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A light in a dark place
All CS are free form. People may edit/add information to make theirs look fancy. I'll provide the bare minimum that the CS needs.
Firstly, the Crystal Heroes are needed. They can be from all parts of the land (refer to the Lore: History of Cryil if you don't know of the people in each land). If your person is from Dorma, that person has to be some sort of traitor. Other lands that have been invaded will be taken into consideration with a strong background for why that person fled. Classes are somewhat locked to the specific people of the land. Every person should have a reason for coming to Cryillia (that's where our story will start).

CS bare minimum-
Appearance: (image if possible)

once approve I'll react to your post.

Requirements for the RP:
Players must be able to
- Post at least twice per week
- Write at least two paragraphs per post (7-8 sentences)
- Follow rules provided by the GM and RPN
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Vintage Glamor Guy
Name: Morgan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Standing at an average height of, 5'10" tall, Morgan's stature isn't very intimidating. With a lean body, Morgan's caramel skin clings to toned muscles. He's very thin, with a model-like form and strong shoulders. His face is oval-shaped, a wide but high jawline helps construct the shape. High cheekbones sit above healthy cheeks and add dimension to his face with their prominent shape. Morgan's lips are modest, soft and supple with a bow-like shape to them. His nose is small and above it sits narrow eyes. Morgan's gaze is dark, eyelids low as he lacks interest or enthusiasm for anything in this world. His eyes are a very dark pink, with long black lashes, thick enough to give the appearance of eyeliner. His eyebrows are thin and always kept neatly trimmed. They, like his hair are pink in color. Morgan's hair falls down to the center of his back. Long locks of pink, draping themselves around his face, framing it perfectly. A set of bangs swoop across the top of his face, moving from the right to the left.
Morgan's body is adorned by a black ensemble, made of light metals and leather. The torso of his suit is not metal however, instead it is a thin, sheer fabric that allows him to maneuver more easily and breathe better. The shoulders and arms of his suit are a combination of leather and light metals, offering him some protection from blunt force without slowing him down. A high collar made of leather wraps around his neck with two straps on it. His legs are wrapped in the same material with his pants beginning at his hips rather than his waist, exposing a bit more skin than normal. His top is connected to his pants through the sheer fabric that covers his body. Lastly his footwear is made of thin leather strips wrapped around his feet. This allows him to move more easily in the manner he prefers to.
Self preservation, it is Morgan's highest priority. Because he came up alone in this world, Morgan learned fairly early that he will be the only one to look out for himself. This kind of thinking caused him to become cold towards everyone and has given him a pretty dark look on life. Morgan has become indifferent to the happenings of the world, so indifferent that were the government to collapse, he wouldn't care. The young assassin has hardened himself toward acts of cruelty, and has found himself able to commit some of the most gruesome tasks, except when it comes to children. When he was a child, Morgan wished that someone would have come to his aide, so when it comes to children he strictly avoids harming them. Also, animals receive this same benefit as he's more likely to kill the person making the contract due to being raised by Actuk survivors.
Melancholy is very prominent in Morgan's attitude. Very few things surprise him now since he began working for the the criminal underworld, and even fewer things make him smile. Having to be constantly shown the ugly side of, humanity, the young warrior only sees the darkness that lurks behind every door, or within every person. He is a bit calculating and analytical, mostly when he's out and about working. Because he was trained to kill and hunt people down, Morgan is always on the alert and watching his surroundings. Things such as shedding blood don't bother Morgan, combat is actually one of the only things that can still get a reaction out of him. He enjoys fighting and even takes some pleasure in killing as it has become a reliable way to relieve stress.
Interacting with others is easy for Morgan, he just isn't quick to do so. Conversations can sometime tend to be one sided when he isn't familiar with the person he's speaking with. He prefers to be brief when speaking and is always quick to cut to the chase.
Class: Beast Tamer
Partner: Yamata - Midgardsormr
  • Tracking/Hunting - He is able to notice small details that may lead him in the direction of his target. Living on his own and assassinating people in the city has helped him improve in this area.​
  • Swordplay - Sword fighting is, Morgan's life. Ever since he was a child he held a sword and now he's somewhat of an expert in his own style.​
  • Movement - Morgan’s training along serpents allowed him to adopt a manner of movement similar to the reptiles. He is very flexible and nimble as a result.​
Katana Sword - Morgan's beloved weapon and family heirloom. It's made of a black metal and the hilt is wrapped in a black cloth. The sword's guard is carved out of a black wood as well.
When the Actuk kingdom was attacked and beaten decades ago, members of Morgan’s family were among the armies that fought back against the invading forces. They were skilled fighters and beast tamers who brought their partners to the battlefield, but ultimately they weren’t enough to turn the tide. None of them ever considered surrender so each of them died in the days following the war. All that remained were the civilians of the family, those who weren’t fighters or were too old to participate in the battles. Unlike they fallen family members, they fled from the carnage and moved elsewhere. The family lineage continued on, a baby or two every now and then kept the line from disappearing. Although it was two decades later they eventually moved back to what was once the Actuk territory and started a new life.
Morgan was born to two amateur beast tamers, his mother being the only living member of the family. When she had Morgan, she and her husband were both in their over fourty years old. Because of this she knew they might not have much time with him and that when they went, he would be alone. So she wanted to make sure he could protect himself. As was their family’s tradition decades ago, she started to teach Morgan everything that she knew about fighting and being a beast tamer. While she wasn’t as good as their ancestors had been, she was skilled enough to get Morgan going in the right direction and make sure he had the foundation to continue on his own. Morgan’s father who was also from a family native to Actuk, was a swordsman and took the lead on their son’s swordsmanship.
Because her family had always partnered with serpents it was inevitable that Morgan would do the same. His spent his childhood improving his communicative skills with the reptiles and somewhere along the line he started to mimic their movements. It was something that his mother never learned to do so she could only watch and try to keep him from harm. With time his skills as a swordsman and a beast tamer grew and when he turned sixteen his mother and father decided to test him. Because her family had been assassin’s in the past the test was tradition, to see if someone was ready to join the family business. Morgan was given a target by his parents, both of which were instilled with their families’ anger towards the outcome of the war so many years ago. Their chosen target for him was a man from Dorma who ran a business that started after the war. At first he was hesitant to take the contract and complete the test, but after hearing stories of their ancestors and the war, there was very little holding him back. He partnered with a snake for the mission, a young midgardsromr who had been left alone after its parents were killed by hunters. The two of them completed their mission in a gruesome fashion as Morgan had released some anger on the man. He had come to realize he would be the last of his family when his mother and father died and he blamed the people of Dorma for his impending loneliness. When he reported the mission a success Morgan was given a black sword, an heirloom of his mother’s family that had been passed down to her.
The next two years were spent taking on contracts as an assassin to improve his skills. It also helped to put some distance between him and his parents, preparing him for the moment when they would die. When he found them after his 18th birthday he wasn’t shocked or upset. Death had become his normal and he expected them to go. He and his partner moved on, leaving that life behind and becoming fully submerged in their career. Any failed missions served as a lesson and helped him improve.
After years of working as an assassin for anyone who wasn’t from Dorma, Morgan built a reputation. He was known for quick work and wasn’t afraid to take special requests, although he drew the line at anything too disrespectful. When he heard about a group of people being gathered to possibly take down Dorma, he didn’t hesitate to act and commit himself to the cause.​


A Man Literally Too Angry To Die
Name: Brother Nicholas

Age: 63


Class: Monk

-Unarmed Combat: Because of his training, Brother Nicholas can use his body to subdue opponents non lethally.
-Home Cooking: Brother Nicholas is able to whip up a simple, fulfilling meal in what seems like no time at all.
-Blessing of Aria: Brother Nicholas is able to, with time, heal wounds and afflictions of the injured.

"Any problem can be fixed with a good meal and some kind words."
Brother Nicholas is a happy individual, he believes that no one should mistreat another, and that every person, no matter how bad, can be redeemed. He is always helping the weak and hopeless. He has a fondness for children and orphans, because he was one himself. If he has nothing else to give you, he'll give you the clothes off his back with a smile on his face.

Background: Brother Nicholas was born as an orphan, and lived in an orphanage until a local monastery picked him up and taught him how to help others. Through his training, he learned how to protect himself and others, feed them, and heal them. Since he got out of the Monastery, he has been trying to fix what wrongs Dorma has committed in any way he can.
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