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Fandom GoT/HoTD/ASOIAF Search


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about me.

• i’m theo, or iris., but feel free to call me whatever you choose
• as i’m now in my mid twenties, i’m only comfortable writing with partners over the age of eighteen. preferably over twenty-one for comfort, but if we mesh well, anything over eighteen is alright
• i write lower case for aesthetic, but it doesn’t at all follow through to my writing. there, i finally find capitalization
• i enjoy writing romance, with a preference on heterosexual and sapphic pairings. the preference depends on the characters more than it does a gender, really
• if the plot calls for it, i’m alright with playing one character. usually, however, i prefer to write multiple. i don’t like to take on more than four mains as a rule, though
• realistic face claims only. however, i’m totally game for optional preferred face claims. have a face in mind that you think would look great with a character you have in mind? let me know, i’m more than happy to accommodate
• i love writing morally ambiguous characters when the plot calls for it. it’s a favorite of mine
• anything from a few hundred to a few thousand words, though my preference usually maintains between five hundred and a thousand
• i love to chat and plot on discord. pinterest boards, playlists, and memes are all fair game. i get excited.
• although i like to talk on discord, i prefer to write on google docs. i can write elsewhere, including on discord or on site, if preferred, though

what i’m looking for.

•i’m looking for something based on the world of westeros and beyond. a song of ice and fire, game of thrones, house of the dragon, i love it all. i’d be interested in canon characters, originals, or a combination of the two. i’m also in to a variety of different timelines, from the conquest to post war of five kings, or something we create entirely using the established world. i have a particular interest in targaryens and martells but would be down to explore most areas of the world.
Hello, hello!

I'd be interested in discussing something! I have my own discord if you'd prefer chatting there! I can dm you my tag!

For short I normally do at least 3 paragraphs minimum and I generally love to double. I am 24f (about to be 25 the end of Aug) and have 13ish years of experience, maybe closer to 14 at this point. I have a whole bunch of ideas for any of the settings (got/hotd) that I'd love to discuss with you. I can provide writing samples of my own.

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