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Closed code machine go 𝙗𝙧𝙧𝙧𝙧 (by uxie)

Hi again! I had just read your first post.
Can you make me a interest check and also some applications for a RP that I am making?
I want it to be fantasy-like (if you can do it. If not, then it's fine!)
This is what it should look like.

a roleplay by user

after school

i'm so good with you ♡


user one, user two


tag one, tag two

after school


  • introducing


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♡coded by uxie♡

If you can do it, then I'll be grateful! If not, then it's fine! Tysm!
Hi! You have no idea how much I've been foaming at the mouth waiting for this moment; I had something in mind that you could possibly tackle, however if there is concern with time on your part, I could provide a simplified version. It was inspired by the first part of this Tumblr post.

Here are the colors from the mockup (it's so colorful fr):
#a1a1a1 (grey top)
#0e0e0e (darker bottom gradient); with this, the label bars can be the same color as that darker bottom gradient, as well as the body text.
I also just have an image I uploaded onto Pinterest that's the gradient + texture! CLICK!

For the image:
Here is the original
There is a second image, but that can be replaced with anything (and i also couldn't find a second pic)
The images are in grayscale, too!

The Background itself is a gradient with a light opacity grainy texture, I used a different one in this link, but I won't provide the original since it's from Adobe Stock and the quality wasn't quite right.


For the body, I'd prefer Karla;
For the Quotes, Nanum Myeongjo;
For the name, song, artist name, and labels, Karla works as well.

A name for it is: DIE 4 YOU (bless DEAN for finally releasing a new song)


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Hello! I’m not sure how many applications you have ahead of me, but I would like some codes. I’m looking for a set—a CS and a IC.

I don’t have many specifics, but I wanna go with a cottage core theme. Colors I have in mind are light browns, yellows, and pinks! The roleplay I will be using it for is like a Percy Jackson inspired rp so I would like a section that explains powers. My character isn’t going to have many connections so there’s no need to add one of those.

For the IC part: still stick with a cottage core and the colors listed for the CS please. I would like a little section for a photo plus maybe an outfit and mood section.

Other than that, go wild! I trust your process and would like to give you as much creative freedom as I can. Oh, one last thing, the CS/IC MUST be mobile friendly as I’ll be using my phone for a lot of it. Thank you so much in advance and let me know if it’s too much.
to miyabi miyabi : your request is accepted!! thank you so much for submitting ♡

to AnimeQueenVA AnimeQueenVA and WinterWonder75 WinterWonder75 : both of your requests are unfortunately rejected (*´ I `)ノ゚ as stated in the very first post of this thread, i require specific designs for requests, which must include a detailed mock-up. in terms of muse, as well, adapting an existing design/code of mine isn't something i find particularly interesting either (*/_\). thank you for your interest, and i hope you're able to fulfil your requests elsewhere instead! (´・ᴗ・ ` )

as the year has come to a pass and i'll be getting busier soon, requests for this thread are closed once again. see you all next time, and happy 2024! ⸜( *ˊᵕˋ* )⸝
57. die 4 you




hidden scrolls

uxie ®

please leave a like if you use ♡
please do not remove the credit.

this code was made in collaboration with miyabi miyabi !
please click the below to see their design!

* this design was loosely inspired by this template.
delivery! this is a relatively simple ic code that can be used as a general scroll. click the button on the top left to access the bulk of the content! as usual, i've labelled all variables -- just take note that the music waveform should change to a different colour if you choose a dark enough image background, but i've added a little instruction for those who want to use lighter backgrounds or want to keep it white ┐('~`; )┌

it's a little bit skinny on mobile, but nothing too bad! the design is lovely, and it was a nice opportunity to get the hang of tabs again after many months of not working with them much at all (>ᴗ•) thank you sm for requesting! ( ´ ω ` )ノ゙

– uxie

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    die 4 you


    name here

♡design by miyabi, coded by uxie♡

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