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Choose your own adventure RP (Always Open)


The Overlord
I've been having difficulty trying to decide what kind of rp I want to make that isn't the same that I seem to make. As such I would like to pose the idea of just having everyone make characters of any kind they can think of (within reason/ Not OP) and dropping them into a fantasy world that we all create and expand on as we go. Every plot will be made and be decide by you and your actions. Although to avoid any craziness we won't have any sci fi or science fantasy elements in this and for those wondering the technology can be steampunk at best.

So what do you think? Don't you think for once you would like to choose your own adventure?

I'll create a thread for this once I think enough people are interested


Dances with Dragons
Might I take a swing at this? I have not RPed in many years and am a but rusty, but needing to get my creative juices flowing again.

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