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Realistic or Modern Apocalypse Rising (Closed)

Should we do a Discord server or stay in RPN?

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Master Of Time

We all wake up with a major headache and wonder where we all are. We still have our weapons on us. “Wait why do we have weapons.“ one of us manages to say. Then it all comes back to us. Virus outbreak, Looting, Weapons, and Zombies? No that cant be right we all thing. Zombie outbreaks don’t really happen only in like movies. But we all soon realize it’s the truth. Then we remember the last thing. All of us looking up to see a nuke falling down on the sky. We all presume it’s for the zombies but we don’t know and as of that moment we didn’t care. We all ran and found a bunker just in time. Our strong girl of the group got it open with all our help and we jumped down the hole blacking out.

As we all regain out thoughts and some of us even start to sit up a tall man with shiny black hair and an olive complexion walks in. “Ah, I see that you all are awake.” Some of you were instantly suspicious and drew weapons. “Calm dow Calm down. I am here to help.“ He smiles at you all waiting for you to lower your weapons. And when you do he resumes. “You all seemed to have stumbled on my bunker during the nuke.” His smile wavered just a bit. “I will take care of you all until the radiation passes and you all can leave. I will be back with food and water for you all.” He smiles his wide smile again and turns to the door. If you were paying close attention you would have seen that smile turn into a snarl of hatred.


Please try to make at least 2 or 3 long paragraphs if you can. It’s ok if you can’t just try not to do one liners. The only time one liners are acceptable is when we are doing back and forth conversation but even then it would be great if you could go for a bit more than one line.

- Characters are allowed one Melee weapon and one Ranged weapon you can swap in your ranged for another Melee or or you can swap in you Melee for another ranged. Have fun with it. If you want more weapons you might find some along the way. I have a dice based kind of thing similar to dungeons and dragons. So like for example if your low on ammo for your gun or something I might ask you to role a D 20 (You can look up a dice roller online) and you get an Nat 20 I would say you find four clips of ammo for your gun. Or if you role something like a 3 you find nothing but A roach that scurries into the dark corner of the room. But you don’t have to like role for damage or anything like that.

- The Last rule is try to tell me or others if your not able to reply or won’t be on for a while. I had problems in the past where people just up and left and it ruined the whole roleplay. So try and talk to me in advance. I don’t require you to reply every day once a week is fine just talk before you leave.

Alright that’s about it. I was planning in making a discord server if that’s less confusing but I don’t know. I’ll put up a pole and see what you all want if you decide to join. Just comment on this post if you interested. If this gains traction I’ll start working on the character sheets.

Edit: I’ve decided to make a discord if anyone wants to help just pm me.
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