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Hello! I'm looking for someone who would like to do a Dadvid rp, with me playing David, I really love found family. I also really like their dynamic of toxic positivity and toxic negativity due to trauma.

Plot can be discussed, I was thinking a highschool au where Campbell is the principle and this is years after David adopts Max.

⚠️⚠️No shipping the two please, there can be ships but not minor x adult⚠️⚠️

I do angst for angst, meaning if you give me angst and a villian I will return the favor and give you angst and a villian.

I am 21 so please be at least 18, I feel uncomfortable role-playing with minors. I have bad experiences with them trying to force NSFW and ships, so unfortunately I desided to block off rp with them all together.

Ships of any gender are okay! Human Jasper and/or teenage relationships are okay, just please no teenage NSFW. Hell even aus are okay, I've seen it all from coffeeshop to omegaverse to hyper specific worlds built around one character. Anything and almost everything is possible as long as it fits into both of our comfort zones. Time skips are allowed no questions asked if you or I are uncomfortable.

Thank you 💙 I hope that this was well worked it's 5 am

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