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Hello, good morning/evening/afternoon or whatever where you are. I have some ocs I have been dying to use in more realistic, university slice of life role plays. I am 18+, stay on site, write 100-800+ words, love ooc chatter, 3rd person past tense, no triggers, love good angst!

So these are quick intros of my characters I’ll send more in depth sheets when we start planning

1. Ethan Lark, 19, deaf uses hearing aids, geology major, runs like ten different campus clubs, has a service dog for his anxiety, bisexual Craving
2. Remington Meadows, 18, autistic and has adhd, is taking community college classes, runs a bakery out of her family house, straight, plays volleyball for the community college. straight
3. Eleanor Garrets, 21, artist who has a fucked up family pass, trying to get her own art studio to run a business out of, has a lot of problems surrounding weeds and alcohol, bisexual
4. Thomas Jenkins, 19, college basketball player majoring in statistics, has a daughter he sees on the weekends, wants to play in the pros, is trying to get full custody of his daughter due to his exes new boyfriend being crazy, pansexual

I’m open to any plots with these characters, I am most craving Ethan out of all my characters listed. for Ethan friends to lovers where he starts to get mixed up with a different group than typical and yc kinda tries to steer him away from the self destructive path he’s on.

anyways dm if interested!
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Hi, I am also 18+, have a bunch of similarly aged characters too, can't send them right this second but I can over the weekend!

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