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Hopefully one that is a little more neat, in presentation

Hey there! Hope all is going well! Always looking to as many fun stories as I can enjoy, going~ So, always on the search for more people to write with; I find it helps me relax after a hard day. Most of my writings are based around Fandoms I enjoy; though with that said, some I do enjoy original characters for. Others, I prefer canon. I'll mark which I like which with.
To start off, let's go over something about myself.
  • I'm 21+
  • You can call me Yon Yon-son. (Not really my name, just like the quote)
  • Live in EST, and work a part-time job.
  • When I say Canon, I just mean the characters. I don't mind moving away from story beats, or playing in AU's.
  • I prefer third person, past tense. Semi-paragraph.
  • I have a few preferred platforms, which you can ask for in Private Messaging, but PM's here work too.
  • Star Wars: Disney's Canon. Maybe something after the Last Jedi. Or, maybe something with Kenonbi- he's my favorite
    Or, something Battlefront inspired. .OOH, maybe actually an AU with Inferno Squad, and not have them swap teams. That was disappointing...(Canon)
  • Catherine: Atlus Game. (OC)
  • Pokemon: the games mostly.(OC)
  • Sword Art Online/Gun Gale Online (Both)
  • DCEU: Suicide Squad, Justice League(Canon)
  • DC TV: Flash, Legends, Arrow, Super-girl(Canon)
  • MCU(Canon)
  • Space Dandy (Both)
  • Some Fire Emblem Games: :Fates/Birthright
  • Brave Witches
  • Bowsette- I know, not a fandom more a character.

Ahh, Persona 5/P5. Love it. Love the game, love the Anthology manga, and I like the anime too. Ren or Akira, I won't attack you, if you call the Main Character either. I lean a little more towards Ren, after I saw fan-art of him wearing Kylo Ren's Mask. But, that's just me.

  • My first idea, which is more so a romance type idea, I called in a previous post here, Panther and Queen. Here it is.Basically, its a romance that brews with Makoto and Ann, around the time Makoto joins the thieves. Like the student Council Presidents Confidant goes, she tries to help another student, but lies saying MC is her boyfriend. Ideally, in this tale, she says she is with Ann, after the two spend more time together maybe Makoto offering to help Ann with school work, and Ann in return helping Makoto feel more like a proper high school student. Can go many ways; the other Thieves can be present of course too.
    Who I want to play, as a main? Either of the two in the title.
    You? Again, either~

  • Rule 63 Thieves/Phantom Thieves Ladies Edition :
    Tried this once with someone, before I was ghosted. So, thought I'd throw it out here again. Basically swapping the genders of the Thieves. We can make them all ladies, or just swap them to the opposite. Opens it open for different interactions and such. Its a loose idea, but one I thought could be fun. It could follow the main game or what not This needs more discussion of course, before we can jump into it. Who doesn’t like the idea of all the Thieves being ladies???

  • Anthology styled:
    Much like the side manga, which high lights different interactions, and side-stories, I feel like writing something like that could be fun. Having characters we thought should interact more, meet up. Silly slice of life moments with the Thieves, or anything. Again, this idea is very open, and can go many different directions. One idea within this, I think could be fun: the Thieves entering a baseball tournament in some shape.

  • Something with the Dancing Game:
    I haven't played it yet, but I love the idea. Not sure how it could be worked into a story; maybe a Shadow's power forces its foes to dance, and the Phantom Thieves have to find a way to over-come this. Maybe like how there is the Music Meister in DC, there can be a Dancing Meister type shadow in this.

  • Persona Q2/Crossovers:
    It hasn’t been released yet, but I do like the idea of cross-overs. Though my knowledge on the other Persona games is not as well as my knowledge on P5. Wouldn’t be against a different sort of cross-over, if we agree on anything else the Thieves could encounter!

  • Time Loop/New Game Plus inspired:
    Have tried this before, haven’t been able to find a decent partner on the concept. My thoughts go, say Ren/Akira (I like Ren a little more), gets to the end of the normal story. However, fails to win- fails against Not-Igor. However, he is given another chance, set back in time to try to avoid ruin, but with some memories intact. (Can be all, or some) Though, given the warning he had forgotten certain bonds, and that’s why he failed. Maybe, he needs to work harder to save Akechi, and with the aid of the Detectvie Prince, they can win properly. Or, something else we add in. Something he missed the first time around,t hat he has to discover. Could be new palaces we can add in. A lot of freedom here. Also open to swapping the genders of any of Thieves in this too!

  • Adult Confidant AU (p5)
    Based off fan art, for an AU around the same name, that I can provide a link towards, I’d like to build an AU around the same concept. Its basically, switching places with the normal characters of the Game, Akira/Ren and his gang, with the Adult Confidants. Sojiro, becomes the protagonist, Futaba his care-giver, and so on. Something that would need to be discussed further, but I think its a fun concept!
Who doesn't like colorful suits, explosions, and giant robots? Fighting for the good of the people/universe, while standing in 'V' formation?
I'm a big Power Rangers fan, and some Sentai- more on the recenter Sentai teams, Shinkgener and up. Though, I have gone back to watch some older teams.

  • My first idea: Super Mega Force Re-do:
    Since i am a big fan of the Source material for SMF, I was more so let down by the season. I feel the Mega-force cast did well, in Mega Force, but for the Pirate themes, they should have been replaced. So, I suggest we re-do the season, crafting new Rangers, maybe taking inspiration from Gokaigers, or go a different route. I'd love to include more Legendary Ranger cameos/ Lessons, like how Gokaigers went about it. I love the Ranger keys, and think they are a fun gimmick to keep in as well.

  • 2017 Power Rangers Movie, story continued:
    I know there are rumors floating about, possible Sequel. Though, its in the air. I personally enjoyed the movie, and would like to keep it going. We can adapt elements from MMPR, and use them in the movie verse. Maybe have a Tommi Oliver, instead of Tommy- since the cast seemed like they wanted it that way; which I'm all for. Adapt different villains from MMPR, into the movie verse, and such. I just really like the Teens with Attitude in the movie canon.

  • Or, our own team:
    Something completely original/ This would take a lot of set-up, working details and such. But, this could be completely OC, for those who prefer to write OC's
Decided to give this, its own spot. I love the lighthearted, silly world of the anime. If anyone is interested, I’d love to have OC’s within the world. We can add or change elements as well. I will ask, that one of our characters has green hair, in the style of this universe. Green is my favorite color.

I decided to group these two together, since a combination of the two has got me in the mood to write within either. First, I saw the My Hero Movie: Two Heroes, and loved it. Team Four Star released their episode 60 of Dragon Ball Abridged, my brother has been playing FighterZ a lot lately, and the new Broly movie trailer was released like a day ago. So, I'm a little in the mood for a over-top action based story within these universes. Maybe a cross-over somehow.

One of my favorite aspects of the Buu saga, is Gohan’s super-hero alter-ego, The Great Saiyaman. Perhaps, this can be an AU of sorts, where the Buu stuff never happened, or later on. Gohan embracing a dual life, working as a hero and going to school. Videl trying to unmask the hero even more. Crazy villains appear, due to the power unbalance Saiyaman creates. Kinda adding some Comic logic there aha.
  • Something Two Heroes Inspired:
    Perhaps something with All-Might's time in America with David. Or, even having Melisa Shield show up in current time with Deku. Or anything in between.

  • Android 21
    Moving back towards DB real quick; I love the character and would want her within a story. Maybe taking a page from the Xenoverse games, and have her messing with time some how. Time Pratollers having to deal with her, while keeping the time line intact. Maybe during the Cell Saga- as that's a popular saga to play in.

So call me an edg-lord if you would like, but I kinda like that in all the DC shows, a darker future always seems to be the end point. Legends constantly shows bad outcomes, like Star City 2046, Nora’s timeline is crap, so was Zari’s. So, I want to write an AU/Timeline within these darker futures.

Basically, the Batman Beyond of the Arrow-Verse. Since last night’s episode of the Flash, Season 5 episode 4, I’ve had a thought growing.
Of course, this will probably have to be slightly AU like, with some liberties taken to assure things are proper- like the fact that the Star City 2046 timeline might not exist any more, Old Man Roy and William being in the Arrow current flash-forwards, etc.

I do want to have a new generation of the CW’s Trio: the current being Arrow (Oliver), The Flash (Barry) and Supergirl (Kara Zor-el). The Future trio can be, since they have been seen already, The New Green Arrow (John Diggle Jr.), Xs (Nora West Allen), and someone from Supergirl’s family- still thinking on this. Of course, the old generation can be used throughout, and would make sense too~
I think taking cues from Legends Member Zari’s timeline, with the Anti-Meta Human registration and A.R.G.U.S. being a threat, would be best for this future story. If wanted,w e can push things back a few more years too. )

I think some events should be included in this idea:
-Star City being invaded by Grant Wilson, Slade Wilson’s son.
-Oliver Queen losing his arm, and most of team Arrow dying in the invasion. (Surviving members being Felicity, Curtis, Dinah.)
-John Diggle Jr. taking up the mantel of Conor Hawk/GA.
-A.R.G.U.S. decides to start the anti-meta reign and becomes a dominating power.
-Barry Allen disappears in crisis event, leaving Iris to raise Nora alone.
-Nora discovering her powers more recently, in said dark time line, like explained in the episode.
-Felicity and surviving members of Team arrow leave after Grant invaded. Oliver losing will to fight. Star City still under Grant’s control.
-The Legends never show up, in 2046 to encourage Oliver to pick the fight back up.
-Legends don’t show up at all.
-Reverse Flash’s attack being what lead to the Flash disappearing.

This is still very early concept ideas. Willingly to change anything along the way, if anyone is interested~

So, I’ve been on a big DBZ/DB/DBS/DBX kick of late (11/10-to present), so I thought I’d throw an idea mostly based off the premise of the game and changing history here. My idea, mainly focusing on the Cell Saga/games. Its one of my favorite arcs, and would love to add some timey wimey twists to it.

For this, I am fine with an OC or two Being used, since the games make you create a character. Though, another character I’d like to have in this idea during the Cell games is Android 21 (From Fighter Z). Premise behind this new Cell Games, She travels back, to consume Cell and 16, perhaps for Mira. Or, she could just being doing this all for herself. Though, she travels back and actually wants to take part in the tournament, so Cell changes things up- makes it like a legit tournament. Brackets and such, forcing Z-fighters to fight one another. Including whatever Time patroller arrives, 21, and maybe Cell Jr.s too.

Of course, we can discuss this more, and change things around too.

Big Super-hero,DB, Anime, movie, fan and over-all nerdy person here. Lately, I’ve been in a super-hero mood, and decided to post this. I have another post, about a Arrow-verse (CW) idea, if you wanted to check that out, feel free too!

Though, this post is diving into Akira Toriyama‘s world of Dragon Ball. The world of ki, and seven magical orbs that summon a mythical dragon to grant a wsih.

Ideally, I wish to focus on the characters of, Son Gohan and Videl Satan, but more so their secret identities: Saiyaman and Saiyawoman. Of course, if we want to start things out with just Gohan being a hero, and work towards Videl suiting up, also fiine. Part of me enjoys the Saiyaman Arc, in the Buu Saga, with Gohan attending High School. Perhaps we can write this as an AU, where Buu never appears, and Gohan focuses more on School and Hero work; this might invovle some OC villain creations along the line.

Or, if we would want to start, with both suited up, and working a hero team, that’s fine too. Perhaps taking a page from Either Xenoverse with some, timey wimey fun, having the two Saiya-warriors deal with the likes of the Ginyu force, or other beings who might challenge the two and their poses throughout time.
The aspect I really love about the Saiyaman persona, is the call back to Sentai and things of that nature. over the top poses, displaying a sense of Justice, a righteous attitude. All things I’d like to include, but with the fun Dragon Ball elemtns too: flying, powering up, dealing with huge creatures similar to Kajui.

This fully up to discussion, so if you are interested, let’s start brainstorming!

If anything has caught your eye here, feel free to send a message my way! All ideas open for discussion and change
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