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Fandom Avatar: Lost Tales of the Hundred Year War |Interest Check| Closed |

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Avatar: Lost Tales of the Hundred Year War |Interest Check|
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Twenty years ago the four nations lived in harmony until one fateful day when the Fire Nation attacked. The Air Nation, the Water Tribes, and the Earth Kingdom are launching strikes in multiple locations. These attacks were unannounced as a war started to spread worldwide. With the death of Avatar Roku years before the attacks, the people have waited for the new avatar to show themselves but to no avail. People from all corners of the world have started to fight back against the Fire Nation, rumors are even some people within the Fire nation don't agree with the war. However, they are far and few in between. The people are looking for those who will fight; many have lost their homes to the Fire nation and are now eager to fight back.

Hello everyone, so as you can see, the RP will be set in the world of Avatar The Last Air Bender. There will be a minor change to the lore: not all air benders were killed though they are rare now. The story will follow a group that has come together to fight the fire nation for one reason or another. Whether it be for revenge or they feel like they should be fighting that is up to you. Actions taken in the story will have an overall effect as time goes on. Player actions will shape the world as the Rp goes on.

As for expectations, at least 2 paragraphs minimum, though you don't need to write seven paragraphs. Once there is enough interest we will decide as a group on if we will use discord or create a OOC on here.
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ill start working on a CS thread we have enough interest for that and what do you guys want to use for OOC discord or a thread on the site?

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Oooh! I'd love this! I've been looking for an Avatar RP like this for a while :D
I'd also prefer a OOC discord.

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