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Multiple Settings [F4A] Looking for that sweet, sweet creative OC juice...

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Action, Adventure, AU, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural

I'm seeking role-players interested in detailed, potentially long-term, story based role-play. My goal is not to find anything overtly NSFW, but more a story that is fleshed-out, created, and well written. I am a female - living in New Zealand (an absolute pain in the bum as my time-zone doesn't seem to correspond with anybody else). Given that I'm studying and working there are going to be days where I may only reply a couple times, but other days I'll be super active - so I apologise in advance if I disappear randomly, but I'll always try to make you aware if I'm going to be gone for longer than a day. I do not at all mind how active you are, but I appreciate at least 1 response every two days!

Genres I gravitate towards: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Mystery, Dystopia, and Sci-Fi. I love mixing things up and combining genres that don't really go perfectly hand in hand. I don't typically do fandom style role-play and prefer OC, however, if it is a fandom I'm familiar with I'm not opposed to it.

I REALLY appreciate role-players who aren't afraid to offer ideas and mix/mingle them with my own.

Role-play style: I tend to flip-flop between third and first, most of my experience is with first, but I'm happy to do either. I enjoy longer, para-style role-plays, but do get that when there's dialogue it requires rapid-fire to not interrupt the flow. Generally, I won't do one or two sentences and prefer partners with a good handle on how the English language works.

Characters/Matchups/Doubling, etc: I'm very comfortable playing either F or M, but generally my match-ups are FxF. I'm happy to double as well as play multiple characters if that's something you enjoy in a role-play.

I have some ideas that I'm REALLY keen on trying, but would also like some input in terms of what my partner would like as well.

And not to be a rude little smack, but if I get low effort replies that low key does not fly and I will do just that and flit flute fly away.
I also apologize - I can be picky when it comes to partners. If I don't seem too interested and disappear, please feel free to rark me up about it, sometimes my creative energy is low and I just need a little smack.

If you've read this far - congrats! You win a cookie! Please sent me a PM if you're interested. (I do also role-play on Discord.)


The good the Bad, and the dirty
¡Hola amiga!

I would love to try this! I have a bunch of ocs that I've discarded that I'd love to use yet again!
So... May I be of interest, miss? ^33^

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