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Multiple Settings Give Me Your Bastards


Always Searching
Hey there, I'm Mel:

■ Been roleplaying for 17 years now.

■ I'm 29. She/her. I live in the states and my time zone is Eastern.

■ Will only write with people 25+.

■ Mainly M// search thread.

■ Looking for original realistic to semi-fantasy settings. Modern settings with monsters, scumbags living in the city, or Southern Gothic in backwater towns.

■ No fandom roleplays.

■ Absolutely loves active plotting, OOC chatter, and developing characters.

Very OOC/chat friendly–let’s make playlists for our characters, send IASIP memes about our characters, tell me about your pets.

Samples of my writing. <---Click for Google Doc link.

About My Writing Preferences

So, let’s talk about my writing preferences and hopefully they mesh well with yours: I write anywhere from 1k word intros, to three paragraph replies. It varies depending on what we’re writing, that I will write more or less, but I do enjoy writing and I tend to lean towards the wordier side of things. I won’t tell you how much to write, however, and I won’t have expectations from you. Like matching replies? That’s fine. Don’t like matching? That’s fine, too.

That said, I love plotting a roleplay. I usually will start out with an idea for a character, and together we will flesh out a story that fits our characters or cravings we have at the moment. I know some people like taking the bare bones and jumping in, and I get that, but it’s not for me. Half the fun of roleplaying is working together in the beginning and throughout the roleplay to develop a world we create. If you make it to the end of this, you’ll see a lot of my plots are vague and open-ended because I want your input to make it into something that works for the both of us.

Characters, Pairings, Romance, Limits

For our main characters, I generally prefer M// pairings (but I am craving a very specific F// pairing right now). Our side characters can be whatever sexuality or gender we want, and I do love having multiple characters to flesh out the world we create. I do not write with people who can only write one gender, or only write young adult characters–I need variety. My side characters will range from teens to late 60s and all gender identities/sexualities depending on the story. Generally, my mains are anywhere from late 20s to mid 40s, but I’m not opposed to writing younger or older depending on the setting.

So what kind of characters can you expect from me?

To put it short, I write assholes.

The type of person you’ve known your entire life, but you still won’t trust them to be alone with your money. I could say I prefer to write characters in the morally gray area, but I just enjoy writing that character that is in it for themselves, who is looking for the quickest route to riches and usually falling on their face, or a power hungry witch who will pay any price for the power they seek. They're not incapable of genuine feelings, there's various layers to them, but if you look at them at a first glance you'll see a bastard. Some of them are harmless, others less so.

Is that the only character I can write? No, I will write characters who can be genuinely good, but that’s usually for the side characters. My mains will be the person who will steal your boots, disappear for a week, and come back asking to borrow your last dime.

With that in mind, let’s segway to romance and relationships in a roleplay. I’ll preface this by saying that I prefer complicated, love/hate, toxic, polyamorous relationships, and/or “frenemies” opposed to relationships that are 100% healthy, nice, and normal.

Let me just make something clear real quick before going forward: I am not looking to write, or have you write, characters who are always the victim of a dominant character or that seme/uke bullshit. If there is a toxic relationship we choose to explore, it’s not going to be some bottom who is oh-so-defenseless to Big Bad Top. I write characters that can stand on their own two feet and give as good as they get, and I want the same from you. Moving on, I’m also fine with platonic relationships, not everything has to be romance. But, most of my roleplays have the mains involved in some type of relationship, so I’m being up front in saying that I’m not looking for super happy, healthy couples for our mains because people are flawed and I love exploring those flaws.

For our side characters, they can be a happily married couple of forty years if you want, that’s fine by me as I love variety.

Let’s talk limits: I like darker themes like addiction, violence, murder, cults, occult, and toxic relationships. I’m not looking for gratuitous dark themes, there has to be a balance, and I will respect your limits so just talk to me.

To button this up: I gave samples for you above that show different styles, intros , and a reply so you can gauge my writing style. When contacting me, please have at least one sample for me to look at. Also, tell me about yourself as a writer: what are your characters like, what do you like to write?

Now for the fun stuff:

Vague Plots, Settings, and Word Bank to Kick It Off:

Like I said, there are vague because I want your input and we can tailor everything to fit our tastes. Come to with your own ideas/cravings if you have something you’re excited about. However,

■ Fandoms. I’m totally fine with taking some elements from shows, like Hannibal as an example, and building a plot around that.
■ MxF pairings as the main characters.
■ Sci-fi or aliens.
■ Very specific time periods (I suck at history, but I’m fine with settings that are Victorian Era-ish, or 1920-esque).


■ Latchkey teenagers formed a found family together in the city or rural southern town, and time has passed and those boys are now men and circumstance has brought them back together after drifting apart years ago. Maybe it’s the funeral of one of the men, maybe they formed a pact with a supernatural entity and a price is due, or maybe one of them was released from prison and knows of the only three other people who will give him a ride and works his way down the list until one of them picks up.

■ Monsters. Ugly, nasty monsters and I won’t apologize about how much I love them. Ghouls, satyrs, creepy fae, or swamp monsters surfacing from the bog. Usually, I like writing a character that came across one of these nasties years ago and they form a toxic, but codependent relationship to further their magic, riches, or seeking power.

■ Witches. I’m a bit particular about my witches, so let me explain the kind of magic I’m looking for and we can build from there: Magic isn’t over the top, it’s more of something felt than seen. No lighting bolts shooting off the ends of wands, no insane feats like controlling the weather. It’s subtle. Magic is a life-long study and changes the user as magic has a cost, and not paying that price with an offering will take your sanity and/or your memories. The type of characters I write will be the type of people who know the costs and the dangers of magic, but go for it anyway for the sake of power.

■ Isolated communities. Give me a community that is isolated from the rest of the world it would seem. I love old world styled settings with a tight knit community, but something isn’t right about them. Let’s give them creepy almost cult-y vibes, include a monster they pay tribute to, or just a straight up cult in the woods.

■ I want a F// pairing with women in their mid 30s to early 40s that are like burnt out former party animals living in a trailer park and working at a shitty diner as waitresses and taking smoke breaks in a pockmarked parking lot. Give me flawed ladies who know they’re no good for each other but keep falling into each other’s messy lives. Want this as M//? I'm open to it.

■The Company (this is my most structured plot, but we can absolutely change any part of this to work for you)

My modern royalty and medieval fantasy-inspired plot, where The Company is the kingdom and the reigning monarchy is the family that founded the company generations back, but modern setting and no fantasy elements. The old CEO has died, and his son/nephew who has been groomed for succession his entire life has taken his place. In this “world”, this large corporate empire gets a lot of attention; coverage by the news, tabloids show pictures of board members’ lingering looks and encourage rumors about infidelity and corporate espionage. All of it is true. This plot would circle around the newly appointed CEO (30+ years old, my character, and is unstable to say the least) and his father/uncle’s right-hand man who is a large shareholder in the company and may want to usurp the current “king”, or help him with the pit of vipers he finds himself in. Owning the company is like taking the throne and all the power, wealth and influence it entails.

Includes corporate espionage, infidelity, fancy soirees where someone might be murdered, and everyone’s a liar.

■ Post-post Apocalypse?
This one is my most vague plot, so feel free to hit me up for it if you want to build something up with me. I don’t love zombies, but I like the environment it creates for the people. So what happens when the infection/zombies/cause of the apocalypse gradually goes away and leaves people who have only known survival and to mistrust each other? Maybe society has slowly been building itself up, but our characters don’t trust civilization or simply don’t want things to go back to the way it was. Looking for a group of characters that have only ever relied on themselves, questioning this new chapter in the end of the world.

■What's your idea?

Word bank

Love/hate. Old world settings. Silver-haired foxes. Youths running in the streets. Sophisticated older (wo)men. Straight up monsters. Murder. Trailer parks. Country living. Witchcraft. Witches. Brotherly relationships. Childhood friends. Wannabe gangsters. Ugly men/women (not everybody a model). Polyamorous relationships. Occult. Cults. Dangerous obsession. Creepy faes. Satyrs. Addiction. Mountain folk. Cannibalistic mountain folk. Old family feuds sans the Romeo and Juliet. Monstrous vampires. Asshole characters.

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