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Fandom Does anyone still rp Teen Wolf? (pls say yes)


derek hale deserved better
Hey hey! I’m Tulsa and have been roleplaying for easily over ten years. So, even though I’ve never ~really~ given up hope on the Teen Wolf fandom of roleplaying, I’ve definitely felt like it a couple times. Now that the movie is out though (even if it wasn’t my fave…) I’m hoping to see a resurgence!

Anyways, I’m on the hunt for some new partners (not replacing anyone of course) that are interested in angsty, romantic and, of course, dramatic plots. In said plots I’d prefer to play the F in M/F pairings, it’s just what I’m most comfortable with : ). Aside from that though, I am 24 which means all of my partners NEED to be 18+, there is no wiggle room on this. Please don't lie and say you're of age if you're not, it's dangerous. We can discuss rules, limits and triggers privately if we decide to move forward.

What I’m mainly looking for is someone to play Derek Hale in an AU version of season 3A against my canon-divergent version of Paige Krasikeva. For those who don’t remember, Paige was Derek's teenage girlfriend who was scratched by an alpha and Derek had to kill himself. In my version, Derek thinks he killed her but Peter brought her back to life and sent her off with her parents who moved. Now she’s back in season 3A as an adult music teacher at the high school with no memories of Derek or werewolves. There are a few different directions we could go with plots here, but we can definitely discuss!

I'm also a huge Stydia shipper, so if anyone is open to playing Stiles, I’d love to play Lydia! Aside from those though, just know all characters will be 18+

That’s enough rambling from me for now lol, but if you’re at all interested please let me know!

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