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Fandom {CLOSED} Naruto ☀️ Shippuden RP Search

Sub Genres
Adventure, Anime, Naruto Universe, Platonic, Romance, Slice of Life


the creepshow

Looking for just one partner for this fandom.
I'm currently re-watching the series from the very beginning so I need this itch scratched ASAP. Lul.​

A Few Things:
- 18+ partners only.
- No one-liners is all I ask for length! Proper spelling, grammar, and good word flow is a must.
- Heavy violence, strong language, and other mature themes are a possibility. Inform me of any triggers/boundaries!
- Romance is a-okay, but I like a build up to it. At the moment, I'm only looking for mxf or f//.
- Please no Mary Sue characters! Be as creative as you want with your OC, but please... spare me...
- Doubling is not necessary. If one of the canons I listed is your "crush", I'll happily play them.
- Tell me about yourself when PMing me (don't comment here), what characters you'd like to play, who you'd like me to play for you, any ideas you may have, etc.
- Be willing to bounce around ideas with me and plot build. I don't want to carry the roleplay on my own.
- I'm ghost friendly and patient with reply times. If we've role-played before and it fell through, I'm always willing to start something up again.

Characters I Can Main:
- Deidara
- Sasori
- Hidan
- Sasuke
- Sakura
- Kiba
- An OC

- All original characters following their genin days with a time-skip later!
- Post Fourth Great Ninja War/AU, random civilians are turning up dead in every village and it is thought to be the work of Jashinists. The gruesome religion seems to have gained a bigger following, and they're being led by a familiar ex-Akatsuki...
- Your character gets kidnapped by the Akatsuki/willingly joins. (Not v. original, I know)
- AU stuff. Maybe the Uchiha massacre never happened, certain Akatsuki members never went rogue, etc.
- OC's growing up alongside the canons, following the original plot loosely.
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