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1. I expect literacy from you. Be able to put a sentence together properly.
2. No one liners-- there is a two paragraph minimum per post.
3. I'm not saying you have to post everyday, but a few times a week would be nice. Please don't express interest if you can't meet this requirement. I know that things come up, and that's not what I'm talking about here.
4. Be polite and respectful. If you can't manage this, you will be kicked, and YC will be killed off. (ha.)
5. This is NOT first come, first serve. There will be a writing sample required in the CS.
6. Romance isn't a must, but it's encouraged/enjoyed by most. (Note, I said most). But don't break RPN's rules. Fade to black if needed.
7. Be mature. Not saying this RP is going to break RPN's rules, but i'm saying there may be mature topics/triggers. Do not bash anyone's character or anything like that.
8. On the topic of triggers, please be respectful. Do some research if you have to. Triggers are nothing to take lightly, and if someone gets upset, don't bash them for getting upset. Warn us if your post or character has triggers/trigger warnings.
9. If you have an issue with someone, come to me first. Or be a big person and actually talk to them about it.

**For this roleplay, I need 4 famous people, and their 4 non-famous significant others. I would really like to have 2 males and 2 females of each, but we'll see.**

Your whole life, you've been normal. Plain Jane, Regular Ronnie, whatever they call you-- it's you. You have an average life, average house, friends, family. But you wouldn't trade that for anything... or would you?

Perhaps you're not normal. Perhaps you're above normal in every way. Famous, with the world's eyes on you at all times. You can't even pee without it getting into the tabloids. What would you give for some privacy? To be normal, or at least have some semblance of normalcy in your life?

Imagine that you met someone quite the opposite of yourself. Plain Jane, meet Moneybags Mark. Famous, meet non famous. However you meet, you hit it off, and before long, you're dating. Your famous significant other gets invited to a reality TV show, and they book the tickets. You're on your way to Hollywood-- or actually, a city on the beaches of California, to a house where you'll be spending the summer with your significant other, and three other couples just like you.

Can you handle the pressure? The drama? Can the famous handle their SO's insecurities? Or are they too flirty? Too close to that one person? And most importantly...

Will your relationship survive the summer?



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