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Shoko Kirishima

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As an artist myself, There are plenty of things that can tick me off. And I known I'm Not the only one!

This thread was created for people to let out their hidden Angers in art. Please don't stray too far off topic, Thanks! :3


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I will contribute in the stylings of a green text. I'm not an artist, I just draw things when bored, but I can still contribute.

>[W]HEN you use your own character for an RP, and get "No using other's art"
>T[H.]E artist harassed by a guy trying to snug out a free commission.
>[A]SKING for art, price fixed, and then gets altered higher immediately.
>[T]HE moment when: a artist is a narcissist.
>[THE] [f]ace when someone tries stealing an artist's work.
>WHEN you see a free art site to get a picture, and the artist screams.
>ARTISTS trying to form a [c]ommunity and getting shot down.
>WHEN there's not many not safe art for a fandom, and [k]now it may be too late.

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Yeet, yeet, dab.


When I draw a sketch, it looks great, I'm approved to go ahead with the final piece and I can't draw the thing full size and in full detail and it looks terrible no matter what I do but I have to keep trying, and I curse Past Me for being such a masochist.

Current example: drawing a Victorian greenhouse in perspective. So many fiddly bits and it's transparent too.

But I'd also feel like a fraud of I only chose to draw stuff that was easy.


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• When you do the other eye
• The lineart phase. God... Kill me now
• When you try your best to draw realistically but your weeb self just... Takes over your hands and voila
• Stiff full body pose that's off too most of the times and you can't make it right even after thousands of erasing and redrawing x'D


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-Erasing something, only for the eraser to smudge your work for some reason, unable to come off and ruin the entire drawing.
-Coloring a piece only for it to look off all of a sudden and now you can't go back and fix it
-Drawing the outline and shading, only for it to smudge everywhere.
-I have a drawing notebook but I never use it because every one of my drawings there have been badly smudged and attempting to erase all that smudge kills my erasers
-Paper getting wrinkled/folded halfway through
-That small little crumb behind the paper that disturbs me trying to sketch
-Trying Clothing design ideas and them turning out like crap, wasting my colors
-Sharpening a pencil and sitting back down only for the pencil to break immediately

Just a few mildly infuriating things that have happened to me. Guess all of these are my fault for being a broke motherfcker in the first place.


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1. Finishing a sketch only to realize it was done on the background layer. WORST.
2. When you know something’s wrong with the painting but can’t really pinpoint what makes it fugly.
3. 2AM back pains.
4. When the sketch looks good but the painting work turns out looking like you painted it in MS Paint with your left foot and your 2013 art skills.
5. Having to start over multiple times because your hands won’t cooperate.
7. Drawing on a laptop. I’d rather draw with crayola on a wet piece of paper.
8. “Can I have a discount since your mom knows my cousin’s boyfriend’s axolotl?”
- being happy with your work until you compare it to everyone else's & then hate it.
- not noticing an accidental mark on your drawing until you have one million layers and have to find it again to erase it.
- scratches on your tablet that ruin the smooth flow of your pen.
- line art.
- hands.


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When you're drawing something digitally and make some real progress, then you decide to do that 'mirror/flip the canvas' thing to check your mistakes only to see an ABOMINATION


Lol why does everyone hate line art? That's my favourite bit!

Finishing your line art and getting the feeling that the art is done then having to go through the process of colour flatting it and it takes ages and you're bored and want to die. I have pretty much solved this problem for the moment by hiring someone to do colour flats for me ha ha ha.

When your client suddenly says near the end of a project "Oh we're going to run the art by X person but it should just be a formality!" and you're thinking ... if this person says they want major changes I'm gonna kill someone.

Finding that some pens/paint that you've been saving for something special has gone dry because you didn't use it for so long.


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Accidentally drawing on the wrong layer, and you're too far in to undo anything and your soul breaks.

Also, natural anatomy. I love you, but I hate you.


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-That moment between finishing line art and actually being done with the drawing, when it looks absolutely horrendous.
-Trying to draw motion and it just looks stiff and unnatural.
-Why are good art products So Expensive?


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I cant draw people without a reference. It pisses me off if I never use a reference pose to draw people. I, however, am trying to ease off of this.
My hand has always been shaky, I cant stop it. It's maybe cause I'm not used to drawing for hours now.
My attention span is weakening.


I cant draw people without a reference. It pisses me off if I never use a reference pose to draw people. I, however, am trying to ease off of this.
This is something that will improve with practice! The more you draw from reference the more you will understand the figure and eventually be able to draw without, although even pro artists use refs a lot so don't worry about it too much.

OK so today my artist peeve is when you ask someone to supply a high res or vector logo and they send you a 200x200px jpg. It's not their fault but it's really hard to explain to non-designer people why it's not what you need and what you do need. x_x


-That one dot
-No creativity until after 9pm
-The jaw or arm clench.
-Loose nib
-Redoing the same pose/hand/eye/foot for the 50th time because something was slightly off and ruining the vibe but I can't tell what
-The shade on this shade isn't currently dark enough, time for highlights I'll either have to erase or forget about
-No drivers found. Random disconnects. Suddenly no touch sensitivity in the middle of a drawing
-Artist Elitism. "If it isn't realism, it isn't real art. If you do digital art, you're cheating." If you think like this don't talk to me, don't even look at my username, don't look at my art, just block me because I don't want myself or my art remotely associated with you and your mind. Same goes for those who put down artists who don't want to go digital or do non-realistic art.
-Artists complaining about being bad at drawing something and then never drawing said thing despite needing to practice it to get better at it...cough cough hands
-Comparing my ocs to other characters. Especially if it's from something I've never seen before, or the character they say my oc resembles looks nothing like my oc.
-Also asking me why my oc/painting made them think of some other form of media it's not remotely related to. How am I supposed to know why you thought that? There's only been once where I understood this response to one of my drawings.
-With traditional: People putting their oily fingers all over my drawings/sketches and smudging them or leaving PRINTS OR DRAWING ON MY DRAWING
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