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Realistic or Modern Falling. Fading Away

Max frowned deeply and shook her head some "We get you help Rick, we get you real good professional help." She said softly letting a few tears of her own fall.

Noah frowned deeply as he looked it over and nodded some "Alright, I'll get some cameras on the house. You still have that restraining order in place?" He asked before quickly helping her inside. He had been there with her through all of it the first time and it was a big reason that he realised he wanted to be with her as more than just friends with benefits.
He shook his head. “It didn’t fucking work the first time.” He yelled but was soon grabbing at his chest in pain and collapsing back against the bed.

She frowned and nodded, going to take her bags up to their room. “I don’t even want to read it.” She muttered, rubbing at her face.
Max frowned deeply and flinched a bit as he yelled at her "You only went for two months Ricky....you gotta give yourself more time." She said softly trying to keep calm.

Noah frowned deeply and gave a small nod "You don't have to." He muttered before he went to read the note
He shook his head. “That. Wasn’t the first time.” He muttered, frowning as things were starting to spin and a few alarms started going off, the color draining from his face.

She came back to the kitchen a little later and wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face into his back. “I might join you at the gym tomorrow…. Let off some steam before the car ride.”
Max quickly pressed the call button and stood by his side "Ricky? Ricky don't do this! Stay with me!" She cried watching as the nurses rushed in and pushed her back.

Noah had already hid the note away for the time being by the time she came down "Alright babe, sounds fun." He said softly and turned around in her arms
She grumbled a bit as she got a whiff of his pits in the process. “Damn you need a shower…. You smell of sweat and bus and somehow Folio’s sneakers.” She muttered, looking up at him, “but if you want… and if you’re good…. I’ll take it with you.” She winked.

He kept staring at her until he passed out and they completely removed her from the room but it wasn’t long before Chris’s voice was coming from down the hall, looking stressed.
Noah chuckled softly and smiled at her "Mmm really? I would like that, I promise to be good." He murmured before kissing her gently

Max looked at Chris when she hears his voice and immediately rushed to his side "Something went wrong! I don't know what happened."
She nodded and smiled. “Then go start the shower and I’ll be right there.” She promised, standing on her tiptoes and kissing him again before going to their room for a few minutes.

He frowned and pulled her in to try and soothe her a little. “What the hell happened? I couldn’t understand your message but vin said to come down here.” He told her
Noah smiled happily and went off to the shower. He gave a small smile when she came in a few minutes later "Hey beautiful, god you get sexier every day." He murmured as he let his hands roam her body in a nonsexual way.

Max hugged him tightly and sobbed into his torso for a moment before finally composing herself. She took a deep breath and pulled away from him before leading him to sit down and explain what had happened.
She smiled and winked at him. “Right back at ya puppy.” She told him, “yknow when we finally find our forever home, I want a double shower. Gets a little too cramped in here sometimes.” She told him, washing off quickly to go get in her pjs and get into bed where she’d taken snacks and drinks and set up the computer for an anime binge.

He frowned and shook his head at the end. “They’re gonna wanna section him this time…. It was clearly deliberate behaviour not… has he actually told you what set all this off in the first place? What Devin fucking did?” He muttered, still angry about it for Ricky.
Noah nodded in agreement before starting to wash off as well. He made his way out and got some boxers and sweats on before moving into bed and groaning "Ugh I have missed this." He muttered before reaching to steal some of her candies.

Max shook her head and wiped her eyes "No, he never talks about it. He just says he was an asshole and caused a lot of problems within the band." She explained quietly
She turned to face him, staring at him shocked until he looked at her with his cheeks full of hee snacks. “I put your snacks on your side. And you still stole mine?!” She questioned him, starting to sulk until there was a bang downstairs by the front door and she jumped out of her skin, grabbing for his arm.

Chris frowned and shook his head. “They lived together and devin was bringing girls back to the apartment all the time. Normal shit. Absolutely fine. Rick was aware that they were going there but not anything else…. It turned out that a large amount of them were underage. Or under the influence of something…. And a lot of people got hurt. He thinks it’s his fault because they lived in the same place.” He sighed heavily
Noah gave her a cheeky grin and kissed her cheek "I'll buy you double next time at the store." He murmured before cuddling into her. He sat up immediately when he heard the loud bang and frowned deeply "Stay up here...call the cops alright? I'll go check it out." He muttered as he grabbed a baseball bat he had in the corner of the room and made his way downstairs.

Max looked at Chris in shock and shook her head some "Oh my gosh...thats awful...but Ricky...he couldn't...oh god." She said quietly just holding her head in her hands "I don't know what to do Chris, I feel like nothing we do is going to help. Its like he wants help but then doesn't think any help will work."
She nodded and quickly called them, straining to hear anything out of the ordinary while she explained what was going on.

He shook his head. “I don’t think that we’re gonna get a choice but to send him off for a little while.” He told her gently, standing when someone came to tell them they could go back in
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Noah frowned when he didn't find anything inside the house. He went outside but stopped when he opened the door finding another note on the door. He left it there and sighed heavily as he made his way back upstairs "Carmen? Are the cops coming?" He called up to her.

Max nodded some and stood when she heard his name. She quickly went back into the room frowning when she saw him asleep "Is he okay?" She asked quietly
His nurse nodded “as goood as he can be right now. They’re going to evaluate him tomorrow and so you are aware it’s likely that he will be sent to the clinic just outside the city.” She explained.

“They said they would but it’s not an emergency so it might take a while.” She told him, “what was it?” She asked him, going downstairs and getting a glass of water.
Max nodded and gave a heavy sigh "I need to call his family again, give them an update." She murmured before pulling out her phone.

Noah frowned some and gave a heavy sigh "Another note on the door, rock on the ground. My guess is he threw it against the door." He muttered
She frowned and turned the lights out as they went upstairs. “Who the hell has it out for us right now?!” She snapped a little. “Cause I can’t keep up with all this shit.” She told him, getting back in bed and putting their snacks and stuff to the side not in the mood anymore.

Ricky frowned as he started coming around again to max leaving the room and glanced over seeing Chris sat there. “You didn’t need to come down.” He mumbled. “I know you just got home.”
Chris looked over at Ricky and gave a small frown "I wanted to make sure you were alright." He said quietly before giving a heavy sigh "How are you feeling?"

Noah gave a heavy sigh and put the bat back in its place before getting in bed with her again "I'm not sure babe..but I'm going to make sure this is taken care of quickly this time."
She sighed and nodded frowning. “You said you were gonna show me the work you did on the song.” She reminded him, wanting her mind off the rest of it

He shrugged a little and smiled. “Like I got sucked dry like a caprisun.” He chuckled a little but winced and just lay back. “Didn’t even work. Can’t even do that fucking thing right.” He muttered
Noah nodded and went to get his laptop. He came back and handed her his headphones before getting the song pulled up and pressed play. He smiled wide and watched her hoping she would love it.

Chris gave an awkward chuckle and nodded "You do a lot of shit right Rick. I know its easier said than done, but if you want her to stay you got to get help." He said before shaking his head some.
“I’m not gonna have a choice this time…. You know every time I close my eyes I get images of what he did to those girls. Under my fucking roof.” He muttered.

She smiled wide and leaned over, kissing all over his face. “I’ll get the paperwork set up tomorrow for this to be the official version. This is perfect.” She smiled, “You’ve come such a long way from the kid who used to just stand and stare at me while I talked to Nick.” She smiled.
Chris frowned deeply and sighed heavily "Rick that wasn't your fault. When you found out you did the right thing." He explained.

Noah laughed some and nodded a bit "I know its crazy huh? Still the most beautiful girl I ever layed eyes on." He murmured before kissing her gently
She smiled and curled in closer. “Mmm we both had a great glow up.” She pointed out, resting her head against his shoulder. The cops ended up not showing up until four hours later so they were both exhausted having stayed up late to wait for them

He frowned and shook his head, looking up when max came back in and frowned a little. “You should stay here tonight…. I can call someone to go clean it up so you don’t have to look at it.” He mumbled.
Noah was exhausted by the next morning. The cops had been no help to them, only taking the notes and saying they'd try to look into it. He gave a heavy sigh when he saw Carmen come from the restroom after a shower and frowned "You still want to head up to the cabin?"

Max gave a small nod "I already arranged something, they'll be there in the morning." She murmured before saying goodbye to Chris when he said he would be leaving. She sat beside Ricky again and finally, gently took his hand in hers "I'm not going anywhere okay? I promise."

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