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Halo: ODST Squad


282nd Battalion, C Company, 1st Platoon Leader
Hey everyone,

Looking for 3+ people to run a Halo RP with.
I will be DMing for the campaign.
The campaign will be set somewhere during the Human-Covenant War and will focus on the actions of your ODST squad.
Won't be sticking to the canon timeline too much, mostly will focus on combat and the social interactions in your squad, not the overall Halo universe too much.
I am new on this site, but I've DMed a bit IRL so hopefully that will carry over.
Been wanting to do this for a while so I hope there's at least some interest in this.

Anyway, either respond on this thread or PM if interested.
Would definitely be interested in being a part of this if you choose to go ahead with it!

I may be more of a Reach man, but Halo ODST always has a place in my heart

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