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Fandom baldur's gate search!


wow... cringe!
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☆ 𓂃 hello everyone!! i totally copy pasted this from my all fandom search so if things don't make sense, my bad i didn't proof read​
a lot of different people call me different things, but i'm generally known as either radio or lonnie! i'm a college student who usually has the evenings to herself to do whatever she wants, so i spend most of that time playing games, watching shows, writing, or playing dnd! i'm very friendly and very talkative and i don't have many rules for partners at all. writing is very much a hobby for me and i hate when it seems like a job. all i want to do is write my silly little characters and talk about my silly little ships in silly little stories! i'd love love love to make a friend out of my rp partners and i'm very very active on discord.​
writing-wise, i can write a lot or a little depending on the context of the story. if it requires a lot of writing, it'll get a lot of writing! though, no matter what, i do try to write at LEAST 2 to 3 paragraphs per reply, just for my own consistency. i write mainly original characters, but depending on the fandom, there's tons of canon characters i will write. and, i also do write a lot of female characters, but again, i'm not strictly just going to write female characters. i write canon and original content, oc x cc, cc x cc, oc x oc, whatever! i also LOVE aus!! i will write on here or on discord! or tumblr, if that happens to be a preference?​
like i said earlier, i don't have a lot of rules for partners? i don't care how old you are, i don't care if you're new to rp or if you've written for 20 something years, i don't care if you write on discord, if you reply once a month, if you reply six times in one day! all i really ask is be willing to plot a story with me and be willing to talk to me. i can't write with someone who makes writing feel like i'm e-mailing my boss.​
i'd be so open to voice calling, to talking about our days, our interests, to playing games with each other, or watching movies together, or whatever! some of my best friends i met through roleplay! i'm very friendly, i'm very talkative, and i love when people talk with me!! i have so many thoughts in my brain and if you also have a lot of thoughts in your brain, i'd love to hear them!​
this is actually solely a baldur's gate rp search bc i've been kinda obsessed and totally dying to write some stories from it. i'd love to brainstorm some big ol' plot or even just follow the game story or wtv!​
i'm looking to specifically write my own oc against preferably an astarion or a wyll! doubling is also always an option and i'm pretty confident in my writing abilities of almost any companion you encounter and can travel with! i've played this game like a million times by now honestly, i got this. (though if you just want to write astarion or wyll that is totally an option i'm down with!)​
honestly, i think i covered everything! again, i write on rpn and on discord, just ask for my discord tag, i'll give it out, no big deal! also, this IS mainly for 1x1 searches, but i do want to say that if there's a group rp or a dnd plot looking for more players (or even a dm!!! i have dm experience!!), hit me up! i'm very open to anything and everything! alright, that's it, bye bye!!

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