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Magnus "Spooks" Hadelรถf

LocationThe Olympus
DateMay 11th, 2025

Magnus Hadelรถf stepped off the military transport plane, his boots hitting the tarmac with a solid thud. The warm Mediterranean breeze of the Greek coast was a stark contrast to the chill of Sweden, where he had been spending time with his family before this deployment. The Olympus, sprawling across the rugged hills, was a hive of activity, with soldiers moving purposefully, vehicles rumbling by, and the distant hum of aircraft overhead.
He took a deep breath, savoring the salty Mediterranean air. It had been a long flight from Sweden, and he was eager to get started. Vogel, the man who had handpicked the team, was waiting for him along with two other key figures: Holmes and Rivera. Magnus had only met Vogel once via video call, and the other two were complete strangers. He adjusted his gear and walked over to them, his stride confident but relaxed.

"Magnus, welcome to Olympus." Vogel greeted him with a firm handshake. "It's good to finally meet in person."

"Likewise." Magnus replied, noting the sharpness in Vogel's eyes. The man had an air of authority that was impossible to ignore. "I've read your dossier. Impressive stuff."

"Thank you. Letโ€™s head to the briefing room and go over the plan. We have a lot to cover before your team arrives."

They made their way to the main briefing room where Holmes and Rivera were waiting. Introductions were succinct and professional. Magnus hadn't met them before, but he could tell they were seasoned and reliable.

The next few days were a whirlwind of planning and preparation. They dissected every piece of intelligence, mapped out strategies, and ran through potential scenarios of the upcoming operation. Each evening, Magnus found a quiet corner to video call Sarah and the kids. Seeing their faces, even through a screen, brought a sense of normalcy and solace. "Just a little longer." He would tell them, his heart aching with the distance between them.

By May 11th, the base was abuzz with activity. The rest of the squad was scheduled to arrive, and Magnus felt a mix of anticipation and responsibility. Standing beside Vogel in Athena's briefing room, he straightened his posture as the team filtered in. Each face was new, yet there was an immediate sense of shared purpose.

"Welcome to the Olympus." Vogel began, his voice carrying authority. "Iโ€™m Michael Vogel, your Ghost Lead and this is Magnus Hadelรถf, your team leader. Heโ€™s been here for a week, getting things in order."

Magnus stepped forward, nodding in acknowledgment. "Itโ€™s good to finally meet all of you. We have a lot to do in the coming days. Letโ€™s make sure weโ€™re ready."

He looked around the room, meeting each person's gaze. There was Warlow Holland, the demolition specialist with a reputation for precision; Ruprecht Braun, the tech expert known for his problem-solving skills; Gabriel Realonda, the combat medic who had saved countless lives; Rina Ikeda, the sharp-witted intelligence officer; Elena Vulpe, the deadly marksman; and Yolande Plaisance, the capable K9 handler.

"I want to get to know each of you better." Magnus continued. "So, letโ€™s take a moment to introduce ourselves. Share a bit about your background, your skills, anything you think is important."

The introductions began, each team member sharing their story. Magnus listened intently, absorbing the details and making mental notes. This was more than a team; it was a group of individuals with unique strengths and experiences, brought together for a critical mission.
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R E A L O N D A , G A B R I E L
Location: The Olympus
Date: May 11, 2025

Greece was a very far way from home.

The time it would take would be around half a day if it were one continuous flight with no complications. It wasn't exactly the furthest Gabriel had ever been deployed, but this special task force promised an extremely lengthy stay. He couldn't help but wonder who his squadmates would be and where they would be from. It was an international task force, after all. Would there be other Americans? Or would he be surrounded by Europeans of one form or another?

The plane had landed and he gathered his personal items before disembarking the plane. He had never been to Greece and he was already thinking of what he would do during his downtimesโ€” what kind of local sights he could go to that was relatively close to the base. The base did appear rather isolated likely due to the secrecy that surrounded the program, but surely they would be allowed some relaxation in between missions?

Still, duty came first. Once settled, he headed for the briefing room where he was told he would meet his team. He followed in with the others and two men greeted themโ€” Michael and Magnus. He studied their team leader for a bit. He appeared to be a highly capable man and he expected no less from someone who was chosen to be in a leadership position for the "best of the best". It could only make him wonder just how good Magnus was.

Upon being asked for a short introduction, Gabriel stepped up first.

"Gabriel Realonda. I'm a combat medic so if you have anything pressing about your health that I need to know, please do not hesitate to tell. I'm from Brooklyn and I finished my medical degree in Columbia with a full military scholarship ride." He paused for a moment. "I've studied a few languages and think I'm pretty decent at them. I've also helped around with the veterinarians to know how to patch dogs up on the field if there were concerns about that. I look forward to working with all of you."
Ruprecht Braun, "Echo"
Location: The Olympus
May 11, 2025


Everything had gone by rather quickly for Ruprecht. He barely had a chance to say goodbye to his people back home before he was boarding a transport and on his way to Greece. Not that he was complaining, however, seeing as this new assignment promised to be his most challenging yet. The flight over was relatively short, which allowed Ruprecht to collect some data on the location and read over the files he was given. Even being on the inside, the files were riddled with black lines blocking out sensitive information. What little he was given was probably miles more than any intelligence agency in the world. It almost put a smile on his face to see such secrecy and well-guarded details. Something this hidden is delicate and difficult, which was exactly what Ruprecht was looking for when he left the Kommando Spezialkrรคfte to move to Greece.

The Greek cities came and went as the plane moved out into the remote area where Olympus was located, and Ruprecht quickly grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder in preparation for landing. As the vehicle descended onto the landing pad, he stepped off and onto the ground below. The weather was much different compared to his home in Bavaria, but it was a welcome change, especially with the Mediterranean Sea right there. Ruprecht was led to his living quarters, where he wasted no time setting up his computer and all of his equipment to tap into the local system and get a feel for the place. Cybersecurity was incredibly tight and pretty much impenetrable, but Ruprecht was able to pull a copy of the floor plans during his search. He couldn't know if these were the full plans for all of Olympus, but it was safe to assume they weren't due to how simple it was for him to access them.

While he got himself familiar with what he could see of the base, he was called to the briefing room to meet his squad leader and the head of this whole operation. Ruprecht was able to make his way there from memory of what he'd seen in the plans and made his way inside along with the others. The first man Ruprecht laid eyes on introduced himself as Michael Vogel, and it was easy to tell that he was in charge. Next, he looked at Magnus Hadelรถf, who was to be their team leader. Something about him gave Ruprecht confidence and he could tell that this was a very capable man. The rest of his team was mostly a mystery, but he could see in their faces that all of them had a purpose in this place. One of them spoke up to introduce himself after the leaders' introductions. A combat medic from the United States and a polyglot.

Looking around, Ruprecht didn't see anyone else speaking up so he decided it might as well be his turn to talk. "Name's Ruprecht Braun, ex German special forces. I handle all things tech related." Short and simple was his way of doing things. He didn't think he'd need to say much so he kept it to himself. If anyone asked, he'd gladly answer, though. His eyes scanned the room as he took a deep breath. These were the people he'd be spending the foreseeable future with. Whoever they were and wherever they came from, they'd put their lives in his hands just like he'd have to do with them. They were a team and they depended on each other as of that moment.


Rina Ikeda | "Havoc"
The Olympus - May 11th, 2025

And to think Rina had seen it all.

It was just a hop, skip and jump over to Greece from London. During her flight, Rina spent time reading up on everything she could get her hands about the Group for Specialized Tactics, or "Ghosts" as they were informally referred to. But despite the fact that her home country was a member of NATO, what they knew about the program wasn't much more than what she knew. Which was nothing. All Rina was told during her initial contact with them that they were a joint international task force that operated with practically no bounds, a much looser leash compared to her previous unit.

As soon as her plane was wheels down, Rina disembarked and headed into what she assumed she'd be calling home for the foreseeable future. The complex known as 'Olympus' was expansive and buzzing with activity. Like a new kid that transferred to a new school, Rina felt lost. But she wasted no time asking for guidance towards the barracks. Much to her relief, it seemed everyone was willing to lend a helping hand.

Once she sorted out her living quarters and dropped off her gear, her next destination was the briefing area for her assigned squad, 'Athena'.

Rina wasn't late the party, but she wasn't the first to arrive. Once everyone was present, the man at the head of the room spoke up, introducing themselves as the head of Ghost Recon, before introducing the man that would be leading them on the field. Rina listened as Magnus continued his introduction. The floor was then opened to the rest of them so that they could introduce one another. Makes sense, since this was the first time any of them were meeting one another.

Two of the people in the room spoke up first. Rina was next.

"Rina Ikeda, at your service. British special forces and intelligence. If you need to know something, I can get that information, no problem."

Like the man before her, Rina kept her introduction short. She assumed by now, and due to the fact she was here in the first place, that Magnus and other command members of the Ghosts had already received her file detailing her capabilities.

"Looking forward to working with you all."

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