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Experienced DM trying something a bit new? (5e)


The Charmer
The world of Brethos is one steeped in tradition, stories and adventure. From vast mountain ranges that reach the clouds to wide oceans and barren deserts, there is a place for any to call a home.

Though these lands come not without strife. A tapestry of stories that stretches across seven ages, wars fought and won, lands conquered. Deals struck and deals crossed.

Be it fortune or fame, glory or the thrill- those who seek are certain to find in Brethos.

Hello everyone! I'm Shibbie (or not?) and I'm trying to gauge a bit of interest in something I never thought to try. I am interested in trying out play by post for small groups or even 1x1s to run to build a bit more backstory and history to the current age of my world. This isn't something I've tried before despite DMing and RPing for quite a while, so there will probably be some bumps. I'm not exactly a rules as written DM and will probably be even less so in PBP. To speed things up my thoughts would be less dice rolls for things that you can describe or make sense. Some homebrew stuff is around on top of lax rules.

I've been DMing on and off for 15 years now, about half of that taking place in my current 'living' world of Brethos. By living I mean that everything a party has done has left an impact on the world that following players will be effected by. Sometimes even in active running games, but that's not really super common. All this includes any PBP games, your actions can have real and permanent consequences. Typically I do one-shots or 2-3 session mini campaigns to kinda build up some history a bit more.

I'd probably run through lil discord servers per game, but I'm not opposed to something else. Character creation is pretty much any published book is fair game, though for back story ect I have (part of) a world anvil set up with some lore. For groups I'd aim for people to have similar schedules, that way it can have bursts of more activity when available. I have a few plot hooks to dish out when I start having some interest or if there's something a party would like to try to do when they get the lore/world info then we can work with that!

Most of my games are already very RP and exploration focused, and very little combat so if you're looking for more of a dungeon crawl I'm unfortunately probably not your guy.

I uh guess I'm not really sure what else to put. This is mostly just a feeler post, so if there's some interest I'll try to set something up with a bit more details. Feel free to post or DM me, and let me know if you're interested and if you prefer a group ( 3ish players ) or solo.
Hi there, Shibbie (or not?). I was curious if you were intending this to be played post-by-post or something similar to a tabletop session. I can see it going either way, though I am interested in seeing and potentially experiencing your worldbuilding. Thanks in advance!
I am all for an exploration and RP 5e game...whether it be play by post or whatever. I love to play and I love to write. I would be very interested in partaking in this.
I would be interested in a Play by Post game of 5e DnD, but not so much in a Discord one.
I’ll throw my hat into the ring, I’ve been hankering a game of anything really and this seems up my alley.
I could see this being pretty fun. I'm one of those weird ones who prefer to rp over voice but that's not a deal breaker.
If you're still looking for players, in interested! I've been playing 5e for almost as long as it's been out and even GM'd my fair share of it. I do prefer the games that are more roleplay focused and light on rules enforcement.

I'm usually available every day of the week except for Sundays and Tuesday, between 12pm to 8pm EST.
Hellooo! This sounds like fun! I'd be interested in a Discord game through VC!
Hmm I think this thread keeps getting updated with interested folks, and the original poster has not responded to any of our responses as far as I can tell.
Well....Would anyone be willing to snipe the folks here into a game? Not very often you get this many people interested in a ttrpg and it would be a shame for it to go to waste.
I am so, so, so tempted to try to make something voice-chat related, but I expect a very busy season ahead of me. Any other takers?
I don't have the schedule that allows a set day and time for a discord game using voice chat. I work graveyard and need to be able to sleep and spend time with my family. That's why I do text posting; I can jump on at any time and make a post and not worry about the time.
I'm down with either. I have more experience with voice or in person but I'm not against a play by post. I just have less experience with it is all. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to DnD.
I would prefer a play by post for this if someone was willing to DM it. I too am a bit busy and really do not have a good day to schedule some time to play by voice.
Popping in because I've been craving TTRPGs recently, and if you guys are willing I'd love to join if a game does happen! I've never DMed before, so I'm not 100% sure I'd be good at it, but if you guys need one I'd be happy to take up the mantle.
Interested! I've been in a mood for playing TTRPGs lately. Can new players join in too?
If anybody is still grabbing overflow, I'm available, I don't mind whether we play here or discord or other, text or voice, and my schedule is flexible.

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