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Realistic or Modern Craving something dark & gritty


She rules her life like a fine skylark
Hi, potential new friend! My name is Rhia, and once again, I am on the search for a couple of partners to write with and pass the time by! I have been roleplaying off and on for the last fifteen-ish years and have been interested in writing for even longer than that. Currently, I live in the state of Georgia, meaning I am in the Eastern time zone.

I do work full time, so I tend to be a busy lady. As a result, I am mostly unavailable in the afternoons/early evenings unless there's an opening in my schedule. Don't let this discourage you, though, for I still have a love of procrastination and will become overly invested in any roleplay that interests me! Please also note that it may take me a day or two to send out longer replies, if that's what you prefer, but I will always do my best to keep you updated on what's going on so that you're not just sitting around waiting on me.

I tend to gravitate towards realistic or fantasy-based roleplays. However, I don't really have any interest in roleplaying fandoms, so sorry if that's your cup of tea! I simply don't have the time to pick up fandoms, but maybe there's something else we can come up with together? I am always happy to brainstorm with you!

Like most roleplayers, I have my own rules. There aren't that many, really, but they’re very important to me, and I’d like to see them followed. Here they are:

1) Please use full sentences and proper grammar/spelling.

2) If you want to end the roleplay, by all means let me know. I don’t want to sit around forever waiting on a reply that’s never going to come. It would also be nice if you could let me know if you were going to be offline for a while (as in several days, not hours).

3) Please let me know if you're starting to get bored with something. Again, please don't just stop replying. Tell me that you're bored, and we can figure out a way to spice things up, or we can start something new. I'm not going to bite your head off or anything.

4) I only roleplay over PMs, as they're easier for me to keep up with. I also love having a separate PM for OOC chat and bouncing around ideas!

5) Please try to be active. I'm tired of starting roleplays that never go anywhere because the other person is never around. Trust me, I know that life happens and we all have responsibilities, but if you know straight off the bat that you don't really have the time to commit to a roleplay, please don't bother messaging me.

6) Please be willing to play a variety of characters if needed.

7) Please do not PM me to start a roleplay if you are younger than 18.

If you read this far, tell me your favorite joke. I always love a good laugh!

As I stated in the title, I'm currently really craving something with a darker theme - mafia, gangs, murder, etc. We can hash out the details together. If you think you might be interested, please send me a PM! 🙂
Hey there. I'm not sure if you preferred to be PM'd or a comment here. I'm interested, however I do have a question. What gender character are you maining? I prefer mxm personally, and if that's your cup of tea, feel free to PM me yourself or tell me to PM you. I'd say my favorite joke is the one that makes my friends hate me. "Hi Back, I'm Dad."

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