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Help Font size


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I'm sorry, I feel really dumb, but have we never been able to increase font size past 26?

I tried to do a size=72 and tried multiple other sizes. None of which work. Has it always been like this? I could've sworn I've created large text in the past


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Hi friend! From what I'm aware, you can get the font-size larger by using border or bg tags, and measuring in px. Using the size tag by itself is limited.
The border tag I use to enlarge text is:
[border=0px; font-size:100px; display:inline-block]this is 100px[/border]
this is 100px
and this is 13px

the display:inline-block is in there so it will remain on the same line as other text. I'm sure there's probably a much easier way of doing things but this is how i do it for me haha

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