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Fandom COLLIDING TIMELINES 2 (A HP multi timeline rp )



After all this time? Always




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    Greeting Magical People!!!!
    Welcome to Colliding Timelines!
    This is a reboot of an rp i was trying to do earlier this year!!!
    Your GMS will be Me and fairyfawn fairyfawn
    Ever wonder what it would like if the maruaders era and the golden era collided in the harry potter universe?!

    Well here that rp is!!!

    Just some extra little info here
    This is an oc friendly rp as well
    2 Canons per person ( One golden trio and One maurader era)
    As many ocs as you can handle of course!

    This will be an rp full of magic, mysteries, challenges, weird twists and lots and lots of slice of life things!

    This is a ship war free zone as well : So please respect the ships!!!

    Roleplay will be taking place on site and Discord will be required for out of character. ( Please dm us for the discord)

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I would like to join in, and it's interesting as a premise with what looks like great potential. And I have my account on Discord too. Different name with this same profile picture.

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