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Fantasy Dreamweavers- The Logos War.


"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
(inspired by JJK and Chainsaw man.)
For ages untold, the minds of sentient creatures within the universe have generated psychic energy. This energy would eventually coalesce and birth two Astral beings Nyx of the positive energy, and Phobos of the negative. Each would shape this psychic energy into their own world within the subconscious realm. The Dreamworld and the Realm of Horrors respectively. Since then it has been a struggle between these entities, one trying to steer the material world towards wonder and adventure, the other trying to bring them to Ruin and Despair.

Millions of years would go by, Nyx would create dreams in an effort to guide Sentients towards hope, Phobos would create nightmares to feed on that hope and inspire fear, So nyx would respond with Dreamweavers, the first being Morpheus. Shortly thereafter she would work with Morpheus to create the dream-stone allowing her creation to travel into the material world where he could more directly influence the minds of the universe.

This would set an era of victory for the dreamworld, nightmares would adapt and change, but any adaption could be countered by the dream-stone, the most powerful nightmares could he felled by Morpheus. Unfortunately nothing is forever and this era of victory would begin to grow more and more costly to maintain.

12,000 years ago, humanity entered the Ring, their psychic consciousness just beginning to grow strong enough to attract nightmares. Yet there was something special about their energy in particular, it was equal parts Negative and Positive psychic energy. More importantly it seemed to have the same wavelength as the Dreamstone. Phobos would use this energy to create a new Being out of one of his nightmare creatures. A phobia, and while Morpheus did defeat it, it gave him a hell of a struggle and managed to escape before he could finish it.

Thus began the agonizing era of anticipation, Skirmishes here and there with flareups all over the universe but never a full blown conflict. Not until the present day.
The Logos War Begins

It began in 2023, the densely populated city of new york was suddenly drenched in negative psychic energy in a level that hadn’t been seen in millions of years. Even as decisions were being made about what to do, a rift opened in central park and for the first time in the history of the universe, A being from the realm of horrors stepped into the material world. A Phobia to he precise, People began to keel over at a rate that forced Morpheus in all his duty bound altruism to act. He stepped into the material world with Four fellow master class Dreamweavers, while a small army of over 100 Dreamweavers were sent to the Realm of Horrors parallel new york to cut the stem of negative energy.

On the surface things went smoothly at first. Morpheus engaged the Phobia alone, while the other masters studied his motions and he pretty handily won his battle, but as soon as the phobia fell the rift opened and three more Phobia’s came through. This time he let the fellow masters help and Again the dream-weavers were victorious though admittedly worse for wear. As soon as they had finished that the rift opened again and this time came Six.

The Dreamweavers put up a fight for the ages, but it was not one they could win. One by one the masters fell, and with the Phobias having such a numbers advantage they were able to switch out and carefully wear down Even Morpheus, but by then His trap was set and he was sure of his victory. Producing the Dream-stone he would merge the astral New York with the Material one. The plan was to bring the dimensions together so that his 100+ dreamweaver reinforcement team could arrive, yet his confidence in them was too high. What he got instead was a bloodbath.

Every one of his reinforcements had died, in the midst of their mangled forms Stood Phobos. Realizing what he had done he readied to Split the dimensions once again and ensure that he was the only one left on the material side of the curtain…but before he could act Phobia’s rushed him and Primal managed to take the Stone. Morpheus struggled as best he could, but even a great ancient hero, even the best of them, can meet their match. The god didn’t even have to act as the Seven Phobias Proceeded to Pick him apart bit by bit. Victory seemed assured for the Realm of Horrors, but In his dying act, Morpheus Launched his last shot at the dreamstone and shattered it. In the psychic Eruption that followed New York fell into the Astral Realms, Taking with it The Astral God, His Phobias, and whatever was left of the Once Great hero of Dreams.

Your place in the aftermath

Six months have passed since new york fell, and the hell has only continued. The Fragments of the dream-stone after its destruction shifted to exist on both realms. They were scattered across the planet earth and everywhere one landed a crystalline bloom would appear. These Blooms Radiate a bubble within which the realms are Merged. Some connect to the Realm of Horrors, while others Connect to the Dreamworld.

Moments after the Death of Morpheus, Nyx Engaged her Reincarnation process. During which she dies, and is reborn 6-12 months later as a method of repairing damage to her divine soul. Due to their Paired nature, Phobos was also forced into his reincarnation phase. Likely the very reason Nyx did so when she did.

The six Remaining Master Class Dream-weavers have taken over the Dreamrealm in Nyx’s absence as is customary. They have expanded the academy and fast tracked whatever students they could to fill the lost ranks out. They have the dream-weavers seeking out and destroying Realm of Horror Shard-rifts, While Protecting the Dreamworld Shard-rifts.

Humanity itself reels under all this change. Monsters are real, Apparently so are gods and wizards. And by god are they outgunning the everloving crap out of mankind.

In the midst of all this who are you? You my Friend are a Shard-bearer. In short a person turned into a new kind of Dreamweaver by the Strings of fate…which is a nice way of saying you got killed when one of the shards of the dream-stone slammed into you after it shattered six months ago.

Due to its Nature your soul and consciousness were put into the astral realm, and the stone itself being forged by Nyx marked your consciousness so luckily for you that met all the conditions to become a dreamweaver. Not to mention you still have the Shard inside you. This grants you the cool power to jump between the three dimensions at will, You can go from dream to material to horror and mix that up however you want.

Furthermore you can Sense the location of Shards, even those hidden by Nightmare shenanigans. This entire time you’ve been training 1 on 1 with the master class dreamweavers. You are Dreamworlds secret weapon, a way to not only win the war but ensure the victory is permanent. With the sixth month passed, Nyx and Phobos could return any day now, and with them the war will ramp up to a critical degree. You are now being fielded by the master class in the hopes that you will be able to Preemptively tilt the board in dreamworlds favor, if not it will glean you some experience before the real war starts.
Ancient war between Nightmares and Dreams spills out into the material world, on earth in particular.

The Dreams loose their greatest hero, their most powerful weapon, and a huge chunk of their forces.

The Respective Gods enter a psudo-odin sleep kicked off by the goddess of dreams.

That sleep period is nearing its end. The nightmares have gathered their forces, as have the dreams.

Either really good luck or really bad luck, Depending on perspective, has you dragged into this conflict as a potential Ace for the Dreams.
Nyx Goddess of Dreams, Mistress of positive psychic energy.

Phobos God of Nightmares, Master of Negative psychic energy.

Morpheus, First Dreamweaver, Greatest Champion of Dreamworld. Now deceased.

Primal, First Phobia, Unaligned With Phobos & the Phobia’s. Seeking Dream-shards.

The Dreamstone- an artifact formed from “Hopes Lost”. Due to its nature of Existing on all planes, and being born of ALL “Hopes lost” from the past and future it cannon be recreated. It possessed the ability to merge the realms. To date its largest use was on an entire planet, but theoretically it could have merged the realms on a universal scale.

Dreamshard Vein- the extra-dimensional crystal growths that spawned where the shards fell are like Bridge points where the Material and Immaterial worlds overlap. Within the radius of the blooms Effect one could walk on foot from the material world to the dreamworld or realm of horrors.
Little bit of lore.

Gonna be posting several “Era’s” to make up the overarching setting.

Following that ill have the mechanics information for Dream-weavers and Nightmares. Psychic energy etc.

Once i am confident my lore is sufficient to build characters ill crank out the CS and the OCC page.
Alright added the dreamweavers and nightmares sections, gotta step away for now but after a short bit on psychic energy i can get the other pages up.

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