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    Greetings fellow Rp enthusiasts I am VaskarTheHunter. I’ve been doing well lately finding some great partners but when I’m not Rping I’m sitting in a recording booth pretty bored between scripts. Anyways I’m just looking for some more long term partners but I do have a few rules when it comes to my partner. Nothing big just the standard stuff.



    1: Please be able to write up to two paragraphs or more(with detail.)

    2:please do not take the spot light. No one likes it when you try make your character a god.

    3: please be able to respond at least twice a week. I still have a full time job and push out reply’s atleast three times a week.

    4: Please let me know if you have lost interest. Dropping off the face of the earth on someone isn’t fun. I won’t lie when I say I have done that before but I do my best to let people know if I’m having writers block or have lost interest.


    My plot ideas and interests:

    Angel x Demon
    Angel x Human
    Traveler x Royal guard
    Ronan x Peasant on the run(woman)

    An Angel And Her Grace:
    As an angel is banished from heaven she is terrified to see that a future earth of the year 2027 is at war with the demons of hell that found a way to break the seals separating both dominions. As she is attacked by a group of demons a man from a special unit of warriors known as the Dawns Grace which composed of a group of individuals that are gifted with the power of certain elements saves her life. What else is in store for this angel and this mysterious warrior. Only time will tell(Looking for girl to play the angel)

    A Weapon Lost And A Meister Found: Soul Eater Rp

    Two male fighting partners, unstoppable, and work perfect together. Nothing can get in their way, they always completed their missions, no matter what. They were practically best friends and were inseparable. It was their final mission, the witch. The mission took a turn and they underestimated the witch. Catching the meister off guard, he was sadly murdered right infront of the weapons eyes. The witch then cast a spell, cursing him to stay in his weapon form, forever. She made sure that he'd suffer an eternity, putting the weapon into a portal that would cast him away from his home, and into another world. He'd land inside a cave, a dark and quiet place. Staying there for a couple years until two explorers went by in the area. The young female finding the weapon covered in vines and dirt, but as she was a new DWMA student. Not understanding the concept of meisters and weapons fully she takes up the weapon. Not knowing it is a real person yet. (Looking for someone to be the new student.)


    The keys to hell.

    Every 5000 years there is a date in which Lucifer. The prince to Satan can be set free from a special place in Hell. The gate that holds him is sealed by five keys made by the arch angels to keep him locked up. Every 5000 years the locks of the gate grow weak and the keys can be used to unlock them. And after 5000 years Satan has tasked a demon along with two followers of his choice to find the keys on earth guarded by angels and humans alike hand picked by the arch angels to protect them with their lives and prevent Lucifer from being set free.

    Muse A: Is the demon that is tasked to find the keys. Except he has a different plan in secret to destroy the keys.

    Muse B: is the angel tasked to hunt down and destroy the demons instead of guard just one key. (Preferably female)

    Well that is about all I have for right now but if you have any plot ideas you think are cool please share. No plot idea is a bad or stupid one. We all Rp to our hearts desires so go for it. Hoping to hear from you soon and best of luck


    The Hunter.
  2. Can we start this rp together but can she forgwt kinda who she is? Like the angwl?
  3. C
  4. I have an idea for the angelxdemon suggestion if you are interested
  5. Well we have started the story so up to him
  6. If you're still looking for partners, I'm up for plotting Traveler x Royal guard.
  7. Er. No. I'm talking to the OP.
  8. Why are you bumping me lol idk what this means
  9. Hey!
    I'd love to try something with you. I've got quite a few plots myself, but I am very interested in your A Weapon Lost And A Meister Found!
    Hit me up on a PM?
  10. Hello VaskarTheHunter,

    It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Call me Keri. I am interested in your descriptions, and could play either the new Meister or the Angel quite happily. Whichever you fancy.

    I should forewarn you that I am new to this site, but not new to rp in general. If you would like to discuss further details, send me a pm.

    Thank you,

  11. Are you going to post?
  12. i can do angel and her grace.
  13. Are you still doing our rp?

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