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Fandom Anime themed rp anyone?(Closed)

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Stuck in the 80's
Hello There! (Insert Star Wars meme)

Im looking for anyone that would like to roleplay, If you feel the same contact me and let's do something that we both would find fun.

The animes and mangas I am familliar with.

Naruto, Watched it from day one until last manga/anime chapter was released.

Dragonball (Z), was the first ever manga/anime I ever watched/read, know everything about this one.

Death Note, Not much to say about this one watched it like everyone else XD

Fairy Tail, Another good one.

Akira, Old but gold.

If you have any other idéas feel free to tell me about it. I don't really care about how good people are at writing as long as I understand what you are saying, that being said I make mistakes as well so let's keep it relaxed no pressure. :3

Feel free to Dm me if you feel interessted.
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Yea I like rps that are more fighting focused, mostly do those when I play stuff like DnD and Pathfinder so you'll have to fill me in on how you do it. :)
i mean a fight role play like this *i fired a dark blast at my opponent* if that is okey for you or you dont like to do this wey?


Stuck in the 80's
Hey Guys, thanks for the interest, been getting a lot of nice people reaching out to me with ideas so I got my hands full at the moment. I will keep you guys in mind when I am done with the ones I am doing atm.

Many thanks friends.

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