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Nation Building Fallout: West Coast


His Majesty Henry VIII
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Set in an alternate history West Coast Core Region of 2097, just twenty years after the Great War, this roleplay concept will allow interested roleplayers to (re)create their own factions to their heart's content (within reason), pledge allegiance to any flag they so choose, or simply survive alone in the wasteland.

Reserved factions are as follows: The Shi (Chinese submariners) of San Francisco, the Hub (a new trading powerhouse), and the Desert Rangers (Nevadan law keepers).


For reference, most if not all of the roleplay will take place west of Hoover Dam.
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His Majesty Henry VIII
Y'all can join. It'll take a while to make all these PMs but I'm currently doing them.


His Majesty Henry VIII
We're going to be making a character and faction thread and then a chatting thread soon I think. It doesn't matter whether or not you post your applications on the former thread though so long as I have them.

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