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California: The Goddammit Chronicles


A knife is a good friend when you have no other.
>>Fuck yooou

You would think this would be warning enough to some people, but who knows with this guy, especially since he called likely not knowing if a woman or man would answer (unless he's bi or drunk, but he wasn't slurring soo). Anyways, fuck this asshole! This is 911!
@Winter_Wolf @Tombstone @Blorf @Kasime @Kazig
"Fuck you." And with that, Ana slams the phone down. That felt good, even though these calls were being recorded. Oh well, it ain't like it's gonna do much harm.

One of these days i'm gonna need to take a vacation...

Episode III: Bill
"I'd like a Double-Double burger and a medium soda." Bill says, ordering some fast food at In-N-Out Burger.

"Would you like onions with that?" The cashier asks, which is met with a quick "No." He presses two buttons on the register. "That will be $5.25."(without taxes cause idk)
And the money is given.

8:14 PM, April 10th
Mmm, that was a good way to relieve stress. In-N-Out Burgers are always the tastiest... because they are the best burgers he's had... mainly because he doesn't want to try other burgers.

As he drives back to his home, he slams on the brakes as the headlights suddenly illuminate something in his way. Luckily there was no one around to crash into him to honk. "Woah- what the?"

It's a girl passed out on the road. Judging on looks from the inside of his car, Bill can infer that:
-She might be drunk or high
-There are no visible injuries
-I should probably do something about this

⇾ Drive her to your house(totally legit guys)
⇾ Call 9-1-1

⇾ Take her to the hospital

o ----------
@Winter_Wolf @Tombstone @Blorf @Kasime @Kazig
It's getting late... better just take care of her yourself instead of taking the time to drive her to the hospital.
...despite how irresponsible that is.

Without any witnesses(lucky him), Ben picks up the girl and puts her in the back seat of his car, then resumes driving now that the road is clear.

8:18 PM
Back at his house, Bill calmly parks the car and picks up the girl like a regular person, walking to his front door and deftly opening it with one of his occupied hands.

He puts the girl on the couch, then makes a brief examination... she's probably high. Heck, I don't know. I should probably wake her up... should I?

⇾ Wake her up by _____
⇾ Watch TV
⇾ Go to Sleep

o ----------


When you unite the German peoples just right.
> Wake her up with the smell of home cooked eggs that he has despite hating eggs. Hopefully she likes them. Maybe get fancy and put some pepper or cheese on them.
@Winter_Wolf @Blorf
Bill fires up the stove and cooks some eggs in a jiffy, even though he doesn't like the smell or taste of him. Hopefully the girl does? After finishing his cooking, he lightly seasons the eggs with salt and pepper and puts them on the nearby coffee table.
...it's not working.

He wafts the fumes near the girl, but she doesn't react. Hm, so much for that plan.

Not wanting to slap her or anything, Bill just sits on a nearby armchair. Then -pow-! New idea: He clears his throat and says "Hello."
...no response. Damn.

⇾ Wake her up by _____?
⇾ Watch TV
⇾ Go to Sleep

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When you unite the German peoples just right.
》Wake her up by eating the eggs himself. The sound of him wretching and trying not to vomit might be enough to wake her up.

It's the only logical course of action, honestly.
@Winter_Wolf @Blorf @Kazig
Without many other options, Bill just decides to turn on the TV, with the volume up.

It wasn't anything... interesting. Just some news, which Bill hardly ever pays attention to anyway.

"Nnn..." Looks like she heard it. Hopefully it doesn't become more awkward.

"Hey, you alright?" Bill decides to blurt out.

"Wha...? Wher... am I?" Clearly she was drunk or high, considering that she wasn't exactly speaking normally.

Before responding, Bill puts his legs on the coffee table to look cool. "In my house. I found you sleeping on the road, so I decided to... move you to somewhere safer?"

She rubs her eyes a little. "Are you... one of those creeps?"

⇾ No
⇾ Yes
⇾ What

o --------
@Winter_Wolf @Blorf
"...what?" Bill didn't quite catch what she meant.

Thinking of something else to do, he looks over at the freshly cooked eggs on the table. "Would you like some eggs?" It would be a shame if they were left to rot.

She gives a look that says 'really?'. Saddened slightly, Bill just looks at the coffee table, sulking. "Do you have something other than eggs?"

Now that's a good question. Bill thought as his eyes lit up slightly.

⇾ No
⇾ Yes
⇾ Steak
⇾ Cereal

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@Blorf @Winter_Wolf @Kazig
"How about some cereal?"

The girl's eyes light up slightly. "What kind...?"

Bill takes a glance at the pantry while he tries to recall the name of the cereal. "I think it was called Wedge's Flakes or something. They taste like cardboard."

And the slight amount of interest was lost. "I'm good, thanks."

Bill stands up and starts to walk to his room. "Alright then. If you need me, i'll be in my bedroom." He stops for a second, then turns around. "Hey, you need to phone a friend or something?"

"Erm... no thank you..."

"Okay." Bill goes to his room to sleep, because he already brushed his teeth. "If you're not gonna eat those eggs, toss them in the trash."


12:31 AM
"Hey mister, can you wake up?" Bill was woken up by the girl.

"I gotta go somewhere, can you lock the door when I leave?"

⇾ Say Yes then Sleep
⇾ No
⇾ Sleep
⇾ Yes

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