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Realistic or Modern Cabin Role Play!


it is righteous, as me, as existing unhurtful.
Aetter Cl
Gender: Woman
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Model

Personality: Aetter is very unique and special, and she hopes everyone thinks they are special and redefine humans with understanding every person is uniquely extraordinary of something. She is alert and understanding always of her actions, and though she is fond of aloneness, she is kind of others, and encourages working through sadness and preventing new sadness. She is easily annoyed, though.

Her history: Center of Hollywood, California of city she was young, surrounded by gasoline abundance, dirty streets, though much beauty like dance studios, aquariums, and greenery along sidewalks and representing city buildings. Small yellow and white butterflies would delight her as such child. Such, though, not the many-legged little bugs in her apartment.

There was her mother who was blind. So, when it was be witchy and tell her daughter she could make something as such gift of the little insects, she usually was sleepy and could never do extra things with Aetter. Aetter's father worked much, and was of his fun when Aetter's mother asked of Aetter dressed of maroon and black dresses and would sneak and have her of light blue dresses rather. He got bleach on most of Aetter's dresses accidentally, anyways.

Aetter grew to try resembling goth of black clothing, black eyeliner, and black beanies of long, floppy bunny ears. She saw some neighborhood girl and therefore copied. Copier or no, she formed such friendship with the neighborhood girl, them precious of tall trees with lemon shaped, bright green leaves stemming off of large grey branches all of each branch, such stem about the size of a ruler, such trees aligning their neighborhood apartments along the sidewalks. Gold sunlight was Aetter's friend's favorite, and moonlight was Aetter's.

Aetter picked up modeling. Some guy literally insisted she signed when she was with her pa at the bakery getting bread with vanilla icing on them. Such modeling agency guy said, "You ready to work it, sistah? I want you to work it like mustard packets came shaped like hearts!" quite sassily and snapped with his lips like such clam. It was... only very shortly captivating of Aetter his behavior.

So, home girl modeled for few popular clothing brands. She got paid. She is currently modeling, also.

Her friend and her share an apartment of central Hollywood, California. Aetter sits by her window with another 16 story apartment complex front of her often. The apartments are of black fire escapes. She is usually of long, plum, cotton curtains of both sides of her somewhat large square window, such curtain of dust since they were her mother's. Such little bugs? Every so often, though such sunlight musk heavy like an old Christmas wreath and its aura.


Of home girl represented, hi! Aetter's dad has such large cabin of Hollywood, California that is further of the busy city. It's Winter, 2026, and Aetter has invited her friends for such fun week at the cabin with board games, internet, and plenty of yummy food! c:

If anyone wishes of them writing with me, I would exist honored as we improve our writing together. c:
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Well, maybe another character could help. xD;

20240703_183755 (6) (1).jpg

Meet Lecleo Sunshine

His name is Lecleo Sunshine, his age is 30, his ethnicity is Caucasian and Indian, his birthday is August 1st, and his height is 5'11". He is a runway model, and to him, modeling means really being your best and making all the right decisions.

He loves making people laugh! He is quite funny, and although he is sad because of something which shall be described of his history later, he does his best to fight the sadness... and he truly encourages everyone to fight through their sadness and feel confident.

So, he had a best friend at fourteen. They went to dance parties and he truly loved having a girly friend. They stopped talking though, and if you had not guessed, his mother worked as a nurse to provide the house and assure he had many things, though she wasn't very strict. His mother always gets her nails done, although now she just does glue ons 'cause she is broke.

Lecleo loves girls and being their friends. He did a lot of dance parties, and he really seeks meaningful relationships rather than meeting people and never talking again. He got a poodle when he was twenty, and a chihuahua. He loves animals.

He found some cool guy to reside with who gives him everything. Though, sadly when Lecleo went to a party some guys were super mean to him, and when he got home, he accidentally let his poodle out 'cause he was still disoriented. Sadness he feels is very severe.

His dream is making professional music videos encouraging people to be safe for many reasons. Oh, and he's gonna tell people through song to strengthen their immune systems through a few deep breaths since he knows many of us reside of gasoline cities. Such also he is gonna tell people to plant so less people have to leave just to eat! He's just super sad, and he hopes to help people to be safe so they never experience what he did. Lecleo is super hopeful, and loves appearing super optimistic and bubbly at times to cheer people up.

He loves how he sings, and hopefully he can sing his way of your character's wondrous existence! <3 He is fond of dance music, pop music, and video game soundtracks.
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Remaining of hoping of another writer, though I shall start the role play with two people, as well. C:

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