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Realistic or Modern Breaking News: Werewolves Exist


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October 13th, a Tuesday. It was the start of a seemingly ordinary day until one of the most important events in history occurred. It was so momentous, that it became one of a “Where were you when you heard?” event.

There were no flying saucers arriving. There were no little green people requesting, “Take us to your leader.” These others had been here all along and had been living among us for centuries upon centuries. Who were they?

On that fateful day, a man stepped up to a podium in front of several reporters to announce to them and the rest of the world that he was a werewolf. Their initial reaction was skepticism. Surely, this had to be some publicity stunt or a prank. It was no joke as the man’s head shifted into that of a wolf’s and his body became furry. Within hours, more and more werewolves around the world revealed their true selves. All of their own free will.

The storyline takes place the following August as the world continues to navigate the new normal.

RP Experience: 20 years
Time: United States, Central Time

I am looking for coauthors who are at least 18 of age. Primary characters portrayed are at least 18 years of age.

Character sheet: First, I like to keep character sheets simple. I look for name, age, gender, and physical description. Also, significant family and friends. Everything else is optional including face claims.
Post platform: I prefer posting in forum. PM is for discussing the storyline and brainstorming which I enjoy doing with coauthors.
Point of view: Third person Past Tense
Post length: I have been known to write both long posts and short posts. While I believe that post length should be as long as it needs to be, I ask for at least a paragraph. Two would be better.
Post frequency: I can post at least twice a week, more if you post more frequently and I am able to build upon it. However, weekends are best for me. If I’m not able to post for longer than a week's time, I will communicate. Please do the same.

Grammar/Spelling: I am not asking for A+ writing, but I want to be able to understand what is written. If you are concerned, let me know so writing samples may be shared.

Ghosting: If you need to exit the storyline, please let me know.

The setting is a university in a small Texas town. Your character and mine are incoming Freshmen of roughly the same age. They would also be roommates.

My character is Josh Nakayama, a Japanese American teenager who played football in high school. Other hobbies include cooking and drawing. He is a werewolf who was raised by his human parents. He and his parents always believed that he wasn't the only werewolf in the world, but no wolves presented themselves to the family to offer support or guidance.

As for your character, I would prefer that they be human. I have a lore concerning werewolves and it might be subject to change. If you want to roleplay as a werewolf, I recommend that they also be a werewolf raised by human parents.

This storyline is mostly slice of life. While I am open to either a platonic or romantic relationship between our characters, I am only comfortable with MxM if romantic.

Aspects such as forced full moon transformations, weakness to silver, and transmission of lycanthropy by bite or scratch are elements of fiction.

Werewolves and ordinary humans are subspecies of human. The lycanthropy gene can become dormant in offspring of werewolf/human pairings and more dormant with each passing generation of human pairings. Every now and then, the gene becomes active after generations to the shock of their human parents who are carriers of the gene.

A werewolf, not matter the pairing, is born human and incapable of transforming until the age of about seven if the gene is active. That first shift is a milestone similar to a child taking their first steps. Under parental supervision at home, a young wolf will try to shift. All understood the importance of keeping this existence a secret.

Werewolves can shift any part of themselves at will. They may appear fully human or fully wolf or anywhere in between. In their full wolf form, they are approximately the size of their human selves. With training, werewolves can limit their abilities to perform on a level playing field with humans. That being said, if average human is a five, a werewolf's is a six. Not too much of an advantage. They have access to their enhanced sense of hearing and of smell. Sensory overload at first, but quickly learn how to filter input.

They use various terms to describe themselves. However, most use the term werewolf or wolf for short. What does one call the animal then? The animal previously called wolf is now known as wolfling because werewolves see themselves as the true wolves.

They have their own organization and they were equally shocked when they were told by their leaders that they could now openly share their true selves with humans.

On a side note, anachronisms will exist, specifically the ages of my characters, because I am basing it on when I was in college in the 1990s. However, the setting has today's technology, social media, and so on.

If you have further questions, please ask in PM. Thank you for your consideration.
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