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Getting tangled up with the motorcycle club meant nothing but trouble. But- she needed help and she didn't know who else to turn to. Icy wind blew her hair back from her face as she walked up to the bar, arms tight around her mid section. She needed to get in without being noticed, lest the person she needed protection from manage to catch wind that she had been down here. The thought alone had her walking faster.

Dozens of bikes were parked out front, and a few lone cars. The bar belonged to the motorcycle club, only a few other patrons frequented it. Mostly, business and pleasure was done here. Mostly, women like her stayed far away from places like this. Kaylee tucked a stray chunk of long honey colored hair behind her ear, slim fingers steady despite the nerves dancing in her stomach.

But. They owed her. Kaylee had a bit of experience with nursing and she had saved one of their guys lives a year ago. She hadn't expected to call in a favor but- here she was.

Kaylee entered the bar and was instantly met with noise and the heavy scent of beer and sweat. Her eyes danced over the crowd quickly taking stock, searching out one specific male among the various leather jacket patches. The one who had made the promise in the first place...and there he was in the back corner, surrounded by two other women, knocking back a drink. Kaylee squared her shoulders and considered turning away. But she needed this club, needed him, to help her. Without them she was on her own.

Kaylee shoved through the crowd, muttering 'excuse me' every time she ran into them. She looked out of place in her designer shoes and overly nice dress. Her hair was curled, makeup done nicely. A large wedding ring gleamed on her left hand.

When she finally reached him, the two women turned toward her. The dark haired one sneered. "Lost?"

"I need to speak with him." She nodded towards the male. Kaylee subconsciously clutched her purse tighter. She didn't like the way the woman looked at her, like they understood a joke she could never hope to get. Maybe even worse, like she herself was the joke. "If you don't mind to particularly this is a private conversation."

Kaylee lifted her chin, face smoothing into an expression of resolve. The dark haired one rolled her eyes, the red head laughed, but they got up and sauntered away after the man nudged them. Kaylee breathed out softly and shifted her gaze to the male she had come looking for. She glanced around the area, music loud and the place far to crowded for her liking. This wasn't the best place to discuss what she needed.

"Can we go somewhere and talk?"

She had known him very well when they were younger. They had been something like friends in childhood but now...well life had clearly pulled them in very opposite directions. She didn't just need him though.

"I have information pertaining to your club. You're gonna wanna hear this." She continued, talking all to loudly over the music. This was completely exasperating.

((Okay so! This is a short starter but it will be advanced lit to novella once we begin. Let me know if you have any triggers when you message, as this could have triggering themes if i am unaware of what bothers you. Your character is the male Kaylee approached. ))dabe928fe2f98cc05411d309425de967.jpg

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