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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

He frowned and shook his head. “I just want it all to stop.” He told her, swallowing back tears. “I can’t keep doing this anymore.” He mumbled, squeezing her hand as he started drifting off to sleep.

She nodded and smiled a little. “Go get your workout in, I’m gonna start sorting through packing.” She told him, kissing his cheek. “Let me know when you’re on your way back so I can shower quick then it’s all yours when you get back and we can hit the road.”
Max nodded softly and sighed heavily before she too started to drift off to sleep. She woke up early into the next morning hearing Ricky talking to someone. She gave a small frown and rubbed at her eyes seeing he was on the phone with someone.

Noah frowned and shook his head some "Noooo I don't want to get up." He muttered hiding his face in his pillow. Soon enough though he was getting up and getting ready for the gym sighing heavily "Alright, I'll be back in just a bit."
She smiled as she watched him grab his bag, pecking his cheek. “See you in a bit.” She smiled, watching him go and cracking on with getting stuff sorted out for them to go straight away, frowning when she got a phone call about halfway through his normal length of session.

He sighed quietly, closing his eyes as he listened to his mother worrying. “I understand you’re concerned but I don’t need to be yelled at… that’s not helpful mom… they’re gonna be sending me off probably tomorrow so you won’t have much time with us anyway.” He muttered, sighing when she said they would be there in half an hour anyway and spiked a little longer before she hung up and he glanced over at max. “You ready to meet the parents?”
Noah groaned some on the other end and sighed heavily "Hey....uh so I fucked up my knee. Could you come pick me up and take me to the ER?"

Max gave a soft laugh and shrugged softly "I guess so, hope they don't mind me looking a little messy." She murmured gesturing to her makeup and clothes from the previous day
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She frowned and shook her head. “Yeah give me a minute… how bad?” She asked, hearing him pass the phone over to his PT and sighed. “Hey Kevin, what he do?” She asked him, grabbing her keys and changing to be in clothes presentable in public.

He nodded. “They won’t care about that right now. Promise.” He mumbled, still a little weak and struggling to move much without getting dizzy but he knew he had the evaluation that afternoon for them to determine whether or not they should be sending him off.
Noah sighed when he heard him explain that it shouldn't be anything major just a probably sprain and that he'd need an X-ray to make sure. When she finally got there he gave her a small smile "Hey.....they said I should stay off it about a week. I guess the cabin is a no go."

Max nodded some and took his hand in hers gently "Can you eat yet? If you can, you should put a little bit of food on your stomach." She said quietly
She shook her head and had him lean on her to get out to the car, not saying much right now, getting him set up with an ice pack in the front seat, driving him down to the nearest ER, helping him inside and sighed a little while they got signed in and we’re told to wait a little while, helping him to a chair and rest hee head on his shoulder.

He shrugged. “I think I can. Just don’t wanna throw it up again.” He grumbled a little, sitting in the quiet witj hee then until his parents arrived and he heard his moms voice from the doorway.
Noah frowned at how quiet she had gotten while they waited. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and sighed softly "I'm sorry." He said quietly to her.

Max looked up when she saw the door open and his parents walk in. She gave them a small smile and stood by Ricky letting him do the talking first.
She sighed quietly and shook her head. “After we’re done here we’re going home and we aren’t leaving the couch. The couch is safe and I’m sure nothing can happen to us on the couch.” She muttered.

He sighed a little seeing the disappointment in his dads face, looking away quickly. “Mom, dad… this is max.. max these are my parents.” He introduced them.
Noah gave a small smile and nodded some "Well we could always have some sexy time on the couch." He said before giving a small laugh "Hey, its gonna be okay alright?" He murmured as he got her to look at him.

Max gave a small smile and shook both of their hands "Its a pleasure to meet you both." She said softly before taking Ricky's hand in hers
His father nodded curtly. “Sorry you’re putting up with him doing stupid shit like this again.” He muttered, rolling his eyes when his wife scolded him.

Ricky frowned and rubbed at his face. “Dad… that’s… never mind.” He muttered, looking up when his nurse came to retrieve him for his evaluation, giving maxs hand a squeeze. “We’ll see what they say.” He mumbled.

Carmen nodded slowly. “I know I just…” she trailed off as they called his name and brought over a wheelchair for him, “call me when you’re out of the X-ray… I need a smoke.” She mumbled, watching them take him through and she went outside for a bit, eventually getting a text that she could come back, going to find him and walked into the room sitting down in a chair near him. “How bad is it?” She asked, sighing as when the doctor let them know it was a full tear of the ACL, frowning over at him a little. “Can you have the surgery?” She asked, squeezing his hand as he nodded.
Max gave a heavy sigh but kissed him lovingly before they took him back "I love you." She said softly before sitting down with his parents and waiting.

Noah frowned deeply and ran a hand over his face "Fuck." He muttered before agreeing to the surgery and squeezing Carmen's hand "I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean for this to happen."
His father shook his head as he sat down "He ever tell you how selfish he was last time this happened? On his little sister's birthday and everything." He muttered "HE might be my son but if I were you I'd get out now before he drags you down with him." He muttered, getting up again and going to get a drink.

His mom shook her head and frowned "Ignore him... He does care he's just.... Not very good at showing it." She sighed "How are you holding up? You know he won't stop talking about you e very time he calls." She smiled some.

Carmen just nodded and smiled a little "You didn't do it on purpose." She pointed out, letting them go over all the details with him while she scrolled through her phone and they were being sent home with crutches and an ice wrap for him to use to get the swelling down quicker so she got him set up in bed with a bunch of snacks and drinks, eventually coming to plop down next to him, looking a lot poutier than she meant to but she couldn't help the disappointment
Max frowned at his father but soon turned her attention to his mom once he was gone. She gave a small smile and blushed lightly "Well you have an amazing son, I hope its all good things that you hear." She said giving a small laugh

Noah frowned at how pouty she was and pulled her in close "What can I do to make it better?" He asked her gently knowing that she had been so looking forward to their getaway.
She frowned and buried her face into the crook of his neck, grumbling a little "I just wanted you to screw me like you hate me in the hot tub on the back deck while we had too much to drink," She muttered having planned out a whole evening in her head already, perking up a little when he pulled her back to look at him by pulling on the back of her hair.

She nodded "Oh trust me... If I know one thing for certain about my son it's that he worships the very ground you walk on." She smiled "And I'm glad for it... Means he was raised right. You call me if he ever steps out of line too.... We all just want him to get better." She told her
Noah smirked a bit and tugged her head back by her hair in a forceful but not harsh manor "Thats all you wanted? Well baby girl I can't promise a hot tub or drinks, but if you get ontop I can definitely make that other part a reality." He said before giving her a devilish smirk.

Max laughed lightly and nodded some "Will do ma'am." She said before giving a small sigh "So do I. Hopefully they can get him some real help here."
She smiled up at him and moved to turn the main lights off and their mood lighting on, not wasting any time ... She lay next to him after, catching her breath and smiling, rolling in close to kiss his cheek before getting up and going to get him a fresh ice pack for his knee and start running the bath.

They brought him back an hour later, asking to speak to the family outside for a minute. "We've determined that he does need to be sanctioned at least temporarily. He's admitted that if we sent him home tomorrow that he would only make another attempt on his life once he was home and to add to that his physical health is continuing to deteriorate as a result of not looking after himself so we've deemed it best he goes to the clinic nearby for a 30-day intial stay adn then we can re-evaluate after that."
Noah lay there panting afterwards and smiled some as she brought him more ice "Thank you; I dunno what I'd do without you." He murmured before pecking her lips and letting her go off to take her bath.

Max gave a heavy sigh but nodded at the doctor "Alright, I'll uh...I'll go get him a bag set up. When does he leave?" She asked softly
“tomorrow. But he will be permitted someone to go with him while we transfer him and the clinic will go over with you visitation rules.” He told them all, leaving them to privacy with him.

She smiled and leaned down, kissing him a little more. “Crash and burn baby. Crash and burn.” She teased him. It was almost three months later when they were out on a mini tour for her this time and they had a quiet off day in Chicago so she had suggested they go down to the pier and ride the ferris wheel for his birthday before going to get dinner, glad that he was walking a lot better now as they got out of the taxi and headed down there, holding his hand. “Nick called while you were in the shower. He says happy birthday and he’s dropped something off at ours for you.” She smiled.

Ricky sighed happily as he walked out of the restroom to get back into bed with max. He’d been home for a couple days now and was finally on the path to doing better but since he’d got home he hadn’t given her much of a chance to actually rest, keeping her in their bed the whole time, even now pulling her in close and letting his hands roam. “Mmm I missed you.” He murmured.
Max smiled softly as she snuggled into him a bit "Mmm I missed you too." She said before making his hands stop "Baby, I adore you but I don't think my body can handle another round." She said whining quietly as his hands still traveled over her. She was happy to have him back home, especially in such a better mental state. He'd gained some weight and was looking healthier than he had in a long time which made her even happier.

Noah smiled some as he sat down in the Ferris Wheel cart "I'll text him a thank you later." He said happily. These past three months had been great for them, his knee was healing nicely and he was liking being on tour but just standing in the background. He reached for her hand but frowned when she pulled away and starting digging in her purse "What are you doing?"
She smiled and shook her head, pulling her phone out “I wanna get a good video of the birthday boy.” She smiled wide, kissing his cheek, “oh and I got something for you.” She told him, filming the two of them the whole time until they were up at the top and she started a new video, pretending she was taking a selfie with him “Say cheese!” She grinned, “one more… this time say, I’m gonna be a dad in six months time cause my girlfriend is pregnant!” She grinned, turning to face him, giggling at the look on his face, finally turning the video off and digging through her bag for the test she’d brought with her to show him, handing it to him.

Ricky smirked into her hair and shook his head. “Mmm just relax. Im not gonna stick it in again I promise.” He murmured. “Just wanna feel my beautiful girlfriend.” He assured her, kissing her nose. “Are you ready for the festival run coming up?”
Noah broke out into a giant smile when he finally processed what she said "Really?! You're lying...no....really?!" He asked her excitedly as he took the tests into his hands. He moved over and pulled her in tightly "I love you so fucking much." He said before kissing all over her face.

Max smiled a bit as just let him go back to what he was doing before nodding "Yeah I think it'll be fun. Hopefully all the fans are nice at the merch booth." She murmured before kissing him gently
She smiled and nodded, kissing him back happily, “so I already spoke to Matt about scheduling stuff. He promised to keep it quiet from everyone but I wanted to wait until I was in more of a safe zone but we’re having a baby Noah.” She told him happily.

He nodded and kissed her back, slowly moving down to her chin and then neck, carefully making his way down her body until she pushes his head. “What? I told you I’m not gonna stick it in but I missed you.” He told her, giving her his best puppy dog eyes
Noah smiled widely and wiped at his eyes as happy tears threatened to spill out "Fucking hell, parents...I never...I never thought I'd be saying that." He told her quietly "Best fucking birthday ever."

Max pushed him away some and sighed when he gave her puppy dog eyes "Last time...you're trying to kill me." She said with a small laugh. By the end she was completely spent and panting heavily watching as he kissed his way back up her body "Like I said....trying...to kill me." She teased before kissing him gently
He grinned and kissed hee gently. “Wait right here.” He told her, knowing full well she wasn’t planning on getting up but he went to run them a nice hot bath, leaning against the bathroom doorframe for a moment then went to get them a drink each, bringing it back and setting them down, turning the water off by that point and finally going to get her from the bed, helping her to the bathroom and into the bath with her, having her lay back against his chest. “Mmm better?”

She smiled and nodded, kissing his cheek a couple times until they had got back to the bottom again and they were walking back up the pier to walk along the shore line. “I’m still gonna go to the festival run with you but then after that I’m home, resting.” She smiled at him,

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