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Multiple Settings Craving Overwatch & Originals


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Hello there, I’m Eternal, and welcome to my search.

As the title suggests, I am craving for an Overwatch Role play or some originals involving fandoms. As for Overwatch, I do have a few plots in mind and am willing to brainstorm or even attempt an AU.

About Me
I am 30+
He/him pronouns
Ghost friendly
Semi lit (grammar isn’t perfect)
Will provide 3-6 paragraphs, more depending on what my partner provides.

I can Rp via Pms or Discord, dealers choice!

I am married. Just want to be transparent with my partners. While I adore romance in the Rp, I want to be clear that I am not looking for anything out of character. Rp and friendship are all I am here for.

Looking for a long-term writing partner.

I am working a third shift job and sleep in the mornings and afternoons. My replies may come in the evening or overnight. I also try to stay consistent in my replies and will let you know if something comes up.

I love to write adventure, romance, and drama with a little slice of life and I love to discuss ideas and plots. Also tell me about your Oc! I try to give my best for my partners for their pairings.

21+ only
I don’t care about length as long it’s not one liners.
Characters who are 18+
I wont pester for replies, but I hope you keep me in the loop. Communication is expected and highly appreciated. Real life comes first and I get that. If something goes down and you need to step away, please give me a heads up.

If we’re using cannons, then doubling is a must.

Overwatch crave

Who I am Looking for: Kiriko, Mei, Briggitte, Sombra, D’Va, Ashe

Who I Am willing to play: I am willing to play anyone both male and female roles.


Monster girl / Boy x Human
Mage x Warrior / Barbarian
Hero x Villian
Swordsman / Monk x Apprentice
Werewolf x Vampire or human
More to come
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I read over your post, I'd be down to play a mage x warrior/barbarian pairing roleplay
I am interested. Specifically, I would like to be a Swordsman or Mage. And maybe an Overwatch rp if OCs are allowed.
I would be very interested in doing an overwatch roleplay if you are still seeking.
Hey there friend, interested in writing D.va (possible others) for ya. Are you still interested?

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