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Fantasy Broken Balance

Valadir is pleased to see Gathrea's reaction to his actions. Hopefully that reminds him of his place.

Flying towards a second wyvern, he plans to take it down similarly to the first one. Slowly so it can suffer and repent from existing. He saw and felt how both of those insolent reptiles spat something on him. He didn't feel anything in particular. Only that he's a bit wet. He also seen one of them burst into flames. Probably the human. Hopefully that was painful. The more suffering they get before dying, the better.

Valadir tackled one of the wyverns and killed it by dismemberment, very similarly to the first one. Again having the time of his life while performing the sequence.

Then he went for the third one. When he pinned it to the ground, he's heard Crystal calling for aid. He turned his head to see her. He sees her laying on her own blood. His usual self is starting to resurface. A part of him feels worried for her. That maybe he'll lose her.

In his brief distraction, he was bitten in his paw. Valadir responded by roasting the wyvern's head away.

The dragon then shook like a wet dog to get at least some of the spit away and walked towards Crystal.

"You don't look right" He told her when he saw her. His worry and idea of losing her are increasing the longer he stares at her. She's bleeding a lot and her usual tails are cut. He can't see the one responsible anywhere. His face is mirroring his feelings. What's worse is that he can't think of a way of helping her. He's no mage, and if he tried to cauterize her wounds with his breath he'd probably kill her. It pisses him off that there's nothing he can do to help her after everything she's done for him.

The only thing he can think of is having someone else come over. Stating at the others, he yelled for help. Better to not leave her alone.


Starfall got hit while mid air. She's too fast for him to dodge. Maybe his sis would have been able to. He thinks she's really fast.

Due to the hit, he started to fall into the ground. He shook his wings violently in order to regain altitude but to no avail. Seeing how the ground was nearing, he braced for impact.

The impact hurt, yet he doesn't feel like anything is broken. He still has control over his limbs.

After his quick inspection, he could see his new foe coming. Thus, he's making the effort of getting up as quickly as he can.

"I really don't want to hurt you! Don't make me!" He yelled at her. He gets the feeling she'll not quit. If his acute ears told him anything earlier is that she's getting forced into this.

His plan is to pin her. Immobilize her on the ground and get that gem out, as he was previously told. Thus, he's thinking it's impossible for that to happen without hurting her.


Blade felt a moment of relief on his mind when he cut the kitsune's extensions. Said relief was really short lived as he was sent another pair of attacks on his mind. Now it feels like he has a massive headache. This is taking long and a great deal of energy and concentration. Better to end it soon before he slips.

The dragon began to cut the tendrils that are on his mind, given how powerful the attack is he reckons it'd take a bit. He also sent a big tendril towards his opponent.

The white dragon was focused enough in his main opponent that he wasn't aware of the undead coming until they were starting to put their hands on Ashley and on his right paw. He felt a bit of pain from it but no damage to his scales.

Blade raised his free left paw and aimed his palm towards their weak enemies. From it, a scatter of ice shards emerged at high speed (think a shotgun shot) towards their foes.


Celestina backed away a bit when she saw the net getting thrown, flinching a bit. It surrounded her. It has weights on the edges which make it particularly troublesome.

Then, her comrade in arms got in front of her and charged against their enemies. She's dumbfounded at what she's witnessing. He's... fearlessly tossing himself against the enemy, taking several hits yet he isn't slowing down. Like he doesn't care for his own life. A part of her is surprised. Some of her comrades have been like that and she gets where that feeling comes from, for sometimes she's done the same. Yet, she won't ever shake the feeling about seeing them as somewhat insane.

She took advantage of the distraction she was being provided and used her breath to burn away the net and take it off as it turned to ash.

When she successfully freed herself, it was her comrade's turn to get netted. Which in her opinion means it's her turn to provide cover.

"Burn the net!" She yelled at him as she pressed foward. She went ahead and buried the lance she stole into the trapper she had previously identified as their leader. The one dishing out the orders earlier.
Starfall's warning fell on deaf ears. The white and gold dragon responded with a chilling blank face, a stark contrast to the impending danger.

The words kept playing through her head, over and over again. Words that drilled into her mind anytime she thought otherwise. The white and gold dragon has no control over it. She can only obey what the kistune says.
"Kill them."
She hated hearing it; makes her feel sick.

Seizing the opportunity presented by her grounded opponent, she folded her wings and plummeted towards Starfall, her safety forgotten in the heat of the moment. Her aim was clear-to drive her razor claws into the dragon's chest, a move that could potentially crush him.

Just before she made contact, she snapped her wings open to break her plunge in order not to kill herself during her dive.


The black-tailed kitsune is impressed with Blade's unwavering mental control. Few can hold out as long as he can. Before he sent his final mental assault, the dragon threw his own attack, a powerful burst of energy, catching the kitsune off guard. The force was so strong that it caused a moment of weakness, leaving the kitsune vulnerable. With Ganjiro and his two companions gone, he's unsure if he can best the dragon mage and his comrades.

The kitsune created a volley of needle-like black spikes above himself and shot them towards the dragon in a desperate attempt to sway Blade. He managed to keep up the black domed shield around himself to avoid physical attacks, diverting Ashe's arrow in a random direction. His mana reserves are quickly draining.

With Blade taking care of the rest of the undead, Drekk joins Blade in his mental struggle. He lurches at the kitsune full force, making the kitsune divert his attention to the drake.


The arrow hit the wyvern square in the chest, the head drilled into the leather skin and causing the black creature to screech in pain. Circling around to the source of the attack. It opened its maw to spit another wave of acid. Black blood was the only thing that spilled out before its chest burst into flame with an explosion. The creature plummeted to the ground beside Blade and Ashe, Leaving a black mess of guts and blood.


Hearing Valadir's plea, Sabato appeared beside him, sword in hand. He was disgusted by what he saw: Crystal in her fox form with a single tail.

Without a word, he sheathed his sword and stooped to Crystal's side, ignoring the blood. Leaning over her to check her vitals, he put a hand on her chest and neck. She was still breathing, and her heart was beating at an irregular pace. She is under a fever as well.

He moved a hand over where her single tail was and released mana to seal the wounds where she had lost the rest of her tails. Shortly after, he sealed the stab wounds that were bleeding profusely. Healing is not his strong point, so it drained much of his energy. His breathing started to become laboured.

Rechecking her vital, "Still alive... That's a start."

He looked at Valadir angrily, not intimidated by his strong appearance and aura. "Leave! Go help the others. I'll deal with Crystal."

He didn't want the dragon near Crystal, for he knew what deal he had made.

As Sabato looked over Crystal, the crimson dragon spoke to Valadir.
"You show pity in the fire of battle? You have much to learn, youngling."
Angry with Valadir, displeased with his actions.


Listening to Celestina, Merth took a deep breath and burnt the net around him, causing two of the elves to back away, during their retreat, Celestina skewed the leader in the side, making him yell and fall to the ground. He tried to crawl away but Merth leapt on him and crushed his head with his large foot.

The last lance-wielding elf retreated to the ones who carried the nets. One had a sword in hand, while the other rolled up its sleeves and created a green ball of energy. An additional two elves joined their ranks from the forest. They carried crossbows, ready to fire again.

Seeing the immediate danger, Merth only had one thing on his mind. Protect the dragon. He ripped the bolt from his shoulder and roared at the five elves. He released his firey breath upon them. A green energy shield was erected in front of the elves, absorbing the fire. Two bolts flew through the shield without disruption and hit Merth. One drilling into his unprotected inner thigh and the other into the wrist. Merth dropped to one knee in pain. He must not let them take Celestina.


Gathrea led the golem further away from the battle. As he continued to evade its pursuit, he couldn't help but wonder-would it ever tire of this game?

Just as his thoughts passed, the black rock golem turned around and headed back to the primary fight, going directly to Blade and Ashe.

"Just my luck."

Gathrea tried to grab the golem's attention with fire but to no avail.
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Ashe watched the fire trail blaze into the wyvern. Her first test shot had missed by mere meters. Her second shot hit square in his chest. Yet the wyvern still circled towards them. Had the flame gone out? The large sky creature had opened its maw to send acid rain upon them. The halfling was about to pivot when a fleshly explosion sounded. The arrow’s head had exploded in the chest. It’s lungs and blood flaying and spilling on the battlefield.

Ashe covered her eyes from the specks of sand and blood that scattered her way from the wyvern’s impact. She licked the corner of her mouth. The small burn had worsened. She gave herself a quick analysis. Thighs bleeding and, possibly bruised rib. She took a breath. This is becoming exhausting. She checked her surroundings before placing her bow across her back.

We are fighting at least three fronts, not including Jura’s area. It seems to be nearing the end however with Ganjiro’s disappearance. Beside Blade now, facing the kitsune once more. She noted her previous arrows at him did nothing. The white dragon was holding his own. Though she had little to garner how straining the mage battle truly was. Starfall looked like he was having some trouble on his end.

She heard bearing of rocks scraping against one another. Glancing to the right of Blade. a giant golem. She gritted her teeth. Her hand in a fist, she focused on both kitsune and the golem. Her heart beat thunderously in her chest. She mumbled, “We need to cut the source away.” She wondered about the allies. Ringing began in her ears, but who? Her breathing quickened. Everyone is entangled. Drekk won't follow me to the kitsune. He stays by Blade’s side. Panic was swelling in Ashe’s body.

The sickening smell of corpses, the dark sky lit by flame, swords banging against shields, yelling and forgone friends. The sensations and memories were threatening to reel her back to her failure. I wasn’t made for the battlefield. I lost everything when I tried to play soldier. Jura should have been there to lead the army then. She’s not here now… … No.

Ashe steeled herself. Locking the memories away. Returning to the present fight at hand, she calmed her breath. Barely seconds had passed and the halfling decided. Everyone is busy. Help where you are able. She stared at the kitsune, seeing part of his fatigue. This is a stupid plan.

Ashe spoke, “Wish me luck.” With that, she sprinted towards the kitsune. She pulled her knife out once more and used her remaining energy to charge forward. She noted the shield the kitsune used. On closer inspection, the enemy mage was tiring out.
Starfall stared at his opponent. His words made no effect on her. Sad. Well, at least he can't be told he hasnt tried. She's incoming, thus the army training applies from now on. Lives are at stake plus she refuses to heed the warning, thus no choice but to fight seriously.

He currently put his efforts into dodging. Luckily it'd work and give an opening for a counter.


Blade saw the kitsune tumble. Good. The foe is starting to falter. This is the time to close things up.

Before he could cast a spell, his opponent attacked. He tried to quickly raise an ice wall to cover himself. He also kept his head down in order to protect his eyes and brain. He still got hit, some of the shards going through the purple membranes forming his wings and ending on his back. A couple drops of blood are dripping from the contact area. The dragon grunted in pain. Moving hurts now.

He glad that the drake is pitching in the battle, Blade feels he has a bit of a breathing room. He thinks Ashley is insane for what she is trying to do. He does wish her luck. But... both the drake and Ashley make for an excellent distraction.

Keeping the mind pressure going with another mental attack , he also raised his paw, palm towards the enemy. A huge ice shard emerged a meter away from his paw. It's sharp and the point is aimed towards the kitsune. It's as long as a grown human and as thicc as a barrel. He launched it towards the opponent at a speed.


Valadir stared at Sabato in a really unfriendly fashion when he was told to go.

"YOU WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" He furiously yelled at him. How does he dare talk that way after fighting half the battle on his own. Such an ungrateful bitch. "YOU'D BE DEAD IF NOT FOR ME!" The dragon looks thoroughly disgusted. If not because he is still of use he'd kill Sabato in the spot for his insolence.

"You go fuck yourself!" He angrily told his temporal comrade when he heard how displeased he was with his most recent action. No regrets for saving someone who has already done so for him in the past.

He sighed and looked to the battle. Whatever. Waste of breath to argue with these people. There are better ways to spend one's oxygen supply. Like for example battling. That big stone golem looks fun to fight against. The idea of fighting it brings a smile to his face and better his mood. It's decided. That's the next target.

Valadir then went airborne with a jump and aimed his hot fire to the golem's legs so it falls.


Celestina observed the situation unfolding in front of her. One less enemy to worry about. They have a mage and what looks like more reinforcements. Luckily they no longer have someone to give them orders.

Given the mage will prove to be the most troublesome enemy, it is better to take that one out first.

Given her drake companion is currently drawing all the attention, Celestina's runes briefly glowed and she dissapeared from view. Her invisibility cloak is on. With that, she plans to silently trot around the enemy and attack from behind. Jump over the mage and get him. She trusts they won't see that coming.

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