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Help Google Font style?


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Hey there!

Does anyone know how to change the style of a google font? I am not sure how to do so for BBCode, or if its possible, or more likely, if I am missing something.

For example I want to use Raleway, style Medium 500.

Raleway text

As you can see, its just the base style I believe, Light 300. How would I go about changing it to Medium 500 or would the best thing to do just bold the whole text?


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[comment][font=Raleway].[/font][/comment][border=0; padding: 0; font: normal 300 14px Raleway]Text[/border]

Normal - Font style
300 - Font weight

The rest should be elementary.

Note that you'll need the font accent for it to work properly.
This part, to be specific. You just need to do it once per post.

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