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Futuristic [DISCONTINUED] Astral Fulcrum OOC


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Astral Fulcrum OST - E.O.D
Destiny awaits beyond the decayed stars.
Discuss about the RP or chat among yourselves here!

I. RPN rules apply!~

II. If you have any question regarding the characters, lore or side-arc development, don't hesitate to ask - here or in my dms.

III. Collab posts between players may be exercised, should you feel the need to smooth out the dialogues or mutually-agreed interactions - but are not encouraged.

IV. Fill me in on the ships. This is very important, for the plot of course!~

V. I will add something here when I remember it. Maybe~

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you're going to scare them away with all the lore
The situation is under control. Nobody panick!
I've already cut back on the Mobius internal and external components piece, the planetary defense systems, cultural info and the more-sciencey tub.
we'll be right as rain!! ^^'
smol price to pay for keeping people interesed. TwT
Too much lore, brain hurty. 😭
RPers when official projects have mountains of lore: [|]Ah, yea. Memorisation time.[/I]
Also RPers when original content has similar if not smaller lengths: NOOOOO, THIS IS TOO MAWWCH, IM LOSIN INTEWEST.

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