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Fantasy Fantasy, sci fi adventure


Hey! Im a 33 year old male that likes fantasy adventure

Im hoping to find someone to RP with. I like fantasy and sci fi settings. I mostly like story and adventure. Im male in real life, if you are female I dont mind if there is romance in the story if it happens naturally, if you want. Im perfectly fine with a story without romance also. Males, we can do a story without romance, if youre interested.

So I consider myself a casual writer. I usually write 3 or more paragraphs. I dont write really long, detailed posts. I usually just like good story and good character interaction. Writing a lot of details so that the post is really long is not really my style.

I think I can write two or three posts a day. If Im not busy I can write more than that.

So here's some general ideas that I like. If youre interested, feel free to message me. We can also just come up with an idea together, as long as its in a genre we both like

Fantasy adventure - A medieval fantasy setting. Our characters go on a quest, fighting monsters and exploring

Sci fi - A futuristic setting. Our characters can be bounty hunters, looking for criminals and wanted people. This can happen on one planet, or we could travel through space.

Those are the only ideas I feel like putting here.

Message me if you are interested! Thanks

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