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Dice Exalted 3e: What Falls at Greyfalls (DB game) [Characters]


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We're using the standard character creation from the 3e Dragon-Blooded book


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  • Mnemon Larissa.jpg Name: Mnemon Larissa
    Caste: Air
    Age: 32
    Secondary School: Cloister of Wisdom

    Str: 2
    Dex: 5
    Sta: 4

    Cha: 3
    Man: 1
    App: 3

    Per: 3
    Int: 5
    Wits: 2

    Athletics: 2
    *Awareness: 4 - Spotting Small Details
    *Brawl: 1
    *Dodge: 5 - Ranged Attacks
    Integrity: 3
    *Investigation: 5 - Reconstructing Events
    Larceny: 1
    *Linguistics: 1
    *Lore: 2
    *Martial Arts: 5 - Air Dragon Style
    *Occult: 3
    *Performance: 3
    *Presence: 3
    Resistance: 2 - Enduring Pain
    Ride: 1
    Socialize: 1
    *Stealth: 2
    Survival: 1
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  • CynisMaximus2.pngName: Cynis Falen Manato
    Aspect: Wood
    Concept: Studious Bard
    Age: 29
    Secondary School: Heptagram

    Essence ●●
    Willpower ●●●●●

    Anima Effect:

    • For five motes, the Wood Aspect becomes immune to mundane plant-based poisons, and doubles 9s on rolls to resist other poisons and diseases for the scene. He gains these benefits for free while at bonfire.
    • For three motes, the Wood Aspect becomes flexible as a sapling in the wind, ignoring one point of penalty to Evasion or (Essence) points of penalty on a movement action for an instant.
    • A Wood Aspect’s anima flux is laced with toxic power. A character that takes damage from it is exposed to a poison with Damage 2i/round, Duration (Essence + Stamina) rounds, and a -1 penalty

    Background Summary
    Manato is the youngest son of Cynis Falen, one of the three oldest sisters currently running the house. Having adopted a baby viridian claw strider dubbed Sir Rhogar Birdbane, first of his name, lord of the feast and protector of the pantry, long may he reign, Manato took a special interest in caring for the tiny terror. The young boy and the screeching armored mouth seated in his pockets were inseparable since. Once fully grown, Rhogar found himself employed as a provincial exterminator during the hours of Manato's lessons. Were it not for the accolades and appreciation shown from Cynis vassals, Rhogar may have attempted to try human prey. Such sacrifices have appeased him thus far.

    When it came time for Manato to prepare for secondary school, however, he was faced with a crushing dilemma. He could follow in his mother's footsteps and make a merchant or bureaucrat of himself. He also could have trained to join his brother with the Cynis fleet. Obviously the boy chose neither. Nay, what destiny had in store for the boy was plain to his naked eyes. He knew what he had to do, and that was to bring about an evolution in mounted warfare. No longer would the pathetic herbivores carry the Exalted. No longer would the snobbish, obnoxious, stretched out housecats the common folk called Simhata claim the title as the coveted prize of the Exalted. What the future needed, was sky-faring, wall climbing, essence breathing, amphibious wyverns with natural camouflage. To empower a claw strider to its final, most majestic, form Manato needed to make the primal powers of the land his servant. And so, to the Heptagram he went.

    Much as his mission drove him forward, Manato saw little in the personage of the school that he came to appreciate. Whether it was the envy of his status, or dullness of ambition, Manato saw little value in the halls other than its use as a library. The woodland prince combed through tome after tome, he studied animal psychology, veterinary medicine, application of terrestrial and celestial essence lines, transformative magics, evocative manifestations, and eventually the rites of initiating as a sorcerer.

    Falen, to her credit, has permitted the boy to pursue his passions so long as he served and honored the house. For a sorcerer, it was best done at a distance, unfortunately. Though it won't be said openly, some have come to look forward to the culmination of his self assigned life mission. Even failure could prove an amusing curiosity, after all.
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  • jade sword (2).jpg Name: Cathak Alys
    Age: 28
    Elemental Aspect: Fire
    Secondary School: House of Bells

    Str: 5
    Dex: 3
    Sta: 5

    Cha: 5
    Man: 2
    App: 2

    Per: 2
    Int: 2
    Wits: 3

    Archery: 2
    *Athletics: 3 - Feats of Strength
    *Awareness: 3
    *Brawl: 1
    Bureaucracy: 1
    *Dodge: 1
    *Integrity: 2
    Linguistics: 1
    Lore: 3
    Martial Arts
    *Melee: 5 - Swords
    *Presence: 4 - Taking Charge
    *Resistance: 3 - Holding my Alcohol
    Ride: 1
    *Socialize: 1
    Stealth: 1
    Survival: 1
    *War: 3 - Small Unit Tactics

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  • ce4c365819c52a72ad16775f9a0b0067.jpg Name: Peleps Lugara Kiro
    Caste: Water
    Concept: Lazy Swordsman
    Age: 29
    Secondary School: Cloister of Wisdom

    Str: ●●
    Dex: ●●●●●
    Sta: ●●●●●

    Cha: ●●
    Man: ●●●
    App: ●●

    Per: ●
    Int: ●●●
    Wits: ●●●●●


    **Martial Arts ●●●●● +Katana
    **Bureaucracy ●
    **Sail ●●

    Athletics ●●●
    *Awareness ●●●
    Dodge ●●
    *Resistance ●●●●●
    *Integrity ●
    Linguistics ●
    Occult ●●
    *Lore ●●● +Philosophy
    *Socialize ●●● +Insight
    Survival ● +Fishing

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  • Zhao_Yun_DW6_Artwork.jpg
    Name: Tepet Nazima Zunoh
    Age: 24
    Aspect: Earth
    Secondary School:
    Concept: Young General

    Zunoh was born into the Nazima branch of House Tepet, a pure-blooded but otherwise unremarkable Earth Aspect line of the Great House. As Zunoh grew up, many of his close relatives and fellow Dynasts would come to expect great things of him, and with understandable reason; he Exalted at the early age of 11, and he consistently scored high at the House of Bells, graduating as one of the top students of his year, and taking up a post in the Tepet Legions.

    Zunoh's finest hour came during the Bacodian revolt, a barbarian uprising aimed at "liberating" the Bacoda satrapy in the Scavenger Lands. Zunoh was one of the dragonlords in the force sent to crush the uprising, and he was the one who came up with most of the strategies that would see the Realm victorious. During the final battle of the conflict, Zunoh fought a battlefield duel with the barbarian leader, an outcaste Earth Aspect Dragon-blood who wielded the legendary Fist of Titans Grand Goremaul. Though take off-guard by the power of his opponent's weapon, Zunoh ultimately triumphed and shattered the barbarian leader's skull with his own Grand Goremaul. With the enemy commander dead and his barbarians fleeing in every direction, no-one complained when Zunoh took Fist of Titans for himself.

    The hour after that was far worse, however. A Tepet dragonlord from another branch of the family died in the battle, and the head of that branch accused Zunoh of deliberately trying to get her killed with his strategy, accusations that Zunoh denied. The event caused a massive furore within House Tepet, the head of Zunoh's branch sticking up for him, and it was only resolved when Zunoh was seconded to the 23rd Imperial Legion and sent to Greyfalls, by mutual agreement of both branch heads. Zunoh willingly accepted this punishment in order to prevent the dispute from becoming a full-blown rift within House Tepet, and earning the wrath of the Scarlet Empress.
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