- Herbology // A
- Care of Magical Creatures // O
- Muggle Studies // O
- gryffindor quidditch team - she is one of their three chasers
- dueling club - when she is r e a l bored or needs to let off some steam
special skills;
- annie is a brilliantly talented quidditch player//broom rider. on the quidditch pitch, she is fast, agile, and extremely fierce. she would rather fall 100 feet off her broom than let her opponent score. she isn't to be underestimated on the quidditch pitch. in fact, she hopes to make quidditch captain next year.
- she can skull a pint of butterbeer in 5 seconds
- oh lordy, can she s i n g. it's well known she'll sing anything in return for food
- two words: ice. skating.
- she has good reason for her Outsanding marks in care of magical creatures: the girl is a natural born carer, especially so for magical creatures and animals. she is no whisperer, but her ability to bring herself to a quiet, gentle and peaceful being, always
preffered attire: annie likes to stay comfortable while also giving off a good sense of individual style and money's worth. majority of her clothing is branded and expensive. it is to her liking, of course. but sometimes she wishes it weren't the case. she favours jeans over skirts, unless she is wearing tights with said skirt. she has too many coats and cardigans, but she loves them dearly. you are most likely to see her in a pear of jeans, a tucked in t-shirt, chunky cardigan or denim jacket and no shoes. when she does wear shoes it is either boots or sneakers. there is not inbetween. she can be driven to a nice pair of flats in the summertime but don't get your hopes up. her favourite colours are bold stripes, earth tones [meaning lots o browns, reds and greens] and sheer colours. her favourite dresses aremade with sheer materials. if you ask here where her clothes are from its very likely she'll know exactly. this is about as "girly" is she gets. it is the height of what is not laid back. even if her hair is out of wack, her clothes usually won't be. and let's be clear: even if she likes being fashion forward if she spills a bit of mushroom sauce on her top she won't throw a fit. and if her robes are all messed, its likely they'll stay. let's put it this way: its easy to look good in something when you are comfortable in it.

[IMG='width:147px;']https://media1.tenor.com/images/c664fe7f3d770680280c8cbed640ed53/tenor.gif?itemid=12329818[/IMG]persona; not unlike most gryffindors, annie is a force to be reckoned with. at sixteen, she is a sprightly young thing with enough energy to power the sun. no day is left without a tablespoon of laughter or a teaspoon of sarcasm. okay. more like a bucket of sarcasm. but it doesn't define her! annie is a generous and kind soul to those who deserve her respect, and treat her the same way she treats them. she hates taking "no" for an answer and would never allow stupid circumstances to get in the way of her and others happiness. not if she can help it. annie knows she is loud and unsuspecting and constantly talking, but she can't help it! it's how she has always lived. the need to communicate and connect with others has always been something she needed. even when it is extremely hard to make the first move.
those who are closest to her will tell you she is accepting, brave, chivalrous, a little stubborn and loyal to a fault. there isn't anything she wouldn't risk for her friends. [besides, maybe, quidditch. she loves quidditch.] nothing she wouldn't face. even if only to brag about it for a couple of days after and then forget it ever happened. annie takes pride in the little things and revels in the bigger things. her happiest memories are of accidents and bruises and late nights with restless magical creatures. she is the gryffindor who doesn't keep to her own house, but finds the joy in friendships with others. she is the gryffindor who prefers earl grey by the fire in the morning and then a riotous game of quidditch in the rain a couple hours later. she is the gryffindor who will make a sarcastic comment at a bully slytherin and scream "what do i do?!" inside when the snake bites back and she is is still snarling. she is the gryffindor who tries to shovel plates of food down in the great hall, even though she knows she can't fit that much before she'll chuck. she is the gryffindor who knows there is more to her house than what others label it. she is an extremely versatile, understanding and janus-faced person. she can bend well to fit situations, though very rarely will change her self for others.
[all this being said, those who don't know her might see a whole different picture. annie has never had the greatest social skills when it comes to complete strangers. she almost went her entire first year at hogwarts without any friends because the fear set in. the fear that she wouldn't be appreciated by new people, that saying hello would only make them want to turn away from her and shut a door. its made people question her likeness, and her comfortability around them; her impression of them. her current friends took a letter from her parents, a very deep shaky breath and a leap of faith, to approach. it can be worse than it seems.] ; [even if she doesn't show it while her confidence and ego are high.]
now, to comment on the darker side of annie's personality [everyone has one]. annie likes her balance of quiet and loud, but if she's being honest, she hates what the quiet brings. it is so much easier to think and hear her own thoughts, that sometimes the worst ones burst forth with malicious intent. so much so that being alone strains her emotional, even physical, wellbeing. regardless of the fact she craves the time. memories rise up, bullies enter her min [namely, those who did, and still do, call her mudblood] annie is, unfortunately, a big fan of ignoring something until it goes away, and at times this can make her seem heartless or cruel. as she grows, she knows she wants to [and she must] break bad habits like this and become a more emotionaly and spritualy involved person. she has a vivid imagination and plenty of gall, but her problem is acting on what she speaks about, rather than leaving it as words.
likes; thunderstorms, reading by the fireplace, the stars, myths and legends, flora, fauna, lemon meringue, teaching others Spanish, earl gray tea, turntables, pranks, jokes, sarcasm,
dislikes; smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, blood feuds, bullying, racism and bigots and all the -isms, losing quidditch games, small spaces//being held down [phobia], slugs [phobia], hypocrites,
parents; manuèl armàs//36 yrs old//big-time lawyer//cold exterior, warm heart//costa rica pura vida~ & àdriana armàs//38 years old//one expensive event planner//bad influence//"oi!"
siblings; none. unfortunately. with great reason.
- annailise was born in san jose, costa rica to two young lovers manuel and adriana. she was conceived before they were married, and as a result, they followed with a wedding and annie popped out a few months later. [her name was a result of manuels love of the very french new orleans] there was no scandal surrounding their love affair. just supportive family and a lot of worrying about the couples individual study and the welfare of their child.
- it wasn't long before annie ended up in the arms of her relatives unless her parents were home. she lived in san jose with her big family until she was five years old.
- on her 5th birthday, annie displayed her first sign of magic blood. it happened a couple times since, but on her birthday especially [which was full of activities] she crashed multiple times and every time someone thought she'd have a bruise or a cut, or should have been screaming, annie picked herself back up and went on again. she just bounced away from danger.
- she did not know till she was older, and could really grasp the situation, that her uncle rocky [adriana's freelancer brother] was a wizard. something which was not a shock to annie's family. it had been revealed many many years ago even to manuel [who's family was devoid of magic].
- rocky attended Ilvermorny, but it did not stop him from educating annie and fascinating her with the world of magic. he routinely took her on outings to communities and events hosted for witches and wizards. he was b eyond thrilled to have a witch in the family. he was no longer alone~ so to say.
- when the decision was made to move to england [much to rocky's dismay, who insisted she stay in the america's and attend Ilvermorny] rocky accompanied the family to act as a guide. no one could tell him otherwise. it was lucky he was also well learned in the differences between magic america and the magic united kingdom, having spent a lot of time in the wider area for MACUSA. [i should have mentioned he works for MACUSA. he has not, however, revealed what department. to anyone]
- annie attended normal primary school mere months after arriving in england and lived very happily with her parents and uncle [who would dissapear back to america for months at a time] they are a quite priviliged family. thanks adriana and manuels high paying jobs
- her parents didn't discourage annie's magic, but they were constantly confused by it. especially when annie used names and phrases taught by her uncle and the very few wizards and witches she mingled with of the same age.
- manuels job kept him out of home a lot. but he always made up for it on days off and when he got home. he never wanted to lose touch with his daughter, nor his family values.adriana's job required some outings, but she was mostly at home with or without her daughter. it has made for a very strong bond.
- by 10, she had stopped calling non-magic people "no-maj"'s and taken up "muggles" as the norm - her views on relations were skewed by what her uncle had told her though. that was bad. it would mean she'd enter the greater wizarding world with a prejudice.
- her parents new to expect her letter sometime following her 11th birthday, but regardless, did not want to waste the opportunity to spend a nice while with their daughter, and so they packed their luggage and booked a hotel in Rio.
- rocky "came out of hiding" to join them and took great pleasure in visiting a wizarding market with annie and her parents after the letter to attend hogwarts arrived at the hotel door.
- due to the difference in the curriculum and the schools surrounding the market, the only things annie managed to tick off her list were her wand and her "familiar", Vincent.
- while rocky dealt with getting her magical items back home, annie and her parents spent weeks more in brazil until a week prior to school starting when they were whisked back to London, and into Diagon Alley. rocky bought all of her school supplies, [having too much money doing nothing at all] and helped his sister and brother in law monumentally.
- rocky also took it upon himself to buy adriana and manuel a pretty tame post owl, so they could still contact their daughter and send her gifts when he wasn't around.
- when the time came to go to school, annie was beyond nervous. but she had vincent, and she had hope. at least she wasn't going in blind.
- in her first year, annie stayed at hogwarts for the holidays. in her second, she left. in her third. she stayed. in her fourth, she left. she will most likely stay for the holidays in her fifth year.
- she has lost all sense of her uncle's prejudiced views on muggle and non-muggle mixing, among many other things, and hopes to change his mind about it too one day soon
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(If I did too much let me know. I can change things up. I didn't know if I was allowed to create a family, but I did. If I can't do that then let me know so I can change it.)

Name: Trefor Belmeaunt
Age: 15
Hogwarts year: 5th
Blood status: Pure Blooded
House: Ravenclaw
Sexuality: Straight
Grades: Trefor has a good understanding of, charms, and herbology by his mother. To calm him down as a child from his father's rigorous teachings/training she would show him, and later on help him in the subject with the books that the Belmeaunts have gathered over the centuries. His mother was a very knowledgeable woman who had taught all of the children before sending them off to school. Trefor was no exception.

By his father Trefor also was drilled to know how to defend against the dark arts seeing as their family have had experience in that field. Entering Hogwarts he realized that some of the techniques, and teaching were based on curriculum that he was forced to learn back home.

So far, his hardest subject are Transfiguration, care of magical creatures, potions, and muggle studies.

Trefor is curious about astronomy, the history of magic, and even divination therefore those are his strongest, and best subjects.

Apple wood
Unicorn hair core
10 ¾" in length
Rigid flexibility


Marsh Harrier

Trefor is the 3rd son of the Belmeaunt family, and has a lot to live up to at Hogwarts. His brothers as well as the oldest sister have outdone themselves either academically, magically, or physically. Being the youngest he feels that there is pressure to become something great.

That would be fine and all if it wasn't for his unenthusiasm to do so. Trefor has yet to find something to motivate him to become that "something great". His older siblings have already achieved that feat, so his parents only expect him to do the same. Trefor and his father do not get along, but his mother has tried to be by his side as best as she can to support him.

Trefor, to get to the bottom of it, has no motivation. He does the bare minimum to pass his classes, and only participates in after school activities so he has something to do. He's pretty friendly, and outgoing, but deep down he seems to feel lonely. He's also known to be sarcastic, and quite witty. When presented with ideas he's open-minded though he can admit that, at times, he overthinks. If Trefor put more time into his studies he would be doing really well in classes, but he hasn't found his reason to yet. Trefor seems like a simple follower, but once he sets his mind to something he is determined. Oh, and don't get him started on being nosy. Trefor likes pick his nose around a little too much. Curiosity can kill the cat, but he's willing to take that risk.

Because all of his other siblings were away when he was younger he had no one around. When his father wasn't away on business then he was drilling him on magic, or giving him rigorous teaching/training. His mother on the other hand taught him how to carefully and calmly control his magic, and use it in ways that are beneficial. She taught him many things about the Belmeaunt family, and about being a great wizard.

He does feel pride toward his family's name, and does want to make his parents proud. However, how can he do that when the success of his siblings outweigh his very existence?

Belmeaunt House:
The Belmeaunts are a wealthy, and well known family in the modern ages. They come from French and Latin origins as well as a portion of Japanese. It has taken the Belmeaunt house many centuries to establish their lineage, but have been a well known family for the last 600 years. The Belmeaunts are related to LeStrange by a single witch who had been one of Ravenclaw prefects during it's making, and was one of the first groups to graduate The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After graduating she was banned from ever affiliating herself with the LeStrange House ever again. The reason being is unknown, but it's rumored that she stole from the family, and therefore was banned forever. The Belmeaunts say that she fell in love with a school mate, Trefor, whom had no such magic lineage. This alone was the reason she was disowned from the family. That's what the Belmeaunts claim to be the case at least. It was also noted that the witch, Bellona, was unlike the values and goals the LeStrange family was known to have.

Years later, Bellona married Trefor and had their 1st child. Their happiness was short-lived when a few weeks later Trefor was killed, and she was left alone. The story goes that she had only her child and her husband's last name, and she chose to defeat the odds and build a house that would live through the generations using her husband's last name, Belmeaunt.

The Belmeaunts contributions to the wizarding world are well known. Many of the members of Belmeaunt have been in the Ministry of Magic. Since the early days of Hogwarts the Belmeaunt family have supported The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Though they do have ties to other organizations as well, the Belmeaunt house is known to be very independent. They will do what best benefits them, and only them. They have always been known to be very competitive, and prideful of their house name. The house does not rely on other houses, but gives their hand out to houses that need their help instead. Because of this "willing to help" the Belmeaunts have gathered their own allies, and smaller families within the main house. They are loyal to those who become allies/friends with them, but they also do not hold back if they are betrayed.

Because the Belmeaunts are known to be independent it's difficult to know which side a Belmeaunt sides. Since their founder however, they've never had to side with the darkness, and don't plan to anytime soon. The members have been known to be versatile, and come from every house of Hogwarts. They do have a liking to Ravenclaw but have also had their fair share of other house members as well. Unlike the other houses they do not look down on muggles since the story also goes that Trefor, Bellonas husband, came from muggle parents.

The House head at the current moment is Treasa, Trefors oldest sister.

Tumblr_p06q99Reej1w9zjd2o1_500 (1).jpg

Preferred Attire:

Trefor prefers long sleeve shirts even on warm days. He has a few scars on his arm, and doesn't like to show them off to anyone. Top it off with some jeans, and some shoes with his mother's necklace and you got yourself a Trefor outfit!

On school days Trefor usually has his hair up and back. He hates when there's hair in his face when he's trying to pay attention in class, but on days off he let's it down loose. Some people have said that he looks like his older brother, but that doesn't seem to bother him much.

Pets: Guinea Pig

Likes: Food, relaxing, chilling, walking around, the clear night sky, learning something new, indulging his curiousity

Dislikes: His Father, being looked down on, bullies, transfiguration, waking up in the morning


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Tumblr_p06q99Reej1w9zjd2o1_500 (1)_20190112193631588.jpg
Trefor was walking down the train trying to find a quiet compartment to stay in for the ride to Hogwarts.
Unlucky him he arrived quite late, and was almost unable to board the train if it wasn't for the trains delay. Walking down the isle he would look into the compartments to find people chatting, laughing, arguing, or studying. He had woken up with a raging headache, and a body that ached from training the day before. It's not like he wanted to train, but right after he got home his father had told him there was no time to waste. On top of that his scores were not satisfactory enough to cut him any slack, so his father made sure he had no time to sit back and relax.

Walking by some friends of his he had small conversations with them, but declined their invite to join them. As the train began to move he sighed as he still had not found his seat. Because he only had a short tolerance due to the headache and pains he was 2 minutes away from just sitting in the hallway, and calling it a ride. "I think we'll have to settle for the next compartment Sypha." he looked down at the small cage that held his Guinea pig inside. Sypha was unbothered by his comment, and continued to eat her food in the small cage. The next one had a young girl, and a well-dressed looking guy. They seemed to be really into their conversation, so he decided not to bother them and move on to the next one.

As he saw who was in the next one he stopped mid step. "Lileath Steel..." he murmured. The last thing he wanted to do was to share a whole train ride with her. The families aren't well acquainted with each other, but they both have an understanding of who the other is. In the past Trefor has not had good run-ins with Lileath, and preferred not to keep conversations long when they did have to speak to each other. Taking a few steps back he decided that he would rather disrupt the conversation though he wished he didn't have to. To be polite he knocked on the wall, and cleared his throat. "Hello, can I join you both?" Only giving them a moment to answer, he then quickly responded. "If not, that's fine! I can find another place."
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I flinched as Trefor knocked, hoping he hadn't heard what we were talking about. The last thing I needed was rumours spreading that I was discussing the Dark Lord, as that was bound to bring the wrong sort of attention calling. My eyes narrowed as I saw who it was.

"Why would you want to stay with us?"

We were both Slytherins for a start, and you were a Ravenclaw. Although we generally got on better with Ravenclaws than Hufflepuffs or Gryffindors, the houses generally preferred to stay distant from each other. Never mind the fact that we had personal disagreements with each other. I glanced over at Soren, hoping he'd decline your invitation but I wasn't sure he would. He probably viewed more company as better, and would likely take this opportunity to show off his social skills, which I had to admit I almost envied. I could pretend sure, but he seemed to get pleasure and joy from such an experience, and if it was a lie it was a convincing one. I was lost in my thoughts as I awaited his answer.


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Soren hadn't known quite what to say when Lileath had opened up about her nerves when it came to the return of the Dark Lord. Or at least it had seemed like opening up for him, she had never shared something like that with him before, that he could remember at least. Thankfully, he had been saved momentarily from having to respond by a knock on the compartment door and a polite voice asking if he could stay. Lileath asked why he would want to stay with them, which seemed a little rude to him, but he brushed it off as Lileath being Lileath. As the moment was completely over, Soren smiled a little and started to nod.
"Of course, I don't see why-," he started, not minding terribly if the boy wanted to join them, though he didn't know him well. Only, as he had begun to speak, he looked briefly over at the girl he was with and caught her eye. Something about the way she had spoken and then glanced in his direction made him stop, and he got the feeling she was not this boy's biggest fan. His nod shifted oddly into a slow shake of his head and he pursed his lips. "Actually, I'm not feeling too hot. I get motion sick you see," total lie, "and if I were you, I would not want to be in the splash zone." he finished, hoping the boy would take it and leave. He wouldn't want to make Lileath uncomfortable by inviting this guy to stay.

All nodded in understanding as Heidi had spoken about her mom and baking. It was sweet. Which was something he had never had with his parents. Still, he felt himself smile despite himself. A sudden squak made him find his self-control again and his smile slipped, though just a little, until she let the owl out and it perched on her lap. It was cute really, despite its intimidating appearance.
"Oh no, it's completely fine, I'm sure he's a great owl," All said calmly, at her assurances that the owl will be well behaved. At her mention of Finnley, he pursed his lips and looked at the small barn owl, conflicted. She looked content enough, but All knew what she was like, always happy, but happiest when she was out, with people, getting attention. He felt a little bad for the owl now, as he had been planning on ignoring the bird and passing her off to her real owner upon arrival. He almost said something about her being fine where she was, but then he realized he might just look like he was neglecting her, so instead, he reached out and opened the cage. Finnley hopped out, looking a little silly, and pecked All on the leg affectionately, before turning her head towards the others in the cage and giving a curious squak.
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annailise "annie" armas - hogwarts train - tags; @L0ck0n @Dark lord steel @NivieApple @AquaMarie
[IMG='width:310px;']https://em.wattpad.com/ab1d76d73312a1934dedbcefce38877faa188fd9/68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f467847386e55444b3164646739773d3d2d3630343432323639382e313536373939326434343266353764383935333932333137303931332e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720[/IMG]the trouble with vincent was that he just could not sit still. not on the train. not. on. the. train. every crack and crevice needed to be explored. every compartment investigated. as much as she loved her cat, annie could not stand him when he took it upon himself to cause chaos. "oh hell!" annie's peers laughed as vincent came running into the compartment like a maniac and back out again, a string of catty trills leaving his mouth. annie couldn't help but laugh out loud herself though, despite her contempt for him. "that's it!- I'll be back!" she shot up from her spot by the window and handed jess her half-eaten pumpkin pastie. "yes!" annie laughed, almost tripping over her own robes. on the way out. let alone jess and benjamin's legs. "wow. thanks~" benjamin called out to her as she stuck her body out of the compartment and shot down the train. "he's kneazle, i'm telling you!" annie rolled her eyes as she made her way down with a chuckle. "yeah, yeah....," she muttered. he'd always said that. and he was probably right. she couldn't know though. vincent was advertised as a plain old main coon. she didn't really feel like investigating anyways. every time she thought she had him, he slipped out of her grip and down the train again, or into a different compartment. she was forced to shout sorry's and greet those she knew as they went. as well as ignore those who didn't appreciate vincent, or herself. till Vincent took it upon himself to jump into a compartment who's door was ajar. two students, whom she recognised, sat inside with their owls. "vincent!" the cat's sudden entrance disturbed the owls. their wings came up in surprise and vincent found it utterly hilarious. annie's eye widened in fear as she made to enter and remove the cat, but vincent came running back out past her with a feather in his fur. "wha-!" she swore she was going to lock this cat up. annie stuck her head inside the compartment, quickly offering an apologetic smile. "I am, so, sorry! I promise I didn't put him up to this!" she almost left when it occured to her she may as well greet them. her head stuck back in. still apologetic. "hey heidi~ hi archimedes, handsome as ever." the poor owl was so shaken up. it doubled her guilt. eyes on the slytherin, she winked. "allowicious." then she was gone, out again, only to come to a sudden stop just a couple of compartments down. there he was. that hell spawn of a cat. at trefor's feet. at least it wasn't someone she disliked.[IMG='width:320px;']https://i.pinimg.com/originals/45/83/f7/4583f76b3670d6a67459627fc6f4d9d4.gif[/IMG] not that there were many of those. "you have got to be kidding me."trying to be careful, she bent down and picked up the large cat with a huff. one hand under his chest, the other under his butt as she cleared her throat for trefor's attention. when the ravenclaw noticed her, she forced a smile. only because of her frustration. "trefor! hey! you made it! where have you bee- oh~" she peeked into the compartment from beside him to see Soren and Lileath sitting inside. by the look on their faces, she could already tell not everything was right here. perhaps everything was. what was she to know? she smirked lightly. a little amused. "everything okay here?"
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